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  1. With the #Jets so focused on adding speed to their defense, it would make sense if Moore’s name was brought up as a potential addition.

  2. #Math! https://t.co/xXUlwMsQcT

  3. Fitzpatrick revenge tour hasn’t been kind to QB. 0-2 record, 46% completion percentage, 4 INT & a QB rating of 55.1. Titans next ex-team

  4. Carolina market different than New York https://t.co/27LF3H5JqR

  5. #Jets closing in on two 1k WRs for 1st time since ’98. “Always been the goal,” says Decker: https://t.co/gGRlIqm8I2 https://t.co/44o77KgubR

  6. It would so be this game for the PAT to get blocked

  7. ? https://t.co/0j5ScvEQUE

  8. Eric Decker went over 100 yards receiving today for the first time since Week 17 of last year.

  9. Unless Carmelo Anthony drastically alters his style of play, he'll never win a title.

  10. The Giants offense outside of No. 10 & 13 isn’t very good. https://t.co/MTRSDJvVRv

  11. It’s a little alarming, yes. But I believe he will be back. https://t.co/2IKMLJyzp0

  12. The only thing that could have made this game better is if the "Monmouth Bench" was on the Packers sideline

  13. RT @Patricia_Traina: What questions do you guys have about the Jets as it relates to Sunday's game?

  14. Bowles said Dex is inside CB, Milliner outside. More Walls over Dee than Dex. https://t.co/z8EC41U6pS

  15. Since 2010, no WR in the AFC has more touchdown receptions than @EricDecker87 with 46.

  16. RT @JBarca: Now, that's about the most Cleveland thing I've seen (this month).

  17. At this point, Chip’s statue is gonna go right next to Rocky's

  18. Nice reporting here by Darryl. Clarity on Coples, whose “plane incident” was, well, I’m not gonna ruin the click ↓↓ https://t.co/BMZb8S76Mq

  19. Where does the #Jets defense turn with Revis out this Sunday? https://t.co/8HD2H1mX2G https://t.co/XpdMqY1DE1

  20. Hey @MonmouthBBall: Keep grinding and making us ALL proud #FlyHawks #BenchCam

  21. #Jets, #Dolphins game preview: Here’s all you need and a score prediction (not a NYJ W) —> https://t.co/t5zIvINsve https://t.co/DiOG1WhlJt

  22. Is it time to start legitimately talking about the Panthers going 16-0?

  23. RT @TurnOnTheJets: A mix of dropped passes and Fitz struggles https://t.co/0W0pNrAMc9

  24. Another example: As soon as Ivory gets the handoff, look how many free defenders are running to the ball: https://t.co/qZ7JOgcwwr

  25. Chris Ivory has played nine games this year. Five wins, four losses. In those wins: 97 rush YPG In those losses: 45 rush YPG

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