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  1. He signed a 7 year deal. He’s gonna get a shot at righting the ship...he had 1 draft. Be realistic. He’s gonna pick the coach and the players next year.
  2. I love the fact that the NFL wants the Jets to go oh and 16 Devante Parker did not catch that ball no one thought he caught the ball he didn’t even think he caught the ball but yet they didn’t overturn it
  3. No one knows about that airport bro. I went with the popular one
  4. We lost to a team that can’t close and they did helooooooooooo trevor
  5. Trevor just bought a plane ticket to JFK.
  6. This is the start of an 0-7 run boys and girls
  7. Are you out of your mind. WTF kind of fan are you? Fire the best shot at 0-16. You sir are a fraud.
  8. Trevor just bought a ticket to Newark international.
  9. Trevor just bought a plane ticket to JFK.
  10. We surrender white our funeral black and choke job green. doesn’t matter what we wear.
  11. I want the qb that gives us the best chance to draft another qb out there.
  12. Do the Jets suck because of the uniforms-or do the uniforms suck because of the Jets. chicken vs egg. bOOM!
  13. This is the classic chicken/egg argument.
  14. My first hatred of another NFL team was the fish. ....then wide right made me hate the Toronto team. But for the last twenty fLucking years I despised the team from the middle of no where Massachusetts. Now I hate them all

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