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  1. Hey Max, Don't hang out here too much but always enjoy it when I do. Thanks for the board and the love!
  2. Rereading and this caught my eye. I know I've already said I think he's scum but this fits the lack of effort I've been seeing.
  3. goddamn Julio Jones might be the best receiver in the game
  4. Yeah there's a big storm where I am and I'm having trouble too.
  5. Yeah it was obviously a joke but I just meant he never put a vote up for chrja after he voted/unvoted me. And he basically still kept saying that chrja was still his best pick after that, aping you and prodding aj.
  6. although to be fair maybe he just kept seeing his name on the VC and forgot that he never revoted?
  7. @Mods Pretty sure the VC is wrong btw. I don't think Dice ever voted for chrja after he unvoted. @Zander Which also goes to my point that even though after he voted me and then unvoted he never voted again for chrja even though his next post was to explain to me why he thought chrja was wolfy.
  8. So this was his response to me asking if chrja is the viable lynch today. Doesn't sound like someone who really cares who we lynch D1, especially since he hasn't really been hunting at all. Pretty apathetic. He also apes you on a couple things after voting you in the beginning like he always does. The AJ explanation of chrja's JC read being one of them. It's pretty lackadaisical imo. This was his earlier response to why he's voting chrja and again, pretty thin reasoning. I mean, that's a superficial read if I've ever seen one that's basically aping your OMGUS vote/interaction with chrja. It's weird. And creepy.
  9. I figured you would have seen my post about it on the reread but I'll dig it up I guess.
  10. Yeah, weird right? Honestly I don't really have any Pral meta but no one wants to follow me onto Dice and I'd rather leave chrj for another day. Pral has been around but hasn't posted a thing of note.
  11. Do you know when Pral tends to be around?
  12. Yep weekend lynches can be rough to begin with
  13. Alright, if we ever meet irl we're definitely wrestling.
  14. Now that Nol has posted, Hallia is the only one we're still waiting to hear from, yeah?
  15. Did you wear a Jets jersey to your wedding?
  16. I will say, DEMONOLOGY being one example, that I didn't feel it was necessary to vote - I believe it was 2 times in a row - because the person I wanted to get lynched was the common consensus and there was no chance they weren't being lynched.
  17. albeit perhaps more from a lack of substance in what he has posted. what he has posted seems rather lackadaisical.
  18. I suppose the same reason anyone would vote for a Pral lynch. Except I think what Dice has posted so far is wolfy.
  19. Anyone want to follow me onto Dice?
  20. nah I meant am I allowed to say 'to be fair' about myself
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