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  1. 16 minutes ago, a_very_fat_raccoon said:

    JiF was a goner. There's no way Pral comes in to hammer you since you were someone he would have given sh*t to. Krak could've gone onto JiFs train but there was no way I was switching because I'd got a viewing on JiF and you weren't going to hammer yourself.

    You mean the chrja train?

  2. N0: Chose Lady

    N1: gifted a 1x role cop

    N2: knifed Pral, peeked 80 and received a Traveller response, received a Mailman role, got a message to knife Shad but had already committed to Pral.

    N3: received a Absorber role

    N4: received Framer role, used Absorber role and absorbed 2 knives

    N5: didn't receive anything 


    never used my mailman or framer role.

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