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  1. When we trotted out Wayne Hunter, Aboushi and Vlad Ducasse.
  2. I hope so. My fantasy opponent is starting him against my team. In a cash money league, I need all the breaks I can get.
  3. The Jets should take note of what happened when the Colts drafted their franchise quarterback then hung him out to dry with a terrible offensive line. Douglas has the chance to turn the page on previous missteps by his predecessor and invest in Darnold. The Jets may not have a starting offensive lineman on the 2020 roster at the moment and we're talking about drafting an edge player in the first round. Nah. Let's take the best offensive lineman in the first round and if there is the opportunity to move back into the first round to take another one, do that too. Darnold demonstrates that he has the capacity to lead the team to scores in bunches, with a bunch of bums around him. Upgrade the talent about him and reap the rewards.
  4. In the off season, the Jets will trade Bell to a team with an offensive coordinator who has a brain for pennies on the dollar. Bell turns the clock back to his Steelers days. I shrug my shoulders at yet another demonstration of the incompetence of the Jets organisation.
  5. I suppose the Redskins will take that left tackle to replace Williams. I'm conflicted. I want to see the Jets win but I also want Douglas to have as high a draft pick and possible to improve the roster around Darnold.
  6. Ugh, I get Hawaii v Boise State down under. Not too many prospects to take a look at, especially since Hawaii has been awful on defence.
  7. I don't blame him. I would be pulling a sickie as well, if I had to play for offensive genius Gase.
  8. I reckon Cam is done in Carolina. Been injured constantly for the last two years, only keeps defenses honest with his legs and is not a good pocket passer. With injuries hurting his mobility, he is a mediocre player now. Cap hit is pretty big, so I reckon Carolina will try to trade him. Chicago did look like a possible destination but with Mitchell Trubisky resurrecting his career there, perhaps not. Rivera is a conservative head coach who made his name as Riverboat Ron when he decided to abandon caution because he has nothing to lose. In coaching the Panthers for nine seasons, he has had four winning seasons. That's good by Jets standards but I'm not sure whether he would be the right fit here.

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