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  1. Harrison sat & watched his first year, broke out in second. Same could very well happen for Simon, who learned underneath Snacks last year

  2. DeMarcus Ware is still so unbelievably good.

  3. Hey! It looks like #FitzMagic did make its way to the playoffs

  4. Get this done, #Mets! https://t.co/IqVB7evyH4

  5. “Uh, It’s NJAM now” “What?” “NJA.. ah, never mind” https://t.co/4MvuF898kg

  6. One with a love for Oregon and Ducks? https://t.co/XljB5RCOsX

  7. Will you bring back Cespedes? https://t.co/iU3DMvk751

  8. @yesthejets IMO, I thought Jets had a solid draft. Just fun seeing where others fell a year later

  9. #Jets add three more. Adrien* Robinson was once called the “JPP of Tight Ends” by #Giants GM Jerry Reese https://t.co/kijg4eMNhe

  10. If people watched the Jaguars and Chiefs on Hard Knocks, they'd watch Buffalo. https://t.co/CDicaaDs14

  11. Tough one. It's a bit of both. Players simply lost their cool, which is on him + players themselves. https://t.co/4vikoLLbeO

  12. RT @ProFootballTalk: Adam Gase is Dolphins new coach per source.

  13. RT @AboutSports: Headed to the hall, @richmacleod says it's time for #Mets to retire No. 31: https://t.co/T6RPC0i8FP https://t.co/MK57P1of8u

  14. Was very, very briefly with the #Jets: https://t.co/V3qy4reszc

  15. #Jets make coaching changes with firing of ST coordinator Bobby April, two others: https://t.co/pJvwLAjdZx https://t.co/HrGMushGMt

  16. #SameOldJets https://t.co/wchDHvI23z

  17. The dab has been killed enough by too many rhythmless folks for me to kill it anymore. No dabbing. https://t.co/pF7QXaWOpE

  18. If #Jets want to place the franchise tag on Muhammad Wilkerson, Damon Harrison, Ryan Fitzpatrick or anyone else, 1st day to do so is Feb. 16

  19. RT @RichCimini: Mo Wilkerson has fractured fibula, not a tibia, as Bowles said earlier. Better news for Wilkerson. Fibula is the smaller bo…

  20. J.J. Watt is just in a league of his own... 8 tackles, 3 sacks, FF and fumble recovery today.

  21. Hah! Appreciate it. https://t.co/WnZ7w20ZDv

  22. I will still be going out tonight for wings. https://t.co/o7GfBYFGgq

  23. From talking to Breno the other day, I think he plays. No read on Bilal. He's not usually in locker room to chat https://t.co/5ztJiotDDR

  24. For the record, @briegalvin hijacked my phone and added the "bestest" part. https://t.co/CMAGeCnOgl

  25. Hey! https://t.co/gUG0fQrlf1

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