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  1. This must stick in Belichick's craw. He coached his team to miss the playoffs and, barring a miracle comeback, Tom is off to the Super Bowl. You love to see it.
  2. Kerry Hyder would be relatively inexpensive and knows Saleh's system (and he excelled in it this season).
  3. Kerry Hyder would be relatively inexpensive and knows Saleh's system (and he excelled in it this season).
  4. It's not like there is anyone else on the team that needs to be paid a second contract. Marcus Maye might get paid but the other building blocks on the team are on their rookie contracts. Adding Watson to the team immediately makes the Jets attractive to other free agents. I have consistently said that Robinson won't sign with the Jets because he wants to go to a contender after spending his career on struggling teams. Adding Watson to the team means that the Jets could offer Robinson the best quarterback he has ever played with, while Watson gets to throw to a wide receiver who would be the second best wide receiver he has thrown to, behind Nuk. We fleeced the Seahawks for Adams and we have the ammunition to add a bona fide franchise quarterback instead of rolling the dice on the lightbulb switching on for Darnold or a rookie quarterback not named Trevor Lawrence. If Watson has a no trade clause, then he can veto a trade to a team that might offer Texans more than Douglas' best offer which tilts the playing field in favour of the Jets. Look, it does strip the Jets of a few first round picks but the Jets have four first round picks for the next two years. Adding Watson, other free agents and some well chosen rookies catapults this team into contention in the East and means that we don't have to deal with Allen and Watson for the next 10 years. Douglas should be kicking the tyres in a trade, especially as he just hired a head coach that Watson was keen to see get an interview in Houston
  5. I wonder if Brees will go back on his retirement. It would burn in his gut that his last NFL throw is a pick, assuming he doesn't get back out there.
  6. Does Payton bench Brees if Saints get the ball back quick smart? Winston might throw a boneheaded pick but he can also launch one deep.

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