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  1. and how did you read me scum for it?
  2. What was the point of that reaction test?
  3. I agree with Barm and while I know I'm late to the Lily party, this was a scummy look from JVoR with the bolded part.
  4. Sorry guys, spent a lot of time driving this past weekend. Going to try to get back into it today or tomorrow.
  5. Starring Ape instead of Chevy Chase.
  6. Sounds like Thanksgiving Vacation.
  7. Low blow man. Like that's not even cool.
  9. Haha yeah! We'll crush our way to vict……hey wait!
  10. I'm thankful for wine and wine and beer and wine and champagne.
  11. What are you trying to teach him?
  12. He generally doesn't post as much as some others but he had good reads last game I played with him and looked clear town by the time he was killed.
  13. Hey Barm, apologies if you've answered this recently, but what do you think about this post now?
  14. There's Wifom and then there's Wifom. Of course his alignment is helpful, but so is everyone else's. That point is m00t. And how is that revisionist history? I didn't make any of that up and what isn't verifiably concrete itt is obviously my thoughts on why you did what you did. Just because it was during a reread doesn't mean it's revisionist history. GRC - 21
  15. Policy lynch is one thing, it's anti-town but I'll ignore, but he also supported it with quotes pointing out scummy play from Des. I don't buy that it was pure policy. Mislynch was the wrong word, or rather I wasn't clear in what I meant. Regardless of how I view his slot he pushed Des and Smash pretty hard, had a fair amount of traction over the past lynch or two, and so it seems to me that Ape is the obvious lynch. This worries me because he was obviously very very vocal and I'm worried that he might be town and pushed for a mislynch. As for the DM part, I tend to ignore that sh*t. Anyways, doesn't Ape use a different handle on DM? GRC - 20
  16. And the chance to annoy Verb on two different sites it too much fun to pass up.
  17. Started again recently, yeah. Trying to branch out because I like seeing new styles, new players, challenging myself, etc.
  18. I can think of plenty of players both good and bad. Imo vanilla town's job is to lynch scum and look as transparently town as possible. I can think of a handful of players off the top of my head that I can tone read ~70% accurately. That's not to say that I usually base my play around tone reads, that's usually ~30-40% based on the game and who's playing, but discarding surface level content just because it's surface level is a disservice to your reads. I don't want to get too far into this because everybody has different characterizations and opinions on how to play, how to play certain roles,etc. and it's a rabbit hole for games to get lost in. But yes, it is hard to read you atm. Of course it's my first game with you, but still. GRC 19
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