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  1. Speaking of which, there is chatter that the NFL will likely suspend Hill for half the season. Anderson would be a suitable replacement for Hill I would think. Of course the Chiefs just traded a fair amount of draft capital.
  2. Aussie Jet

    Draft Trade Rumors

    To move down from 3 to 15 would require the skins to pay something along the lines of what they have the Rams to trade up for Griffin. If they're moving that high, odds are they want a quarterback. Make them bleed for it.
  3. Aussie Jet

    Malick Jackson is a big baby.

    I remember Wendie Malick used to be in Just Shoot Me! back in the 1990s.
  4. Aussie Jet

    Trade Jets-Giants-Seahawks ?

    Lock the thread.
  5. Some of the urban legends I've read about Ric Flair suggests that he would actually do those acts.
  6. Well, if it wasn't for Idzik, Maccagnan may not have had the ammunition to trade up for the selection used on Darnold. Idzik traded Revis to the Buccaneers for their 2013 first round selection, and a conditional fourth round pick in 2014. Idzik used the Buccaneers' pick on Sheldon Richardson, whom Maccagnan later traded to the Seahawks for Kearse and the Seahawks' 2018 second round pick. Maccagnan later sent the Seahawks' selection, together with the Jets' first round and second round picks to the Colts, in exchange for the Colts' third overall selection in the 2018 draft. But Idzik was a horrible GM.
  7. I could see the Seahawks doing this. I mean, they hired Schottenheimer to run their offence and despite his limited use of Wilson during the past season, they've retained Schottenheimer for the upcoming season. There's no point paying a QB $30 million+ a season if your OC is going to call running plays straight up the guts every series. La Canfora wrote an article for CBS Sports claiming that "those close to Wilson [feel] that the QB has never been fully appreciated - let alone celebrated - by Seattle's brass". He also claims that the Seahawks repeatedly scouted first round QBs. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/dont-hold-your-breath-on-a-russell-wilson-extension-but-ponder-these-3-team-trades-in-the-meantime/ La Canfora speculates that the Seahawks could do a three-way trade with the Giants and Cardinals whereby the Seahawks end up with Kyler Murray (by receiving the first overall pick), the Giants get Wilson and the Cardinals get the sixth, 17th and 37th picks in the draft. Or they could do a three-way trade with the Raiders, whereby Oakland receives Russell Wilson and picks from the Giants, the Giants receive Derek Carr and Seattle gets Oakland's bundle of first round picks.
  8. Aussie Jet

    What is your local NFL team?

    I'm 12,650 kilometres away from San Francisco, 12,663 kilometres away from Oakland and 12,766 kilometres away from Los Angeles. So I'm closest to the 49ers.
  9. Suggestion in the Australian media that Holmes may not stick around very long if he doesn't get onto the active roster because he has a $1 million per-season deal with the North Queensland Cowboys to play rugby league this season. https://www.news.com.au/sport/american-sports/nfl/is-valentine-holmes-heading-to-the-new-york-jets/news-story/d51e81c81937af5cc66c18dba84873d6
  10. I'm not sure how it worked, but apparently the NFL allocated Holmes to the Jets, and allocated rugby union player English player Christian Wade to the Bills, Brazilian judo champion Durval Neto to the Dolphins and German tight end Jakob Johnson to the Patriots. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/09/valentine-holmes-nfl-dream-alive-after-being-picked-up-by-new-york-jets
  11. Because rugby doesn't draw a crowd in Australia. It's basically only played in two states (NSW and Queensland, although my home state has a team - the Melbourne Storm - it's very much the poor second cousin to AFL here in Victoria). The typical attendance at a match ranges from 11,175 people (average crowd for the Parramatta Eels) to 31,234 (average crowd for the Brisbane Broncos). The highest paid athletes in AFL and NRL get on average $1.0-$1.5 million Australian a year to play. So even if you're a fringe player on a NFL roster, you're going to get about the same salary as the highest paid athletes in your domestic competitions. Holmes was being paid $5 million with the Sharks over five years, so he was going to be paid $1 million (Australian) a year. I hope he's better than the last Australian rugby convert to NFL, but so long as he doesn't fumble his first touch, that'll be assured.
  12. I'll be blunt. They look rubbish. Can't believe the Jets paid for people for those re-designs.
  13. Aussie Jet

    Best wishes to the Stafford family

    My mum died over 20 years ago from a (cancerous) brain tumour. Time dulls the pain but it doesn't truly heal all wounds. Best wishes to the Staffords from an anonymous keyboard jockey in Australia.
  14. You have to take this with a grain of salt, as it came out after the event, but the story goes that the Jets never bothered to contact the Giants regarding a trade-up because Maccagnan believed the Giants were going to select Barkley and it would take a king's ransom for the Giants to give up the chance of taking Barkley. Obviously the Browns would never trade out of the first overall pick, so it left the Colts at pick #3 as the first viable trade-up opportunity. Apparently Maccagnan scouted the QBs extensively because he was ordered to do so by Chris Johnson. He did end up believing that Darnold was the number one on his board, but there wasn't much of a gap back to Mayfield. I have a recollection that the Jets were reported as ranking Allen fourth by a long shot. Jackson was never under consideration. Maccagnan and Heimerdinger (who negotiated the trade with the Colts) wanted to beat the Bills to the punch because they felt the Bills were keen to trade up if they could get the chance. Turns out they were right (the Bills traded up to take Allen, from memory). I am not a Maccagnan fan, but thanks to the late season wins from Bowles and co that pushed the Jets' first pick down the ladder, he made the best of the situation to get the Jets up into a position where they could take one of Darnold or Mayfield.
  15. Aussie Jet

    Bryce Callahan to Broncos

    When the Jets signed Poole, I doubt they would have had much interest in Callahan. I believe Callahan was the Bears slot corner.

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