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  1. We got ~ 16.5 hours till deadline. I'll be up in the morning but hopefully we talk this out a bit more tonight. Has Spoot claimed/used roles? Has AJ claimed/used roles? Are we giving him an auto pass solely based on the mechanic spew? If so is there any chance he could have gotten it from someone in a QT or through PM?
  2. I don't like how Tiink linked me and JiF there.
  3. I have two knives to use tonight - anyone else have a knife that wants to join me on stabbing Tiink just in case?
  4. Basically any NA against me fails and I "absorbed" that Action. Apparently two people targeted me with knives.
  5. Are those who are suspicious of Pral basing their scum read on the idea that he might be The Beast?
  6. @Spoot Thank you. I may as well lay it out - I received an Absorber role and absorbed two steely knives last night. That's why I was asking if anyone else has any steely knives left. We can hit someone tonight who hasn't been hit yet.
  7. FTR I was given a Framer role by The Lady and the result, if viewed, would say "Mafia." I haven't used it though. I wanted to say this because of JiF's statement about a role that could have fooled Tiink.
  8. I thought so, but I thought one was Shad so he obviously didn't knife Pral. I might be wrong.
  9. So Shad got knifed by 3 people, 80 knifed by JiF(?) & Spoot, and Pral got knifed by a claimed 4 players iirc (one of whom was myself) Anyone have any knives left?
  10. Can someone catch me up on who has had knives used against them and how many? @Spoot-Face/Mr. Librarian?
  11. Sorry man, I've got little to no time this weekend. Soonest I'll have any serious time in Monday. I'll try to pop in when I get a spare minute so if you have anything pressing try to tag me.
  12. Well you're king of mechanic spec. Think its its possivle scum have a counter or Shad could be the beast?
  13. He made a half ass claim that proves nothing iirc. His game has said something completely different.
  14. Dear god this again? were you not paying attention to the second half of D2? It's fine if you weren't (ehhhh) but I definitely was second on his attempted lunch train.
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