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  1. @Mods

    Pretty sure the VC is wrong btw.  I don't think Dice ever voted for chrja after he unvoted.

    21 hours ago, Dicetosser said:

    vote krak


    21 hours ago, Dicetosser said:


    you see what happens?


    The mods SAY they want you to listen to them. But when you do????


    They CRUSH you!!!





    leaves sniffling with his belief system completely destroyed


    21 hours ago, Kaylee said:

    Current Vote Count

    Chihuahua (3) - Zander, dice, Lee

    With 19 players alive, it takes 10 to screw in a light bulb



    Which also goes to my point that even though after he voted me and then unvoted he never voted again for chrja even though his next post was to explain to me why he thought chrja was wolfy.

  2. 18 hours ago, Dicetosser said:

    @krak  hes as viable as anyone else D1



    AJ so because JC is joking around, that's enuff to warrant a town read from someone who doesn't know him at all as far as I know of?

    So this was his response to me asking if chrja is the viable lynch today.  Doesn't sound like someone who really cares who we lynch D1, especially since he hasn't really been hunting at all.  Pretty apathetic.


    He also apes you on a couple things after voting you in the beginning like he always does.  The AJ explanation of chrja's JC read being one of them.  It's pretty lackadaisical imo.


    20 hours ago, Dicetosser said:

    his interactions on zander. particularly that unvote.  seemed like a "oh no one else is here I better get off!!!" reaction


    This was his earlier response to why he's voting chrja and again, pretty thin reasoning.  I mean, that's a superficial read if I've ever seen one that's basically aping your OMGUS vote/interaction with chrja.  It's weird.  And creepy.

  3. Just now, Jetscode1 said:

    The game (in general not this one), needs a mechanism where a player who fails to vote in two consecutive game days requires one less vote to lynch the next day...maybe that's not exactly right...but some incentive to get each player to choose.


    I will say, DEMONOLOGY being one example, that I didn't feel it was necessary to vote - I believe it was 2 times in a row - because the person I wanted to get lynched was the common consensus and there was no chance they weren't being lynched.

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