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  1. old meta except in certain occasions. Which is why meta for me was hard. Not proud of it, sometimes frustrated by it.
  2. To be fair, that was years ago. I haven't been scum in a long time. Also I never had solid scum meta bc often scumkrak and townkrak looked the same. absent.
  3. It was my first game in >1yr and I wasn't trying to make waves
  4. btw I'm watching extended RotK and I gotta say, Jackson took some serious liberties.
  5. That's nice, guys. I'm just here to be read as town and make people say sh*t for smarter people to analyze.
  6. I mean, honestly that chrjy/zander interaction just looked awful. Like the blind leading the blinder.
  7. Think he can't hide behind that?
  8. Maybe that's my problem. I operate under the assumption everyone here is town and I'm always wrong.
  9. Accept the blessing and question it not.
  10. I'll say Dice's actions during that exchange were questionable.
  11. I honestly thought you had some old beef which is why you voted me rather than trying to signal me.
  12. Honestly Dice seems wolfiest to me atm. I'd say I'm more of a tone reader than an analyst which makes it hard for me to read people like 80, Crush, Pac, etc. right off the bat. Also the weird bravado I can only attribute to the lack of pg13 rating on this board makes it difficult as well for some people I do know. Not making excuses - I want to be transparent. I honestly don't love Zander's reaction to chrjy and the zander/aj interaction was over the top imo but it's hard to believe w/w/w
  13. It's cause they're w/w and Zander piled into the role a little too hard.
  14. Do you think he is the viable lynch today?
  15. @Dicetosser What was the reason for that vote on chrhja?
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