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  1. I'm quite comfortable with where my vote is but would also vote Ape. He's accusing me of "going after low-hanging fruit" but he's just mostly tunneling me now in his read After i point how that I think he was at the top of my list. Prior to that, not a single mention. I think JC and him are possibly mates with Lily chiming in that "i don't look good" as someone who's subtly pushing a lynch on me without voting there.



    Aaaand now JVOR is pinging scummy to me. Ape doesn't come across to me as tunneling whatsoever



    I agree with Barm and while I know I'm late to the Lily party, this was a scummy look from JVoR with the bolded part.

  2. I'm starving. We ate at like 1:00 and were supposed to go to a movie but my perpetually incapable of deciding anything wife left us in the lurch, now we're sitting here wondering why we are board and have no seconds to eat.

    Also, everyone out here has cats. I haven't been able to breath all week. Like asthma breathing thru a coffee stirrer wheezing, eyes on fire swollen, nose plugged, head pounding... I can't wait to get home. Sorry to vent like some unappreciative jackass , but I'm spent .


    Sounds like Thanksgiving Vacation.

  3. I got online, looked at the posts of people quoting me and nothing else, because that is what I had time for. I cannot keep up. Krak is pushing at me because that makes me an easy mark. I assumed maybe he got more of you to pile in while I've been doing family sh*t.


    Low blow man.  Like that's not even cool.

  4. You have exactly 1 vote on you. It's Krak.

    Calm down.




    Sorry I misread the VC. You're voting Krak (and JVOR) and LK and Darthe are voting you.

    Ok, two votes. LK and Darthe. I'd be more worried about one vote from Krak lol.

    Seriously though the message is the same. Chill out. No one wants you to reveal or act like you're gonna be lynched in 5 minutes.


    Lol I was gonna say.




  5. So far Verb, Nyn and Leelou come across as my main town reads. I find myself unsure which way to go between Krak and Lizard King. I could vote either Jetscode or Pac right now.


    I think I'll vote Jetscode.


    GRC: 10


    Hey Barm, apologies if you've answered this recently, but what do you think about this post now?

  6. The entire premise of mafia is wifom. What are you talking about?


    There's Wifom and then there's Wifom.


    Revisionist history. My push on Des was reactive during a re-read. Irresponsible to vote until I was caught up. I ended up voting him to get him out of the game, he's an idiot. By the time I finished my re-read I lost my patience with that twat, and didn't care about a mislynch on D1, but did feel like Des's alignment would be helpful.

    Smash I voted because I thought he might have wanted to get me mislynched because he was scum paranoid about me having so many GRC and a town power.


    Of course his alignment is helpful, but so is everyone else's.  That point is m00t.


    And how is that revisionist history?  I didn't make any of that up and what isn't verifiably concrete itt is obviously my thoughts on why you did what you did.  Just because it was during a reread doesn't mean it's revisionist history.


    GRC - 21

  7. From what I understand about DM, Ape and Des are about as friendly as John Dillinger and J. Edgar Hoover. Ape did everything he could to lynch Des on policy and was pretty clear about it. How are you active on DM and not clear on that dynamic?



    So clarify to me how he's a mislynch while you're quoting his conflicting dialogue.



    Policy lynch is one thing, it's anti-town but I'll ignore, but he also supported it with quotes pointing out scummy play from Des.  I don't buy that it was pure policy.


    Mislynch was the wrong word, or rather I wasn't clear in what I meant.  Regardless of how I view his slot he pushed Des and Smash pretty hard, had a fair amount of traction over the past lynch or two, and so it seems to me that Ape is the obvious lynch.  This worries me because he was obviously very very vocal and I'm worried that he might be town and pushed for a mislynch.



    As for the DM part, I tend to ignore that sh*t.  Anyways, doesn't Ape use a different handle on DM?



    GRC - 20

  8. My post about content stands true, just because I said it and did other things doesn't matter. If you guys want to catch scum, then you'll have to look beyond face value on everything, this is a JN game, I expect more than that.



     I think we can learn a lot by looking at interactions differently than we normally would, which in and of itself sounds way more fun and interesting imo.



    Just saying.  

  9. I can think of plenty of players both good and bad.  Imo vanilla town's job is to lynch scum and look as transparently town as possible.  I can think of a handful of players off the top of my head that I can tone read ~70% accurately.  That's not to say that I usually base my play around tone reads, that's usually ~30-40% based on the game and who's playing, but discarding surface level content just because it's surface level is a disservice to your reads.



    I don't want to get too far into this because everybody has different characterizations and opinions on how to play, how to play certain roles,etc. and it's a rabbit hole for games to get lost in.


    But yes, it is hard to read you atm.  Of course it's my first game with you, but still.



    GRC 19

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