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  1. Todd Bowles for MVP- Renew this man!

    Bowles is clueless. He should be fired. Pre snap penalties and time management kill this team over and over. He’s not a good head coach.
  2. Bryce Petty really stinks

    I was at the game today and Petty is so bad there was a pass interference waved off because he over threw the wr by 7 yards. And if he’s better than Hack. We have a problem.
  3. Heading to Nawlins!

    I’m headed there also. 17 point road dogs, something tells me the game is not gonna be the highlight of the trip.
  4. I’ll take Morton as the head coach over Bowles and fire kacy. Can’t be worse. Todd is clueless. Someone tell him ya can’t bank time outs. Jerk.
  5. Kaep blows. Stop. Petty for 1, hack for 2, and mayfield is the future
  6. When do we draft and stud on the O
  7. Broken hand for McCown

    Mayfield wears 6. Can’t be good
  8. Broken hand for McCown

    I don’t like #5 as a qb numbuh. We need a #18 or 19.
  9. Cheaters fans invade South Florida

    Yes. Yes it is. Most likely of them dont even know who steve Grogan or Sam Cunningham is
  10. Feel bad for him. Guy is a stud. Wish we had him oh and **** the giants
  11. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Oh And if we get Mayfield, I just happen to have 3 #6 jerseys.
  12. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I’m not buying a #5 jersey.
  13. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I’m not buying a #9 jersey just yet.
  14. Broken hand for McCown

    I hope we hire McCown as qb coach. His passion and knowledge for the game is amazing. We need him to tutor Mayfield.
  15. Only positive 5-11 baker mayfield is is now a possibility