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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we have a tight end that was caught punching the clown in the supermarket parking lot glass houses guys glass houses
  2. My 2 Lamar Jackson -will be limited by being forced to do something he doesn’t do well. And that’s pass from the pocket. His numbers will be down and his inaccuracy will be exposed Daniel Jones- mediocre QB at best, fumbleitis not cured.
  3. Based on coaching staff and the rest of the team I think Lance and Wilson have the best chance to be the QBs each team envisioned. Let’s hope this thread ages well....lol.
  4. Ok Fields is on the bears and I think that factors in a lot. They have not had a lot of success grooming QBs Rex Grossman Kyle Orton Jay Cutler Michell Trubisky Andy Dalton thats who the bears have had under center. Or will have going forward we had Chad Pennington Kellen Clemens Favre Sanchez friggin geno Fitz Darnold I would have to say we have had better QBs ....not by much Chad,Favre,and Sanchez sadly
  5. Saw a poll posted on the interwebs somewhere putting up a poll of Wilson vs fields. I don’t quite get it cept they were in the same draft. Odds are 1 QB that was drafted may not live up to the expectations. I personally feel that Fields will be the one that’s the bust. A lot of factors, such as accuracy pocket presence etc are my reasons. I actually think Wilson could wind up being better that Trevor Lawrence. Of course only time will tell but I like Our chances.opinions?
  6. Fits is a Washington football clubber -nfc east.
  7. Two crap teams from last year with a new future. I’m thinking this makes sense. Z-Dub vs. T-Law National audience NY-Fla BYU-Clemson makes sense. TAKE THE JETS AND THE POINTS.
  8. He picked 2 because he’s gonna be dropping deuces on the afc east.
  9. 1 would suck. Especially in the stupid font we now use.
  10. Oh and the balloon arch near the front door also had the number 2 on them. Unless their house number is 22.
  11. I’m gonna say his Mom messed up and put that pic of #2. So I’m going with the number 2.
  12. Non conference opponent still one bye lose a preseason game
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