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  1. The old ex Viking making the draft all about himself and getting shooed off stage by the NFL person has made the six pm news here in Australia.
  2. Mayfield is expensive and mediocre. Everyone is waiting for the Browns to cut him.
  3. Steelers picking a QB in the first round stands out like dog's balls.
  4. Isn't this the gay national football league draft?
  5. They get Wayne Newton out of the deep freeze for this?
  6. Ah, dude, the Bills made two other picks already, you douche nozzle.
  7. Good pick for the Boys. No Cooper and Gallup injured for a fair chunk of the season. Plus Zeke is washed, so you're going to have to rely on Dak throwing the ball around.
  8. He is legit blubbering on live TV. Nice to realise your dreams.
  9. Since he isn't a Jet, welcome to the NFL and Philadelphia, Darron Lee mark II.
  10. Nice pick by the Ravens. Doing very well for themselves, albeit not sure who Jackson will be throwing to next season after Andrews and Bateman.
  11. The Blue man group is actually entertaining, unlike a few we have had to put up with so far this draft
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