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  1. The location sucks. The seats need to be green. But I’m sure the giants won’t agree. I blame the giants.
  2. As of now.......2...top....10 ones
  3. Truth behold..... I was on a trip to sturgis when my best friend called me and told me glass jaw Geno got knocked in the mug. I did a cartwheel in the gas station in North Platte Nebraska. I hated the pick and I hated Geno. I still do. I wasn’t wrong
  4. Your screwup helped the team that mistakenly drafted you. Lol. I’d also like to thank the ekampali dude who broke your jaw.
  5. I hate the fact that this guy effed up and got pinched for a DWI, but truth be told as much as it hurts his trade value it helps us if we wanna keep him......we all make mistakes. I hope he can get through this and stays a jet. He’s not a JO like Jamal.
  6. Well we didn’t take Daniel Jones so we’ve got that goin for us.
  7. OBJ will do nothing but destroy a young QB like ZacH.. he’s a Toxic , I love me non team player. And he’s not even that good. So please stop. Year 1 Zach needs reps and coaching. Give me the list of rookie Super Bowl coaches/QBS. I’ll wait.
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