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  1. I listen to a Steelers podcast since I really enjoy listening to one of the podcasters on other podcasts, and they have been talking up Trubisky and Najee all off-season. Najee is a workmanlike running back who will get you a few yards per rush, but won't ever be the type of running back that will reel off a 80 yard touchdown run. Trubisky is exactly what everyone but the Steelers thought he would be - a trash quarterback who has no business starting in the league. He's the seat warmer for Kenny Pickett.
  2. By my reckoning and having a quick look at game logs on Pro Football Reference, the last example of a Jets quarterback throwing for 300+ yards two consecutive weeks or more was Chad Pennington in weeks 1 and 2, 2006. He threw 24 of 33 for 319 yards and two touchdowns in a 23-16 win over the Titans in Tennessee, and then threw 22 of 37 for 306 yards, two touchdowns and a pick in a 24-17 loss to New England in New York in week 2. Mark Sanchez came close in 2010. In week 9 of 2010, Sanchez threw 22 of 39 for 336 yards, with one touchdown and one pick in a 23-20 win at Detroit. In week 10, he went 27 of 44 for 299 yards, two touchdowns and a pick, in a 26-20 win at Cleveland. In week 11, he went 22 of 38 for 315 yards, three touchdowns and a pick in a 30-27 win over Houston.
  3. Holy smokes. I normally have a Four 'n' Twenty meat pie and a bucket of warmed chips when I go to the footy. I'll happily trade all that for steak, sausages and peppers.
  4. 300 yards on almost 60 pass attempts works out at 5 yards per pass. That's not winning football.
  5. Proven coach is sitting out this season, counting his money. Bobby needs to show that he's taking this team forward, or I could foresee the Jets being in on the Payton sweepstakes by Black Monday.
  6. Pretty sure he was hoping to collect a fat stack of cash for holding a clipboard this season. This actually playing a game malarkey is not what he signed up for.
  7. Mid-morning for me, and I'm close to switching over to the Subway Series.
  8. Tune in to ESPN to hear Louis Riddick and the other commentators having multiple orgasms over the Falcons bullying the Jets. FMD.
  9. Would prefer Minshew over Jimmy Gee. Minshew should come cheaper and won't dilute the draft picks for when we take the next quarterback.
  10. The old ex Viking making the draft all about himself and getting shooed off stage by the NFL person has made the six pm news here in Australia.
  11. Mayfield is expensive and mediocre. Everyone is waiting for the Browns to cut him.
  12. Steelers picking a QB in the first round stands out like dog's balls.
  13. Isn't this the gay national football league draft?
  14. They get Wayne Newton out of the deep freeze for this?
  15. Ah, dude, the Bills made two other picks already, you douche nozzle.
  16. Good pick for the Boys. No Cooper and Gallup injured for a fair chunk of the season. Plus Zeke is washed, so you're going to have to rely on Dak throwing the ball around.
  17. He is legit blubbering on live TV. Nice to realise your dreams.
  18. Since he isn't a Jet, welcome to the NFL and Philadelphia, Darron Lee mark II.
  19. Nice pick by the Ravens. Doing very well for themselves, albeit not sure who Jackson will be throwing to next season after Andrews and Bateman.
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