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  1. Caught that, too. Dropped the “NFL isn’t doing us any favors,” line https://t.co/MNGEIbitMZ

  2. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia https://t.co/KIhgtMW4UG

  3. In his last two games, Ryan Fitzpatrick is completing 46 percent of his passes. #Jets

  4. Again, the kid is an absolute stud. https://t.co/VtHLcLf9Gr

  5. If you're a jam-band fan, and not tuned in, I don't know what you're doing: https://t.co/imHobd2ySL

  6. Safety Dion Bailey is the only #Jets player OUT for game versus Texans. Sheldon, Buster Skrine are questionable.

  7. Ivory is rushing more than ever before. How’s he feel so good? Needles. Lots of needles: https://t.co/nIrSNfbDTY https://t.co/NNpP7qkJ5y

  8. HIDE THE CHILDREN’S EYES https://t.co/fi92UKyxP1

  9. @art_stapleton @ebenezersamuel Pre-workout, of course.

  10. Damon Harrison said #Jets have a few nicknames for Wilkerson. They are: Wilk-Shake Broadway Mo Mo-Tron

  11. If my future children grow up in a world where “smack talk” is calling someone a BB gun, I think that’s an OK world https://t.co/L2G4hWMT8J

  12. Damn shame what’s happened to Cruz’s career the last two years, but I can’t foresee a situation he doesn’t take a pay cut to return to NYG

  13. The only player in the NFL capable of beating Tom Brady. Because… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://t.co/RSHP75VLaB

  14. #FlyHawks https://t.co/yCoEiasQT5

  15. But you follow me. https://t.co/oA4Qn6Zn6u

  16. Well, this would be how Watkins converted that 3rd-and-2 on game’s final drive... https://t.co/aDhrjZgmf7

  17. Pryor is OUT, what about the other banged-up #Jets? Here’s complete injury report: https://t.co/r4LxB4F4pM https://t.co/rQWBvnk1Ml

  18. The biggest criticism of Willie Colon last year was the number of penalties called on him. In six games this year, he was flagged once

  19. #Jets safety drops shoulder on former coach, rips #Bills Rex Ryan and his “antics” —> https://t.co/gC5okkvYk5 https://t.co/jzsfZIE1ZA

  20. Ex-#Jets QB to Saints. Bloody Marys for everyone https://t.co/uRYl3lsFvO

  21. Jax a good team. Young, but so talented. Gonna be in a lot of games https://t.co/U9YnUSt60I

  22. After Quigley doinked the one in off the cross bar, Nick Folk told him on sideline "It's better to be lucky than good" #Jets

  23. RT @Krisplashed: The Hangover: #Knicks 92, Bucks 99 Calderon and Vujacic are NBA's worst backcourt. [STATS] https://t.co/OMgyrL4Qm5 https…

  24. You! You there! You stop with this senseless sense-making! https://t.co/RiWqjn4Dv0

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