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  1. IF THEY WERE AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT THEYD BE OBAMA. oh and if they were a boat I believe the titanic would be more accurate. Because in the beginning it was amazing (1969). Then it sunk.
  2. Dodge diplomat was one of the most reliable police cars ever meister beau is now top selling miller lite thats all I have You win the rest
  3. If you don’t like this your not paying attention.....Sam needs this guy behind him with his experience....not a threat but a solid backup. Faales. Cmon man. He’s a xfl cut. Great move by JD.
  4. Tim Tebow wouldn’t have had the successful NFL career he had.
  5. Giants and Baker still winning this one....bills a distant 2nd. Lol.
  6. This is the guy who should be our backup on a 1 year deal. He just got released....go get him
  7. So basically were picking 59 68 from the Giants and 79 so I like the idea of getting the extra pic it’s not like we’re only one player away hopefully we can still grab a receiver at 59.

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