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  1. *done before *Familiar with
  2. Oh this n that. New job in a new country, so a lot of new things. Glad to be back doing something I'm good at.
  3. Good Lord, Dice. Is this what it's like for you every time you play?
  4. It's been a while. I hope everyone is doing well.
  5. Howdy guys. Thanks for having me, Nol!
  6. I just want to thank Chrja for putting his faith in me and allowing me to lead the town to victory.
  7. Town wins but we can never leave? At least I'll have unfettered access to the wine cellar.
  8. What is happening? Did town win or is it N6?
  9. god it's like a mausoleum in here. @Verbal come entertain me
  10. Imo chrja is MVP whether or not he's scum.
  11. I need to hear back from DPR before I vote.
  12. I too think the big 3 are forced to give roles
  13. N0: Chose Lady N1: gifted a 1x role cop N2: knifed Pral, peeked 80 and received a Traveller response, received a Mailman role, got a message to knife Shad but had already committed to Pral. N3: received a Absorber role N4: received Framer role, used Absorber role and absorbed 2 knives N5: didn't receive anything never used my mailman or framer role.
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