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  1. Just now, Spoot-Face said:

    So apparently my stab did not go through. :angry: Here is a current knife log:

    This sucks. Crusher flipped Town, I've had Dice as a Town read all game, and I know I'm Town. That should have been three Town knives on Pral. We'd either have one dead scum, or I'd be comfortable clearing Pral. But noooooooooooo.




    I put my knife on Pral

  2. 38 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

    I think it's beneficial to the Town if we keep a public record of who stabbed who, so we can easily coordinate and evaluate if a stabbing did or did not work. Our knives are limited, we've already lost two Town to NKs, are about to loose two more, and possibly have lost more out of Nolder, Pac, and Hallia dropping out. We cannot afford any more missteps. I don't think this is a time for being secretive.


    **** the Librarian 

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  3. Twilight2 Reads:


    Leelou/JC: town - I liked Leelou’s play and haven’t seen anything from JC to change that read

    Crusher: town - solid play so far, pushing against the grain.

    Zander: town - I think.  Looks like town zander I’m used to - too focused on chrja imo

    CHRJA: town - same - unfortunately has provided some players with a shiny distraction but think his early play was obviously trying to get it moving

    AJ: town - mechanics spewed plus play

    Raccoon: town - good solid town play also he wants me <3


    Dice: Null to town - Not sold on him being town but based on his play surrounding me I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt atm.

    80: Null to town - I agree with him about Shad but otherwise he’s not too clear for me.

    Spoot: Null to town - late D1 looked pretty good and apparently he’s been showing up late D2.  Don’t love the mailman shiz but that’s it atm.


    Hallia: Null

    Lizard: null

    Nolder: null

    Pral: null - really need to reread his stuff

    JiF: Null - need to reread his stuff


    Pac: Null/MK - doesn’t want to play

    Shad: Scum - play has been bad - been around a lot and posted a whole lot but hasn't offered really anything besides his presence - apathetic and not really playing a pro town game.

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