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  1. I happpier they got blown out. They were non competitive and I loved it. We play them next season. Let’s hope that’s not our Super Bowl and we actually make one.
  2. There is no point in starting Mike White Joe Flacco etc. we need to start Zach Wilson to find out if he can be a franchise quarterback. Next week there is no pressure on him to win or lose the game. Just play the game. I do think he is going to be the guy going forward. Today proves that Mike White is not the guy he is a good back up and nothing more. So in my opinion, we need to start Jack Wilson next week to find out what he’s really got. There is absolutely no pressure on the kid at all next week.
  3. I don’t think the Jets move in from Zach after 23 games. He looks horrible but it can be fixed.
  4. The upper deck was 35% full. End zones empty.
  5. Oh and if it was a dome don’t you think we would host a Super Bowl , or an NCAA championship or a bowl game. Maras ****ed us.
  6. This place is just a ******* disaster of a stadium. look at SO-FI, Jerry’s world, The titans dome in planning. Two teams paid to have this sh*thole in a swamp with zero infrastructure and no roof. $14 dollar beers, $50 parking, PSLs, sh*t security and a history of losing. That’s all on Woodrow. Now we are on the rise and no one wants to go.
  7. We are in the playoff hunt. For the 1st time in years. Playing a team that had almost no fans in the stadium. None. And we can’t sell the place out. It wasn’t even close to being packed. I understand it’s the 1st night of Hanukkah and a week before Christmas. But this place has no home field feel to it. It’s was pretty dead for the entire game today. we really don’t have a home field advantage. Ever. That’s a huge problem Thursday night will be the same
  8. Now it’s ******* obvious. I don’t even have a horse in the race in this ******* game and it was obvious how fixed it was. The refs were told what to do and they did it. They gave the goddamn game the Minnesota Vikings well guess what the Vikings are not making the Super Bowl just like the bills are not making the Super Bowl because you know what the NFL gods don’t want that to happen that is all.
  9. I am now convinced the NFL is fixed like wrestling.
  10. We will beat the lions, we will beat the Jags. Our D will smother them.
  11. Stop. We had those games. Inexperience cost us the vikes and the pats have the best coach of all time. He got in Zach’s head and the punt return. We are winning out. believe.
  12. Geno still not great Giants paper tigers with a lucky win here and there especially Tenn Tua. Miami. Lol. Done Bucs and Todd. We were right in launching that clown Vikes. Not gonna get a chance to lose #5 Pats. We had them Eli mated and choked it away. my point is we control our destinations and can win out…this team is the real deal and on the rise. NO ONE WANTS US IN THE PLAYOFFFS LETS GO JETS
  13. The rumor is he has a dislocated shoulder. I’d be surprised if he plays.
  14. I say we gotta go up against Trevor Simian. Fields will not play. That’s my guess.
  15. The Jets/Fish I’d definitely getting flexed if the game means something. I’m hoping Jets / Bears stays at 1.
  16. We so spoiled having every game at 1 pm. Now we’re ****ed!
  17. 5 for 5 for 65 on the last drive and he’s sucks. Eff all you haters. You’ll be eating crow Go root for Danielle Jones losers
  18. I don’t know why we are even gonna play this game. The sky is fallin. Jesus. It’s the ******* Ravens. Not the steel curtain. Not the 85 bears. We have a shot. Let’s GOJETS.
  19. I’d rather have this jack of all trades as my 3rd QB behind Zach and Joe. And hope he never plays.
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