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  1. His 2nd point is actually correct. Driving dialogue is the sole motivation of scum this early in the game. They are double motivated by powers and night kills to drive up post count. It's my own fault for continuing to partake in it.


    There are no night kills and how is town not motivated as well?

    Where's the "smarts" in giving scum cover to up their post count? Scumhhunting in this game is waiting.


    How does that compute?  Are you really expecting scum and only scum to go on a posting spree and all the townies to not say anything?  I don't understand how this even makes sense.  If you can explain it differently then I'm willing to listen.  I can't say I'll agree, but I am not predisposed to disagree.

    Logically that makes no sense and instead just sounds like you're advocating scum-cover.

    It makes perfect sense imo.  How could it not?  Instead of trying to win the game through mechanics how about you try to challenge yourself to change your typical perspective and think outside of how you normally would.


    Grc - 5

  2. I am not avoiding contact. Why are you making things up? I've been responding to everyone. I don't like the atmosphere of the game. Feels too rigid and I don't have fun in that environment. Everyone seems too concerned with making GRC posts and not having fun. 


    It's alright Lee, we can both gang up and make fun of Verbal together if you want.

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  3.  Whatever.



    @LK - We already knew they were dependent on GRC, but not all of us are partaking in the mad dash toward individual rewards and who's to say that his second point is correct?


    I'm personally not a big fan of gamebreaking and would rather see town play it smarter rather than tarder.  


    I think we can learn a lot by looking at interactions differently than we normally would, which in and of itself sounds way more fun and interesting imo.


    GRC - 4

  4. I didn't read any of this yet, but there is probably a way we can break the game if we function as a group, rather than a bunch of tards trying to build their post counts. Nothing informative is going to come out of the dialogue when the banter isn't intended to lure out scum, and scum has no motivation to manipulate. It's just a mad dash towards post count building.



    Doing what you suggest here will give scum a smokescreen to hid behind imo.

  5. Smash, Des, and AVM are all good options right now.  They are displaying some awkwardness in trying to assume casual attitudes.  I would say Smash is the worst.  Also, Des' crap argument against him could be a double-move.  Let's find out!


    Vote Smash


    GRC: 5


    I hope you're kidding.


    Yeah.  Um...no.  You are trying too hard, though.


    unvote vote Wom


    GRC 3


    This isn't a good look.



    I think I quite clearly explained I wasn't voting Smash for "being confused", it was for GRC padding and deflecting. Also don't like his knee-jerk defensiveness. Again, have been pretty clear on that.

    Wombat looks eh so far. Kind of worried he's trying to set me up.

    GRC 10



    One of the first posts from Des that is str8 not ok.


    I mean seriously what is the point of this post?  Wombat looks eh?  He's setting you up?  That's garbage.


    I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around mafia right now and I think it has something to do with the two coffees I just consumed.  On the upside I am typing really fast atm.



    GRC - 1

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