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  1. Lawson may be that guy. I was looking forward to seeing him before he got hurt. Draft an edge. A heathy Lawson. I like what we are building.
  2. Russsss is playing his way onto the giants. Lol. He’s gonna get killed behind that sh*t line
  3. Let’s finish this season. 6 games is not a fair sample.
  4. Once the two color helmet rule is in effect the Jets will use the 68/98 uni as an alternate. That’s what I think anyway.
  5. Danny drops getting killed on the radio. So is judge. Love it.
  6. Thankfully we in the ny area will not have to listen to giants playoff chatter.
  7. Danny dimes may be the worst nickname in ny football history.
  8. The giants d sucks. Brady hasn’t been touched.
  9. He was referencing confidence in THE KNEE, not overall. pay attention.
  10. So the Mike white era ended in brutal fashion today with four interceptions against the hated, wide right , Buffalo Bills, so as we move forward the New York Jets will anoint the future Savior Zach Wilson the quarterback now, and, of the future i believe the kid will develop into an amazing quarterback in the NFL. he’s going to be one Of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. it’s here in writing and by this time in 24 months if I’m wrong I hope you all repost it and throw it in my face.
  11. For this most part most of you are clueless. This guy sucks this guys a bust this guy was a bad pick we should sign Odell how’d we let Sam go. LOL the inter webs is what sucks
  12. Sooooo we beat the best AFC teams. Titans beat the best NFC team. Jets will win the Super Bowl.
  13. He really is a system QB. His ceiling is lower than Zachs. We need to fix the O line. Zach needs to take what’s given to him. ZACH WILL BE THE BEST QB IN THIS DRAFT BY HIS 3RD YEAR. WRITE IT DOWN. this is a marathon not a sprint.
  14. As a kid I was called a mutt. I thought it meant lovable. Cause my dog was a mutt too. So I didn’t care that was thrown at me. That beagle mix was badass. Times change. Mutt. Is a negative term now. I personally still don’t care. sam is not good. Neither is the word mutt. Unless your referencing your dog. That is all.
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