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  1. Wasn't there some concern about Jenkins' fit in a zone blocking scheme?
  2. Maybe you're right. The run on the corners in the second half of the third round probably takes it off Douglas's board. Re-sign Poole, sign a veteran stopgap and hope Saleh can scheme the defence to cover the holes in the secondary.
  3. I can't see the Jets taking an edge player this draft. Will lean on Lawson, Zuniga and Clark to rush the passer and see who might be available next off season.
  4. Rats, had to go to the bathroom and come back to find Melifonwu off the board. That's a blow. Seems like a late run on cornerbacks.
  5. Would have been nice if Meinerz had slipped to the fourth round but he wouldn't have filled a pressing need.
  6. Almost at the end of the third round and most of the players have been drafted except for Melifonwu, Taylor, Carter, Stevenson, Gainwell, Davidson, Jackson, Grimes, Fitzpatrick, Jones and Ashley.
  7. Starting to look good for a RB or CB in the fourth round. Too bad the draft starts at 1am or something for me tomorrow. Way too early.
  8. Run on offensive linemen late in the round. Bit surprised to see Brown go before Cleveland though.
  9. Glad Sermon is gone. He's a plodder. Would rather draft someone with home run potential if we need to draft a running back.
  10. Their first round pick was a head scratcher but they are putting the pieces around Darnold so he has no excuse next season. McCaffrey, Anderson, Moore, Tremble are some good pieces for him.
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