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  1. Patriots' offence is good but it's not yet hitting top gear. Brady relies so much on Edelman and Gordon remains a field-stretcher. Cannot ignore Michel either if he is allowed room to rush (he's still a non-factor as a pass-catcher, though). The Patriots are winning games by crushing the opponents' offence. Their defence is the stingiest in the league by some margin. Patriots concede 234.7 yards per game in total offence, with just 161.0 yards per game coming through the air. They've scored 190 points and conceded 48 in six games, so they're averaging eight points against per game. The Jets and Giants are actually tied for having scored the most points against the Patriots in a game so far this season, with 14 points each (though the Giants' offence takes the medal since their offence scored both touchdowns, while one of the Jets' touchdowns was a pick six thrown by Brady's backup).
  2. First pick after 179 consecutive passes. That's a key stat right there.
  3. Pats score one more time, this game is done. I don't see Jones leading two scoring drives.
  4. Wow. Tight coverage. Didn't know that existed, hey, Trumaine.
  5. Note that one, Gase? A quick slant pass. Might want to try that one.
  6. Winovich with the block punt recovery for a touchdown. Thanks coffee boy. Hope he's enjoyed that one from his couch.
  7. There's a Twitter account that tweets out clips of 90s Raw episodes. Love re-living the memories of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, Triple H, Chyna, Shawn Michaels, Foley, Kane & the Undertaker. Those were the days.

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