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  1. Sounds like my game plan senior year of high school. https://t.co/R1ggLQwnJ9

  2. Appreciate it, guys. Thanks for having me. Great taking football with you https://t.co/Kv06qF5j2T

  3. That was an ugly kick

  4. Parcells reached out to Bowles last night. Simple message: “Congrats"

  5. Minnesota must have threatened JT Thomas with a viking horn before the game.

  6. @allansauce I picked Jets to win in all three pieces this week

  7. Long-time #Jet getting his shot https://t.co/4JpU7KrMzc

  8. @MikeNash15 @CLoprestiWFAN @DarrylSlater @KMart_LI @domcosentino Thanks, Mike. I appreciate that

  9. Kinda like when your mom makes you apologize to your sibling. https://t.co/XdU8ZXqoPY

  10. Jets don’t pick their schedule, can only play who’s put in front of them, but victory Sunday would go a long way in showing team’s legit

  11. Kinda crazy. Dalton was third overall in fan voting. https://t.co/yWtBl490G4

  12. With playoffs in sight, Todd Bowles & the #Jets aren’t looking past the #Patriots: https://t.co/3SOSOiKw8d https://t.co/Gg1YVUbuhz

  13. And Bradford is hurt again

  14. #TheCasselEffect https://t.co/m5ODX5xTMg

  15. Morris Claiborne is doubtful, Tony Romo/Rolando McClain OUT. All else probable for Cowboys.

  16. #Jets passing game opening up running game. With teams fearing Marshall + Decker, that safety is out of the box. https://t.co/7O3t7m11st

  17. @ConnieScouts Thanks, Connie

  18. "He's a guy I've looked up to since I walked in here Day 1" - Wilkerson on David Harris

  19. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain https://t.co/GnWJVZBA0t

  20. With the Dolphins loss, the Patriots have won the AFC East.

  21. With that being said, Serena is ENTIRELY deserving of this honor. Congratulations to her

  22. Brandon Marshall had that in receiving yards today by himself. https://t.co/swjlxHNuJ8

  23. RT @TurnOnTheJets: ...if both win out. Both would finish 8-4 in AFC, moving to next tie breaker (common opponent). PIT wins there because t…

  24. Mike Sims-Walker?! There's a name. https://t.co/HOd2xvj2ud

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