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  1. I hope I'm exposing ok, I'm drunk-ish tonight


    Looks town.


    What info did you glean here?


    Also looks town.


    I would be interested to hear the groups opinions on Ape.




    Is it because Ape is the obvious mislynch here?  


    @LK - I wonder do you think Ape would go so obvious for Des then Smash as scum?  I mean he pushed Des pretty hard without voting him which made me think he was looking at how others' reacted and played around the Des train, then he calls JC1 scummy for sheeping onto Despo  As far as I remember though he never rescinded his scum read on Despo despite commenting around the train like the aforementioned.  Unless I'm misremembering and he just wanted Despo dead for non-gameplay reasons.

  2. You are remedial. Wifom works both ways. The job of any good VT is to **** with mafia and draw their NK. I'm tired of explaining this game to people, I really have no interest in playing anymore.


    Idk if I agree with your basic opinion on how to play, but you can play a solid game to draw the NK and still make it obvious you're town to everyone not in the know.  Also I think this argument falls flat in this particular game because the easiest way to draw an NK in this game is to just post a sh*t ton and not rely on wifom.


    GRC 18

  3. 80 asked a couple questions about me the past few psges. I'm playing on my phone / ipad . I'm playing when I have time. "When do I do this?" About whining and post volume? Seriously?

    Anyway, he's nudging Smash's suspicions on me in a nutshell.

    GRC is a null tell. I wanted people to see me trying to bolster my count. Let scum worry about why i did. I feel like many of you have forgotten that town can eff with mafia too. Scum has to decide if they believe I actually have a power, or if I'm bluffing them so they waste NK or other powers on me.

    Also, smash is making up a nonsense case on me to get me lynched. Probably because he's scum and doesn't want to have to kill or role block me.

    vote smash



    ugly vote...




    This guy is really hard to read imo.  I get that he probably does it (as town) on purpose to confuse mafia but it makes it really hard to clear him as town which I would imagine leads to a lot of mislynches.




    @Ape - do you still agree with your OP concerning content building and discussion driving?



    GRC 17

  4. So my family surprised me with bloody marys this morning which is weird because my family is not prone to drinking except wine with dinner.  Certainly not at 9 in the morning.  Turkey Day morning buzz ftw!


    I'll be waiting. :tongue:


    Working on it.



  5. Then on further thought he votes Lizzie. Okay? What changed?




    His whole thing was about how scum would rush to be the biggest posters and I'm far from being the highest poster, nor do I have a role, so why would I be his number 1 scum read?  Looks too easy.


    Krak ISO

    Lols at everyone talking about GRC padding. Then says he hopes Lizzie is town this game (???). Not sure why he mentions him specifically.
    Responds with “I hope you’re kidding”, to Wombat voting Smash after saying that Des, Smash and AVM seem awkward and that maybe Des/Smash are doing a double move. Doesn't really say much beyond that. I’m assuming he disagrees though it’s unclear what he disagrees with exactly (the awkwardness observation or the Smash/Des double team…. Or the Smash vote)… Care to clarify, Krak?
    Then he quotes AVM’s consequent vote on Wombat and says it’s not a good look for AVM. I agree that the vote post was iffy.
    He then chastises Des for a post where he says he thinks Wombat is meh and possibly setting him up… Krak basically says that this is one of the first posts of Des that are not okay. He asks him what was even the point of this post and says what he said about Wombat is garbage. I don’t really care for this post. First of all I feel that Des had quite a few of questionable posts and Krak pinpointing that specific post makes no sense to me.  Secondly, Des was giving a read on Wombat. While I think he’s wrong, I don’t see what’s so off about him bringing it up. Basically Krak was biting his head off because? … He was theorizing and giving a read on a player? Shame on him! Earlier he responded in disbelief to Wombat’s vote…. Now he’s defending Wombat from Des…. So it’s unclear what his read on Wombat actually is.
    Then he gets into the discussion with Ape of how to approach the game. Eh.
    Nudges Verbal, asking him how it feels to be on a scum team with Des. 
    Keeps the game approach discussion going with Lizzie. Lizzie explains what he doesn’t like about Krak’s response.
    Fluff posts
    Responds to Lizzie again about the above topic. 
    Then Lizzie quotes Krak’s last GRC count and says ew. I assume he didn't care for his post. Krak in response votes him, saying he’s avoiding engaging him, gave a bad answer and counting his response as GRC was awful. Lizzie prolly could have expanded, but I feel like Krak was more invested on pouncing rather than trying to see what he meant or giving him the opportunity to do so. 
    Then he defends himself from Ape, saying he’s gonna call it how he sees it, that he’s not opposed to debating and that Lizzie’s reply felt like he was trying to get away from the conversation and disengage. And that he really didn't like him trying to get GRC credit for it. Eh. This whole push feels stupid. 
    Asks questions about Ape’s meta.
    Says that JiF, Lizzie and Ape are basically voting without backing up their reads with quotes and just saying something pinged them. Eh.  Don’t really agree with this. 
    Krak nudges Lizzie to actually explain what about his posts he didn't like
    Barm posts saying he read back and that Lizzie did give reasons and that Ape agreed with them. Krak says it would be easier if whatever he said was true….  >.> He says he’ll go find it. Weird post.
    He says he ISOed and didn't find anything… but that it looks like this is sidetracking leading to no where, so he’s dropping it. It bugs me that he didn’t ask Barm to link the post if he really couldn't find it…. And the fact that he backpedaled when Barm interjected is iffy. If he’s legit suspicious of Lizzie and thinks he’s throwing around votes without backing it up… then this is entirely relevant. 
    Then on further thought he votes Lizzie. Okay? What changed?

    tldr…. Krak makes a big deal about Lizzie not engaging him and counting his ew post as GRC. Drops a vote on him. Nudges Ape, Lizzie and JiF for voting people over stuff that pinged them without supporting their votes with quotes. Upon being corrected by Barm that Lizzie did actually provide reasons for his vote on Krak, he decides to drop the whole thing because it’s sidetracking… but then votes Lizzie again (not too long after I point out that his backpedaling reeks).




    I didn't backpedal because I didn't miss anything and Barm didn't correct me because I didn't miss anything concerning LK and me.  I thought I'd missed some content from LK and when I didn't find it I  had no cause to reconsider anything I had said.


    You've had little to no impact on my play thus far this game (until this post, of course).


    Your ISO bothers me because even though you find me scummy (as evidenced by your vote), you've made no attempt at an impartial ISO.  I think this is par for the course with you, however, so it's null for me.


    GRC - 15

  7. So this is wrong. I went back to see what he was talking about and LZ actually provided reasons and Ape did state that he agreed with LZ's reasons though he didn't elaborate beyond that.


    GRC: 13

    Ugh. It'd be so much easier if whatever I said was true.

    I'll go find it.

    GRC - 12

  8. We had this discussion yesterday about why they pinged. Remember I said ew and you got mad?

    That wasn't anger, that was...a word that means a combination of excitement and tenacity. A tenaciboner?

    Anyway, was "ew" the sum total of your explanation or am I misremberng? It was a long day.

    GRC - 11

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  9. A couple posts that ping from you with 9 posts when the board is averaging about twice that, is unreasonable to you?

    I didn't say that, and if you want to make it about content than that's fine, but I figure a town wants to lynch scum and I figured if you thought I was scum you'd be actively trying to further your read beyond a few pings. Also it would be helpful if you explained why they were suspect.

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  10. Dislike this vote, the extent of the reasoning was "he made one or two posts that ping", but never actually quantified what posts they are. JiF could you please provide more information backing you up?

    That seems to be the sum whole of JiF, LZ, and Ape right meow.

    Let it be known that I welcome most forms of engagement.

    (Hello ladies)

    GRC - 9

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  11. A couple questions for anyone that's not an orangutan:

    Is Ape prone to talking out the side of his mouth?

    If Ape a selfish player?

    If yes to the above, is it more likely for him to try to mislead the majority of players as scum or town or both?

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  12. Pinging. Feels like someone going aggressive trying to back off his own scummy response.

    FTR even though I'm new here and perhaps tiptoeing a bit until I get a feel for playstyle and attitudes, if I see something that's off I'm gonna say something. I don't find my responses scummy, if that needs to be said, but I'm not opposed to debating it if you gives something concrete. Lizzie's lack of response read like he was trying to get away from the conversation without having to give a reason. To disengage quickly. And I really don't like that he tried to get content points for saying "ew."

    Grc - 7

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