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  1. Miller should have been lynched early on - no way Verb should have been alive at end game. If I had even been remotely playing, or even half-assed playing with any iota of interest then it's a different game.
  2. I gotta hit the sack, anyway.
  3. yes, sorry. vote verbal
  4. Verb is our lynch. I'm not voting anyone else.
  5. Christ. Why is Verb still alive?
  6. Nyn, I think you're wrong. No insults, just wrong.
  7. vote verb the game looks to be pretty cleared at this point via peeks. I don't want a Miller running around close to end game.
  8. Bc that was lame af. I'm going to spend the next few hours catching/skimming up.
  9. So did the bitchfest ever end or are people still making this game unbearable?
  10. At this point it's been a four day no-show for Zander. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather have an active player, but at some point you gotta roll those dyce. I can't vote who I would prefer, so.... Ftr, are there more inactives apart from Zander?
  11. Yeah, our days and nights are reversed. But no, I don't like pin the tail on the donkey. But the way I see it we're basically either pinning a tail on a donkey, alligator, ostrich, kangaroo, or bat, so I might as well pin it on the one that's used to it.
  12. Did you guys know that after 50 days of feeding, silkworms have grown 10,000 times heavier? holy sh*t mind blown
  13. It is a really fair point though.
  14. ^that's a really fair point.
  15. @JiF If DPR were off the table, who would you be voting for?
  16. ^upon rereading I discovered this post was pretty useless. Cool. Cool cool.
  17. Why would scum claim Miller D1? It's almost always a deathclaim. It might sow a bit of wifom but what's the point if you're the D1 lynch? Miller should claim D1 imo - what happens when the Miller gets viewed close to end game and town is suddenly forced to make a decision that could lose them the game? Miller is not a pro-town role as I understand it. TL:DR - you're not wrong to vote Verbal but idk why you made this post.
  18. A couple thoughts for anyone still online: Nyn's toeing the line right now but she's leaning town to me atm. If she slips into scum territory I'll speak up. I've got a pretty successful track record at reading her. Verb is playing a town game atm. Spoot looks good
  19. Hey guys, I'm 13 hours ahead of US EST, my days and nights are opposite of most of you. I'm gonna get to the game when I get a chance after work.
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