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  1. Lock is a horrible quarterback. Even a weak armed, game manager quarterback like Teddy two gloves is better than Lock.
  2. Adams on hand to tackle Kupp in case he got in the end zone. Good thinking, Jamal.
  3. Robert Woods having a monster game. Seahawks seem to be allergic to covering him.
  4. Have to say, Geno was pretty impressive on that drive.
  5. Geno is warming up. Here we go. Looks like Wilson might be done for the night.
  6. Cooper Kupp not really expecting to be targeted there. Still managed to catch it.
  7. For a kick under pressure with no time to get set, Dickson punted it a fair way. Come to Australia for your punters.
  8. Dickson thought he was playing Aussie rules football for a moment.
  9. Some doubt over Rusty and his finger issue. Could we see the return of Geno Smith?
  10. Brate is no Gronkowski. Pass hits him in the hands and he drops it like a noob.
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