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  1. I don’t need bell there. I need him on the field
  2. They look great and don’t suck. I’m in.
  3. I wish JB was a giants fan.
  4. Awesome! Period. Stop.
  5. I’m glad JB is a Jets fan. Did not know that. Who is he again?
  6. johnnyjet

    New Mock has Jets Trading With Giants

    No way we give the Giants a qb. Not gonna happen.
  7. johnnyjet

    Schiano quits on Patriots

    So he resigned as DC of the NEP. I’m telling you Joe Willie handed them the 50 year curse when he gave them the Lombardi. Write it down. I guarantee it.
  8. Those mercury Mets duds.......jeez. Ugh.
  9. TOP TEN UNIFORM REDESIGN FAILS: 1-NY islander fish stick dood. Continue..........let’s hope we ain’t number 1 April 5th
  10. I’m waiting on my next vehicle purchase to match the new green. The suspense is killing me. Maybe I’ll just get blue and a green plate frame...or maybe new vanity plates with new logo.
  11. Ok how is it there have been no leaks.
  12. Yikes! Your bragging about that? I love ya man. Your posts are great. But wow. I’d rather have spent it on a hellcat and an 80inch tv. Plus I despise Jersey.
  13. johnnyjet

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Here’s the deal we get bell great, we don’t ,we move on..we have Sam. We have a solid D, we have a fresh coaching staff. Stay positive til the sh*tty uniforms come out
  14. johnnyjet

    Overused Phrases

    At the end of the day, it is what it is, and we will just have to agree to disagree. I hate all 3 of those.
  15. johnnyjet

    Wesley Walker ~ ~ ~    

    Wes is a terrific guy. Met him a few times. Family guy, involved in his community. And in my opinion he is one of the top 5 Jets ever. Namath klecko maynard walker martin
  16. johnnyjet

    ***AAF Sunday official game thread***

    My biggest complaint is the refs uniforms....the look like they are wearing black vests over the striped shirts.
  17. johnnyjet

    ***AAF Sunday official game thread***

    The game has a great flow to it. They alll have. I miss the kickoffs and xtra points ...but the 35 second clock and lack of commercials make for a better game
  18. johnnyjet

    Vince McMahon...

    I like the uniforms except for the all black Ones and the yellow and green duds. Numbers on the helmets are ok. I miss kickoffs
  19. I can confirm it will NOT be Hackenberg. He is still horrible. I don’t think Trent Richardson has a shot either.
  20. I blame the corrupt politicians of NYC and James Dolan.
  21. Another question regarding the new uniforms and such, I’m so pumped for the new stadium bunting. It will finally be our stadium.......lol. Not.
  22. johnnyjet

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    Soooo the mascot is a pu$$y just like everyone else on the patriots and anyone that roots for them. The run run is over.
  23. johnnyjet

    Adams reacts to Gregg Williams

    Sooooo,the new unis are grinch green. Got it. Why else would Adams tweet it.......aha
  24. The new uniforms are going to be grinch green. That’s why Jamal posted the gif of the grinch. Duh.

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