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  1. On 2/10/2019 at 12:26 AM, The Crusher said:

    official BAFM vote count

      Gata-CTM, Gata (2)

     Spoot- Verb Nolder,(2)

      JiF- Lizzie,JiF (2)

    Nolder- Krak, Nyn, spoot, Decker, 80,lizzie stark(7).

    Twelve alive and seven to lynch.

      Deadline 11:00PM EST


    20 hours ago, deckerfan said:


    vote Stark

    that's who I think is scum. Call it gut feeling. Remember that I've nevr ever been on a scum train when it has escalated to mondo heights. There's nothing else to explain in my noggin IRREgardless. 


    13 hours ago, Lizard King said:

    Vote Jif 

    Can you tell me a bit about this one?  I had JiF as one of my stronger town reads before EoD and I don't really know much about you as a player.

    9 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    Mod Note:  Nolder will be replacing Gata. 

    Thank you Nolder for stepping back in. Good morning. 




    9 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    BAFM Official vote count 

     Decker- Spooty (1)

    Spooty- 80 (1)

    Stark- Decker (1)

    JiF- Lizzie (1)

    80- stark (1)

     With ten alive it takes 6 to lynch. No deadline set.

    Nice spread.

    6 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Based on behavior/play, I like JiF for scum.


    Does it mostly revolve around 'this isn't his town game?'

  2. 19 hours ago, Nolder said:

    He literally said he did it because he didn't want her to be lynched while he was asleep. AKA he derailed her lynch purposely.

    he didn't need to put up a direct defense, just make sure she wasn't lynched.

    The way Nolder has been playing is basically what he's been accusing Decker and Spoot of doing - running interference for GATA - using her as the ostensible centerpiece of his arguments but in doing so fading her out of the shot and focusing on the other two.

    *Ugh, formatting via phone*

    (Refer to post above)

    In my opinion this is a bit of a strong reach and added on top of one or two other inconsistencies I pointed out leads me to vote Nolder regardless of the fact that irregardless is actually a word.

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