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  1. It would be if I'd had one. But I give what I can.



    Integrity, I think you don't know what an illogical statement is. Please go back to school.



    Game theory rhetoric blah, blah, blah... I hope you stick around and play more games here, we've been looking for an automatic D1 lynch for a while now, time to give some of these other guys a break.



    I think you've fooled yourself into thinking you can get under my skin. LOL, you are the embodiment of a meatball pitch and I'm a glutton for clobbering derp.



    Here comes the post where he tells me he's under my skin though, and I don't realize it, because... X, Y, Z 






    Guys, please, this is booooooring.

  2. @Ape



    In regard to your earlier post, I meant that since you're scum reading me then if you're null or leaning town on Barm then it would make the most sense (imo) to reset me.  I doubt I'll get a role regardless, but ideally you would want to stop me from getting one.




    Unless you want me to YOLO, which I am always willing to do.

  3. Him shooting you is not an indicator of his alignment. This is a logical fallacy and frankly comes across as something in the realm of fear-mongering. 


    Basic mafia stuff, fwiw.


    I don't think that's what he meant.  He meant as scum AVM has a good reason to look town by shooting Sili.  Town AVM has good reasons as well.  I don't think he meant anything alignment indicative unless he was hoping AVM would read his post and be all ERMAGERHD IF I SHOOT SILI EVERYONE WILL THINK I'M SCUM!  Which is quite ridiculous.

  4. Last few pages..

    Silly 'a defense makes no sense, manufacturing bad logic arguments to declare he is town. Just not good mafia, IMO.

    Krak looks dirty, as expected, he's also going for post bursts. So is Barm. I've gotta decide which to reset.


    If you've got a town read on Barm then you should reset me.



    I think the bold is more telling than you think.

  5. What is pinging you about Nolder? Any other reads?



    Hope it went well!


    I don't see Nolder playing his town game atm.


    Feel decent about Ape, you, Barm.  Iffy on Sili, Verb can stick around a little longer as can Leelou.




    I should be done around Tuesday, but thanks!

  6. For those talking about my activity, this is essentially finals week for me (right after Thanksgiving wtf) and I should be more active after Monday.  


    That info isn't really necessary to take into consideration when it comes to lynching or not lynching me.

  7. I've changed my mind.


    IMHO I think Krak lost interest in this game.

    I don't know whether he's town or mafia but whichever I think at some point the game got ahead of him and he didn't care enough to catch up and dive back into it.

    I think there are probably better lynches with regards to low activity but given that there was resistance/no action on those trains and this one seems to be going smoothly I'm guessing Krak is an inactive townie.




    I like how you can read me, but I don't think this is outside of your wolf range.

  8. How can you think that? Even though Sili has made a lot of posts he hasn't actually SAID much.

    Were there any posts in particular that stood out?


    Sili has been scum one time as far as I'm aware.  When he was scum he just sheeped a lot, went with the general flow, and played up the frazzled "Idk what to do here" townie.  Probably a good place to start looking for his wolf game, but I think he's got potential enough to change it up if this is his second scum game.  Especially if Darthe is coaching him - which would be a hilarious combination.

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