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  1. Sounds like he is trying to pick up a chick at a lame party


    Describing my approach to dumpster diving for free doughnuts.  Kinda hurt he shared it with everyone. But not much to feel good mafia wise here about.

    Yes.  Must be town for this.  LOL


    Lynch all liars?  Still not getting warm fuzzy



    So far more of a neutral to scum read on nolder.  Not good because he is one of my favs and prefer not to vote him


    More crap posting to muddle the game

    dismissive gameplay. Hardly townie read



    Another hostess post.

    Ok post. 



    None of this makes me think he is town. None. all crap and from neutral to anti-town.

    Thanks for finding all that.

    He's coming across as casual and comfortable, two adjectives I wouldn't generally use to describe his early scum game. Maybe I'm just used to him on DM, but that's my two cents on the matter.

  2. You talking about these two crappy post? A Flurry? They give you a warm fuzzy on Nolder?  Me thinks you are full of crap. 

    Scum easing to the game.


    unvtoe vote Krak

    He made 4 or 5 posts toward page two or three and I'm townreading him for it.

    I won't quote them because I'm at work on my phone, but they're there.

  3. That perceived sweetness comes mostly from the use of corn, and Single-Malt Scotch is also intended to be a flavor-bomb.  Bourbon, on the other hand, is often blended (using multiple casks in house) to create a smoother, sweeter flavor.


    Enjoy what you enjoy I say! :)

    Have you ever tried St. George Single Malt Whisky?

  4. You can get a lot of great rye in the $20-30 range. It is thankfully one of the few liquors that thankfully hasn't gone price crazy in the recent surge in demand for spirits. I'm not a huge Bulleit fan but it is a good product at its price. I would spend the extra $5 and pick up Rittenhouse, Redemption or Whistlepig. If you can find Sazerac 6 at a good price then it is worth it. Templeton Rye is my #2 favorite rye but it's slightly more expensive. Worth the price IMO.


    Best rye I've ever come across is Ranger Creek .44 Texas Rye out of San Antonio. Incredibly smooth but also extremely flavorful. However, there's no way in hell I am paying $70 for a bottle of rye when I can get a 15 or 18 year scotch for the same price locally.


    Where can you find Whistlepig for under $70?



    Tonights Menu:


    Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12 Year Old 46%

    Talisker Storm 45.80%

    Redbreast 12 Year Old 40%

    Aberlour a'Bunadh Batch 48 59.70%

    Ardbeg 10 Year Old 46%

    Catoctin Creek Organic Roundstone Rye 40%


    I do enjoy that Redbreast.  Great Irish whisky, just a wee bit expensive for my everyday.


    If you had $200 to spend on a single bottle what would you buy?


    Depending on where you are, possibly Talisker 18, Highland Park 24, Strathisla 25 Gordon & McPhail (if you can find it).





    I bought this for Christmas.  I'd heard it would be nigh impossible to find it anywhere, but suddenly it appeared in my shop.







    Well worth the $100

  5. Kilmer wasn't bad.  The script and directing were horrible they should have just kept making gothic movies like the first two.


    I like Kilmer for the most part.  I thought he was pretty great in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  MacGruber was bullsh*t, but what did I expect?

  6. The Babadook was alright, sneaky funny until the end. I probably would not watch it twice, but it was a really well made movie.


    Non-Stop was entertaining. I don't know if Corey Stoll was real acting or troll acting, but everyone else is pretty serious about it.


    Still no Animorphs movie coming.


    Yeah, I really enjoyed The Babadook.  Kept me guessing, more or less, but really what I enjoyed, apart from Essie Davis' performance, was the ambiguity concerning the reality of the Babadook.  I think it was pretty obvious that she was just losing her marbles, but I at least appreciate the director's choice to leave it, more or less, up to the viewer.

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