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    Flacco to the Broncos

    List of quarterbacks drafted or signed by Elway since he became the GM (excluding Flacco, as well as Christian Ponder, who was signed as the third string quarterback but only stuck around for about a month before being released) Peyton Manning: 6'5" (free agent acquisition) Brock Osweiler: 6'7" (57th pick in the 2012 draft) Trevor Siemian: 6'3" (250th pick in the 2015 draft) Paxton Lynch: 6'7" (26th pick in the 2016 draft) Chad Kelly: 6'2" (253rd pick in the 2017 draft) Zac Dysert: 6'3" (234th pick in the 2013 draft) Ryan Katz: 6'1" (undrafted free agent signed in 2013) Bryn Renner: 6'3" (undrafted free agent signed in 2014) Case Keenum: 6'1" (free agent acquisition) Keenum sticks out like a sore thumb because the Broncos gave him a very lucrative contract off the basis of his one solid year with Minnesota. Otherwise, Elway prefers to spend big (either draft capital or salary) on tall quarterbacks who are statues in the pocket but have cannon arms. He'll then spend as little as possible on smaller guys (either seventh round picks or UDFAs). Trading for Flacco (6'6") is Elway returning to type. You're absolutely right that Keenum and Flacco are about a wash in terms of production. In actual fact, Flacco was worse last season when compared to Keenum, but Flacco is five inches taller than Keenum and in Elway's mind, that makes all the difference. I rag on Maccagnan for wasting a second round pick on Hackenberg, but on another forum I traded up to take Paxton Lynch in a mock draft for the Jets. Lynch managed to play four games for the Broncos before Elway cut him, but it's clear that he's just not good at being a quarterback (and the Broncos got less out of Lynch than the Raiders got out of JaMarcus Russell).
  2. Aussie Jet

    Flacco to the Broncos

    About five inches
  3. Yay. So long you pedestrian plodder of a running back. Crowell had 685 yards on 143 rushing attempts, and six touchdowns, in 13 games played, at an average clip of 4.8 yards per carry. Also had 152 yards on 21 receptions for the season. Not bad. But when you subtract the 219 yards he had on 15 carries against the Broncos, he actually ended up having 466 yards on 128 carries for the season, at a pedestrian 3.6 yards per carry. Crowell only broke the 100 rushing yards in a game - week 1 against the Lions and week 5 against the Broncos. I sure enjoyed the 25 yards on 13 carries against the Bears in week 8. Yes, some of this ineptitude is on Bates and Rick Dennison as the offensive coordinator and run game coordinator respectively, but it also reflects the fact that Crowell is a JAG and does not have the chops to be a lead running back in the league.
  4. Aussie Jet

    D.K. Metcalf

    Story about Metcalf on my local news website. https://www.news.com.au/sport/american-sports/nfl/football-prospect-dk-metcalf-is-a-monster-among-men/news-story/a049d0a6f2b56e4d94ba8edbc6ee8e1c It was picked up in Australia because the facilities Metcalf used are the same facilities Jarryd Hayne used to prepare for the season when he was signed by the 49ers. Even though Hayne was a dud, his name still means something to about 50 people in Australia.
  5. From December 2018 (just over two months ago):
  6. The A's hold his rights. If he comes back to baseball, he will do so with the A's. As an A's fan, I'm disappointed he's chosen to play football. The only silver lining is that he's done it now instead of during spring training (which overlaps with the Combine). To me it feels like he's been given assurances that he's a first round selection (and possibly even a top 15 selection) in the NFL draft for him to make up his mind. His leverage would be that if he's not a high draft pick in the NFL, he could always go back to baseball, collect his signing bonus and play in the big show in 24 months.
  7. Aussie Jet

    Bargain bin veteran free agents?

    There's talk that Cleveland are likely to cut Jamie Collins due to his salary. If he's getting a chunk of guaranteed money I wonder if he'll take an average contract (or cheaper) to reunite with Williams in New York.
  8. QB - Sam Darnold (NYJ) RB - Curtis Martin (NYJ) WR - Brandon Marshall (MIA/NYJ) WR - Eric Moulds (BUF) WR - Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) TE - Charles Clay (MIA/BUF) LT - D'Brickashaw Ferguson (NYJ) LG - Alan Faneca (NYJ) C - Kevin Mawae (NYJ) RG - Richie Incognito (BUF) RT - Jason Peters (BUF) DE - Jason Taylor (MIA/NYJ) DT - Damon Harrison (NYJ) DT - Kyle Williams (BUF) DE - John Abraham (NYJ) OLB - Cameron Wake (MIA) MLB - Jonathan Vilma (NYJ) OLB - Mo Lewis (NYJ) CB - Darrelle Revis (NYJ) CB - Antonio Cromartie (NYJ) FS - Reshad Jones (MIA) SS - Jamal Adams (NYJ) PK - Olindo Mare (MIA) P - Ben Graham (NYJ) KR/PR - Leon Washington (NYJ)
  9. Aussie Jet

    Kyler Murray

    Murray has an invitation to the A's spring training camp, which overlaps the combine. Edited to add that I believe (from memory) that a portion of his draft bonus hinges on him going to spring training. He'd give up about $4.5 million for not reporting to spring training - not sure how that would be affected if he left spring training without permission. He would need to get the team's permission to leave spring training half-way through to go to the combine. He's probably hedging his bets because his agent (Scott Boras, from memory) is probably still negotiating this with the A's management. I'm an A's fan, so I've been following Murray fairly closely over the last little while. Was regarded as the best shot at being a superstar baseball player in the draft, but slipped because there was always the concern that he would want to play football professionally. The A's took him ninth overall because they figured that he'd be a day three pick due to his height and play-style, and then allowed him to play one more year at Oklahoma. Of course, Murray went on to win the Heisman and put himself into first round calculations. I'm resigned to watching him play NFL, because there's a good chance that if he enters the draft, he'll be starting by week 4 of the NFL season, while if he plays for the A's, he's going to most likely have to do a couple of years in the minor leagues. He's trying to leverage the A's into putting him on the 40-man roster so he's on the fast track to playing in the big show sooner rather than later. If he succeeds, and his NFL draft stock falls, then he'll probably elect to play MLB. If he fails and/or he's drafted in the top 10, he'll probably elect to go to the NFL. Just my $0.02.
  10. Plus the Dolphins will be tanking next season to find a quarterback in the draft. We should have no concerns about them.
  11. The game plan against the Rams was good but it was assisted by a quarterback who crapped the bed in the face of moderate pressure, an offensive line that decided to become turnstiles at the wrong time and a head coach who decided to go conservative at the wrong time. Patriots deserved to win but it was not an all-time game plan on defence to get them to the win.
  12. Aussie Jet

    Darnold > Goff

    Not to mention Goff missed Cooks in the end zone twice when he was wide open. Goff is not a good quarterback and got exposed during the Super Bowl.
  13. Aussie Jet


    Gurley wasn't himself the whole playoffs. Hard to win against the Patriots when your best player is just not getting the job done.
  14. Aussie Jet


    Bunch of bloody cheats.

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