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  1. They're the same. Twilight was the idea that no one could speak until everyone posted a reads list. But time-wise and action-wise they're the same.
  2. Dice you focused on chrja to the exclusion of all else until I spoke up and it looked like you just followed Zander onto chrja. I didn't say you copied his posts word for word
  3. to explain why I voted him but still had him as a town read
  4. @Spoot I meant I voted him to avoid a 2xNK
  5. That's a pretty forced read imo plus what zander said about his vote on me at the same time Pral ever answer?
  6. So is the only reason you think I'm scum (or however you phrased it) bc I'm pushing you?
  7. As far as I can tell the only question was about you "aping Zander"
  8. Does this site make a weird loud grating digital scream for anyone else every time someone quotes a post you make or reps a post you made?
  9. just figured he'd be happier if he rolled town and it would show. then the bravado thing
  10. Chrja's play with regard to you D1
  11. Sorry DPR: Twilight1 Reads: Shad: town - for pushing against chrja lynch Leelou: town - good early votes to prod, spreading it around Crusher: town - solid play so far, pushing against the grain. Zander: town - I think. Looks like town zander I’m used to CHRJA: town - voted so mafia didn’t get a 2xNK but otherwise looks omgtown AJ: leaning town - feel good about his play, only hitch is his tone early on JC: Null to town - good enough play D1 Verbal: Null - not enough info 80: Null - not enough info Hallia: Null - hasn’t check in, doubt she knows the game started raccoon: null Lizard: null Nolder: null Spoot: Null - not a lot of play early on but toward EOD looked like consolidating/desperate town JiF: Null - based on recent play and lack of play here - although I think weekend played a role so null instead of null to scum Pral: null to scum - not much to go on but not really forming any reads Pac: Null/MK - doesn’t want to play Dice: Scummiest - reasoning laid out in thread. Willing to revisit post D1.
  12. Why is that necessarily a scum move?
  13. Ugh I'm not trying to tunnel Dice which is what's happening in thread bc of a couple factors. We're gonna agree to disagree on this I guess. I realize Dice won't be the lynch today, that's fine. Hopefully he'll clear his slot up D2. vote: chjra because at this point him not showing up doesn't look good and Spoot's play hasn't been great but his play toward EOD1 reads more "scrambling townie doesn't want to be lynched D1" than scum to me atm. I'm going to step away for the moment and be back in a bit.
  14. I quoted you and tried to delete it unsuccessfully
  15. Yeah but I don't see it as tunneling as much as just not playing. It's a thin excuse and the whole "waiting to hear back from you" argument is super thin 33 pages in - especially close to deadline.
  16. fos Shad and JC for that Spoot/Hermes comment
  17. lol I didn't know but it's certainly not a good day for the Pack
  18. Partly because he's been around without saying much or putting forth much effort - same reason someone said Spoot looked back. Partly meta - I've played with Dice and this isn't like his normal town game I remember. I don't like how he's just pushed on chrja and just about no game interactions with others except me.
  19. I'm rereading atm but if you're still waiting for me instead of actively trying to solve this close to the deadline then that goes to prove my point spending 29 pages (where I am w/ my catch up) with a joke vote, one authentic vote, a modicum of pressure on chrja (who basically everyone is waiting on any sort of post from him), and a question for me about why I think you aped Zander is hardly a good look for town.
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