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  1. Thanks for finding all that. He's coming across as casual and comfortable, two adjectives I wouldn't generally use to describe his early scum game. Maybe I'm just used to him on DM, but that's my two cents on the matter.
  2. Why? Do you think he's outside of his scum range? I mean, he's once again the highest poster.
  3. He made 4 or 5 posts toward page two or three and I'm townreading him for it. I won't quote them because I'm at work on my phone, but they're there.
  4. Nolder's opening flurry has me leaning town. The way he engages Tom so quickly looks like a good thing.
  5. Have you ever tried St. George Single Malt Whisky?
  6. I've always been turned off by Macallan's use of coloring and chill-filtering, especially because of the high price they command.
  7. Their gin is supposedly really great too. Been wanting to try it but I don't think it's in our market.
  8. Where can you find Whistlepig for under $70? I do enjoy that Redbreast. Great Irish whisky, just a wee bit expensive for my everyday. Depending on where you are, possibly Talisker 18, Highland Park 24, Strathisla 25 Gordon & McPhail (if you can find it). I bought this for Christmas. I'd heard it would be nigh impossible to find it anywhere, but suddenly it appeared in my shop. Well worth the $100
  9. It was a metaphor, you dummy. A metaphor for some really awful art direction.
  10. I like Kilmer for the most part. I thought he was pretty great in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. MacGruber was bullsh*t, but what did I expect?
  11. Yeah, I really enjoyed The Babadook. Kept me guessing, more or less, but really what I enjoyed, apart from Essie Davis' performance, was the ambiguity concerning the reality of the Babadook. I think it was pretty obvious that she was just losing her marbles, but I at least appreciate the director's choice to leave it, more or less, up to the viewer.
  12. I wasn't at my most active, but I enjoyed playing with you guys. Sorry I wasn't around EoG, but hopefully you'll let me play again now that school is over for the semester. Thanks Doggin!
  13. Because I'm special and Nyn said so.
  14. Yeah, I wasn't scumreading her either and I'm usually pretty good at it. I think her spew should tell us a good bit. That I'm town, for one.
  15. That's legitimately one of the scummiest things you've said all game.
  16. Do what you want, but you're extrapolating a bit to much here.
  17. How long are we going to wait for AVM to shoot Sili before we achieve a lynch? Is he active on weekends?
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