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  1. Gallup is a talented receiver and is being shunted aside in Dallas because the Joneses took Lamb as the best player available. Mims and Gallup would give Darnold a pair of young and talented receivers to work with, and Douglas gets at least another first round pick to use in next year's draft. It wouldn't take me much more than that for me to trade Adams.
  2. Would get half a ham sandwich for Bell, thanks to his cap hit. Jets might as well give him a full season and cut him next off-season, with the hope that Perine is ready to take over the bell cow duties and if he isn't draft a replacement back next year.
  3. Four day turnaround between an away game against the Colts and hosting the Broncos on Thursday Night Football is a bit rough. Could at least have fixtured a home game on the Sunday prior to hosting Denver. Or at least have made the Colts game a 1pm game if it wasn't possible to have the Jets play at home in week 3.
  4. Club here in Melbourne that plays in the Australian Football League has one premiership in its history. Back in 2004, they had a winning streak of 10 games or something, but didn't win the premiership that year or since. It was commemorated as a DVD. Still hilarious.
  5. Watched that movie again last night. Even though I know how it ends, it is still a great movie.

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