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  1. Hey guys, I'm gonna be MIA for a day or so. Flying to Bangkok today/night and don't know when I'll have wifi. I'll try to get on asap.
  2. Of course Verb's mother has a foul mouth
  3. Ah, yes. To quote the greatest musician of all time: "Everybody knows Everybody knows that's how it goes Everybody knows"
  4. eff you for posting again bc this would have been a much more epic last word!
  5. In no world is Stark the Doc. That was the most laborious and painstakingly obvious way of rolefishing and pre-claiming that I've ever seen in my mafia career. Vote Stark
  6. The further I read the more ridiculous this sh*t gets lol.
  7. I'd like to point out that, as Crusher pointed out, this is not a basic game.
  8. Here - barely. Remind me to never again mix tequila and twinkies
  9. @Nolder Welcome back. You around to talk some sh*t out? I need a sounding board and idk who else would be around.
  10. @Spoot-Face If Decker were off the table, who would you be voting for? I think he's too low hanging to be fruit atm. Can you tease this out a bit?
  11. Mother's Nuggets of Wisdom - Chill out and go with your gut. - Use a condom. - When you go to a meat buffet or hot pot style restaurant, stay focused on the meat. - Use less words to greater effect and edit for conciseness before you post. - Have fun and vote scum. - Apes have feelings too.
  12. .Reference. Can you tell me a bit about this one? I had JiF as one of my stronger town reads before EoD and I don't really know much about you as a player. Soooo CFD? Nice spread. Does it mostly revolve around 'this isn't his town game?'
  13. Morning everyone. Got my coffee. Got my kimbap. Time to catch up.
  14. Other thoughts: Jif and Nyn are town Leaning GATA and Nolder as scum with GATA probs a power role. WTL Fecker bc he's playing feckless.
  15. The way Nolder has been playing is basically what he's been accusing Decker and Spoot of doing - running interference for GATA - using her as the ostensible centerpiece of his arguments but in doing so fading her out of the shot and focusing on the other two. *Ugh, formatting via phone* (Refer to post above) In my opinion this is a bit of a strong reach and added on top of one or two other inconsistencies I pointed out leads me to vote Nolder regardless of the fact that irregardless is actually a word.
  16. Hey now, is that any way to talk to Verb's mother?
  17. I'm digesting. Also getting some fillings worked on. Fun.
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