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  1. Non conference opponent still one bye lose a preseason game
  2. So if you are Joe Douglas, Saleh and LaFleur, who do you hitch your wagon too. Sam who still has potential but really hasn’t show anything that would make you go wow. Zach who is now QB 2 in the draft or trade number to for a boat load of picks. My choice is trade Sam, take Zach. Reset the salary of your QB. Stay the course if building with young guys. Add a couple of locker room guys. Hold the fort guys. and go back to the old uniforms.
  3. This thread is not aging well. Thankfully.
  4. His father played for the Giants. He doesn’t want the Jets to own NY. He’s a hater
  5. Vegas odds makers have the NY Jets as the favorite to land Watson for the upcoming season. I for one like our chances.
  6. I would love to have Watson at the right price. He’s young he’s proven and he’s a great team guy. No worries about him being a bust. Look at what he did with crap talent around him. Numbers don’t lie. I think we can get this done with Joe at the helm.
  7. Richard Sherman is a locker room presence. He’d be the guy I would bring I more f0r the mental change the culture angle.
  8. Jeez, he had 1 draft. 1 and he made the roster worse. Cmon worse how. We lost the all worlds talent of Robbie Anderson, he was taking us to Tampa this year. Jamal. 1 and out Cheap shot Jamal ok. Talk to me after this draft. We were set back by the coffee drinkin fool and his crazy eyed genius Give Douglas a shot. And sell your BMW. Anyone can own one now. They not special, they’re ordinary.
  9. Pedersen, darnold, Sewell, and the best wr avail at 23. Best OL at 34. That’s my 2 cents
  10. johnnyjet

    Mac Jones

    He will be gone by pick 20.
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