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  1. lol @ Bill getting caught checking out Melania
  2. vote:dice what's up with that chrja vote bro?
  3. I just post the link like I would write a sentence and it does its thing w/out my help
  4. I don't know if your intention here was really to prod zander into responding but in general this is wrong. Experience absolutely matters because this game makes little to no sense to new players (in my experience).
  5. It's called a metaGOATsoulread, duh.
  6. Is Message in a Bottle the Eagles?
  7. Could be a wolf, could be trying to make a new guy splash. You really think he's a wolf?
  8. Hey hey! What's up guys! Alright! vote:Zander
  9. vote: raccoon mafia are one thing but raccoons are vicious
  10. 1. Zander - scum 2. Lee - town 3. 80 - 80 4. Verb - town 5. Shad - town 6. Andrej - town 7. Crusher - scum 8. JiF - town 9. raccoon - raccoon 10. JC - scum 11. Nolder - town 12. Spoot - town 13. Lizard - town 14. Chrja - town 15. Pral - scum 16. Krak - sexy 17. dice - Australian easy
  11. That's a lot of people to give reads on. You're all scum except Crush bc bc bc
  12. @OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! Let it it be known that if I get a kill I won't hesitate to use it on you. Mainly if you make the thread unreadable.
  13. Oh I don't think I'm gonna play. I just couldn't remember what my avi was.
  14. Sorry guys, I have no hustle this game and I won't have time to catch up until tonight. Nolder - What's the word? Who is the scum?
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