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  1. Lol https://t.co/kGFCVOO1Zz

  2. Now these look dirty. Like these a lot. https://t.co/FSBQWdx5bv

  3. WATCH: @Cnimbley and I give you all you need to know about the #Jets https://t.co/AdRgJWB1vE https://t.co/tnfXXIuesY

  4. Antonio Cromartie is in pads and running on the side with Ivory. Neither usually do anything during specials. #Jets

  5. Each time I look in my mentions and see all these hearts I hear Ringo saying "peace and love" in my head.

  6. Look at his eyes. Not looking at the ball. https://t.co/Grl2gbKVK8

  7. In my opinion, that makes an awful lot of sense. https://t.co/nGyoZ3QSGd

  8. There are a lot of firsts for the #Jets defense in this game. Not many of them positives. 34-13 the score, #Raiders lead, 12:49 left

  9. #Halloween2015 @ Morristown, New Jersey https://t.co/9C4ynniOWN

  10. #Jets activate Stevan Ridley, waive/injured WR Chris Owusu (concussion). The deets —> https://t.co/5NP5m3YoA8 https://t.co/Tf0lo5hCYk

  11. #Jets defense looking for ways to slow down “stud muffin” Amari Cooper: https://t.co/jN5iiPka4A https://t.co/b68YeARaHz

  12. Sheesh, tough challenge coming for #Jets OL. How good have Khalil Mack & Aldon Smith been? Five sacks, 6 hits & 40 hurries between them.

  13. Calvin Pryor is here. Just walked into locker room.

  14. I have a feeling the Jets media room is going to have a few less occupants https://t.co/iGaPXCG0bH

  15. Bruce Arians is a step above quite a few coaches in this league. One of the best. Doesn't get enough credit https://t.co/ybcyCVhWeB

  16. The #Jets will have conference calls today. Schedule not yet announced.

  17. #Jets notes, quotes, grades & more from team’s 30-23 loss to the #Patriots: https://t.co/lkCHKfJe6S https://t.co/YMu2OwmxZH

  18. What’s the game plan for the #Jets against the #Patriots tomorrow? https://t.co/H6qTrTT1Ve https://t.co/7epdK2CLFE

  19. @biggestofcheese The Marshall TD

  20. @CoreyGriffinNBC Nice read, Corey.

  21. The Seahawks are going to get Russell Wilson killed.

  22. Former Jet has a new home: https://t.co/r0BGy6oJOL

  23. Via @Valentine_Ed, could #Mets postseason star be #Yankees everyday starter in 2016? https://t.co/sOz1IeL3HM https://t.co/qiS0a5oOm0

  24. Another one down, five more to go, #Mets.

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