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  1. I voted for Cooper. Raiders get a probably late first round draft pick from the Cowboys for him, compared to two first round draft picks (plus the Bears' 2020 third round pick and 2019 sixth round pick) from Chicago for Mack and the Raiders' 2020 second round pick and a conditional fifth round pick in 2020. Mack also got a six year, $141 million contract from Chicago at the same time (including $90 million guaranteed). The Cooper trade has added dollars to the next contract of Dak Prescott and probably saved the Clapper's job (I think it fairly likely Jones would have sacked Garrett if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs, and they'll probably make the playoffs now). Cooper also gets the chance at a big pay-day next season as he approaches free agency in 2020, as I can't see the Cowboys letting him hit free agency, unless he breaks a leg on the first day of OTAs but the Cowboys get Cooper on the cheap for the next 12 months as well as the remainder of this season. Mack is a fantastic player and has certainly improved the Bears' defence, but I reckon the Bears would still be very good this season on defence without him as they are with him.
  2. Aussie Jet

    Who is your MVP as of today?

    Peterson needed to rush for over 2,000 yards and return to playing football eight months after tearing his ACL to be named MVP in 2012. Peterson's least productive game was week 2 against Indianapolis, when he rushed 16 times for 60 yards. He had seven games during the season where he rushed for 150+ yards, including two games where he rushed for 200+ yards (week 13 and week 15). Peterson only had 12 rushing touchdowns for the season, so Gurley gets the edge there, and he also only had 217 receiving yards (on 40 receptions), compared to Gurley's 504 yards on 49 receptions so far this season. However, Gurley has had a couple of games already this season where he's been held to less than 50 yards rushing (week 2 against Arizona and week 14 against the Bears). I think the week 14 game really hurts Gurley's chances of being named MVP. Rushing at 2.5 yards per carry and seeing your team lose 15-6 to the Bears on Sunday Night Football will likely stick in the minds of voters, especially when Mahomes lit it up against the Ravens the same week to lead the Chiefs to a comeback OT victory. It seems like MVPs are reserved for quarterbacks and offensive player of the year is reserved for non-quarterbacks. Since 2001, only three non-quarterbacks have been named MVP (Shaun Alexander in 2005, LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006 and Peterson in 2012).
  3. The match is being shown live at 8.30am Sunday morning where I live so I'll be choking down my bacon and eggs while watching it, no doubt. ESPN has been promoting it on the basis that the Texans will defeat the Jets to consolidate their spot on the playoffs. Not even a mention of a potential upset. I'm just hoping Darnold continues to build on the momentum from guiding the comeback win over the Bills.
  4. Beasley turns 30 next year, so he wouldn't have as many years left in the league as someone like Humphries. But yes he is an unrestricted free agent, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him leave.
  5. My $0.02 worth Free agency Sign Bell. We'll have to overpay him and there's a huge risk that he'll just use the Jets for leverage to get a deal at a team he sees to be closer to playoffs. But he should be our no. 1 off-season target. Gurley and Elliott are both terrific for Goff and Prescott; Bell can fill the same role for Darnold. Allow McCown, Kearse, Powell and possibly Carpenter to walk (if Carpenter is prepared to sign a contract that befits a backup left guard, then retain him). See if Enunwa bites on a modest contract extension; if not, allow him to walk. Tender Robby Anderson at a second round pick. Shift Spencer Long to guard full-time and sign Matt Paradis. Take a swing at signing Trenton Brown away from the Patriots. Get to the front of the queue to sign Tyrell Williams or Adam Humphries (but not both). So, hopefully we're adding Bell, Paradis and Williams and losing McCown, Powell and Kearse (and possibly Carpenter) through free agency while retaining Enunwa and Anderson (assuming he isn't signed by another team at the cost of a 2nd round pick). If the Jets manage to sign Bell, then Crowell gets cut and we go into the draft with Bell, McGuire and Cannon as the running backs. Draft Depending on where the Jets finish, if the Jets are picking top 5, and he's still on the board, I'd be very seriously considering Jonah Williams. If the Jets sign Trenton Brown in free agency, then Brown and Williams can form the bookends at left and right tackle respectively. If the Jets don't sign Brown, then the Jets continue with Beachum at left tackle and slide Williams into the lineup at right tackle in place of Shell. Hopefully with the combination of free agency and the draft, the Jets would have Beachum/J Williams - Long - Paradis - Winters - Shell/J Williams as the starters, with Anderson, Enunwa, T Williams, Herndon and Bell as the skill position starters for Darnold.
  6. Aussie Jet

    Fans turn backs on Redskins.

    A lot of people on the Jets sub-reddit think the sun shines out of Maccagnan's arse and won't hear a bad word about him.
  7. Aussie Jet

    Eagles Cowboys Game

    Bet the Cowboys are happy to have given up their first pick to the Raiders in exchange for Cooper. He's totally revitalised their offence. In six games with the Raiders this season, Cooper had 280 yards and a touchdown on 22 receptions. In six games with the Cowboys this season, Cooper has had 642 yards and six touchdowns on 40 receptions. The prospect of him having a 1,000 yard season was an absolute pipe dream when he was traded. He only needs 78 yards over the next three games to break that milestone. Edited to add that he set a new personal best for most receiving yards in a game, with 217 yards, as well as a new personal best for most touchdown receptions in a game, with three. Prescott is still a mediocre quarterback but he's been made to look a lot better by having a stud wide receiver and a stud running back on his team.
  8. Aussie Jet

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    Jets' strength of schedule is rated at .502, compared to the Falcons' .493. That's the tiebreaker. Buffalo's strength of schedule is rated at .529 and the Jaguars at .546, hence why they currently pick sixth and seventh overall despite having the same record as the Jets.
  9. Aussie Jet

    Congratulations Sam Darnold . . .

    Murray is making the right choice to give up football and play baseball professionally (I say that as a completely unbiased Oakland A's fan).
  10. Aussie Jet

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    If the season ended today, the Jets would be picking 5th overall (were picking 3rd overall before beating the Bills). 1 - 49ers 2 - Raiders 3 - Cardinals 4 - Falcons 5 - Jets 6 - Bills 7 - Jaguars 8 - Detroit 9 - Bucs 10 - Giants Currently, the Jets hold the 5th, 71st, 94th, 102nd (from New Orleans), 133rd and 199th picks in the draft.
  11. The case for firing Maccagnan rests, your honour.
  12. Aussie Jet


    So..... what you're saying is, we should hire Brian Schottenheimer as head coach.
  13. Aussie Jet

    Some interesting names in FA

    Who we'll sign: Earl Thomas Landon Collins Ha Ha Clinton-Dix LaMarcus Joyner Tyrann Mathieu
  14. Aussie Jet

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    Titans got 403 yards from their offence. The Jets got 280 yards in total offence. Defence (until the final drive) and special teams showed up, with a pick six, a blocked punt and a blocked PAT attempt, and then Andre Roberts returned the opening kickoff of the second half for 61 yards. I just don't understand why the Jets thought it a good idea to fire Morton and bring in a bloke who was a dud the first time he was an OC in the NFL and then spent years out of the game "finding himself".
  15. Plus some upgrades on the offensive line plus an upgrade at the head coach and offensive coordinator positions.

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