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  1. Not directly. The fires are about 150 miles from me. But we had the smoke haze last week. That wasn't good. Friends of mine got told to gtfo of their camp site before Christmas. Didn't have time to pack. Just had to get in their car and drive away. Their stuff was probably all burned to a crisp. Thanks for asking.
  2. Terrell Owens came out to Australia a couple of years ago for a super bowl party and he was in my town. I should have gone and seen him when I had the chance.
  3. I met and had a conversation with the player most commonly voted the greatest player of all time in the Australian Football League, Leigh Matthews. Was in 2006, and he was still coaching in the AFL, when he was a keynote speaker at a conference I attended. He stuck around for lunch and I summoned up the courage to approach him after he finished eating. He played for my favourite team and I was so awe struck I cannot remember a word of the conversation. Have a number of autographs from Formula One drivers from a few years back when I was keen on chasing their autographs, including autographs from a couple of world champions. My wife comes from central America and she congratulated Fernando Alonso in Spanish for finishing on the podium at one of the grand prix we attended. He talked to her in Spanish for a bit. My oldest child is a massive fan of women's soccer, so she has been busy collecting photos and autographs from a number of Australian international players as well as players on the fringe of the USWNT when they play in Australia.
  4. You reckon the Redskins will do an Arizona and give up on Haskins after half a season? I'm not so sure.
  5. I thought I saw a headline that Etienne is going back to school.
  6. Winters I agree, but I wouldn't be averse to Beachum returning on a reasonable contract. Rookie left tackles tend to struggle straight out of the gate and there's no guarantee the Jets can pick one in the first round. Beachum helped Sam be more himself in the second half of the season when Beachum returned from injury. Don't get me wrong, Beachum is not a franchise left tackle, but he could be a decent bridge guy while the next bloke gets up to speed with the Jets blocking scheme.
  7. Because coffee boy thought he was the bees knees. Worst GM for a long long time.
  8. I doubt he'd come here. Stays with the Cowboys or goes to another contender. Heard a podcast linking him with Baltimore. I don't know the Ravens cap situation but if they can fit in him, I could see him go there to help Lamar with as a route runner who can create separation.
  9. May not get another job, so he needs to be frugal with his money.
  10. Oi. He is one of Australia's best ever basketballers. I mean, he was carried to a NBA championship by LeBron and all.
  11. Might want to take a look at his stats over the season since he took over for Mariota.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/thEMANacho/status/1216200539991674880
  13. More. Henry creates yards after contact. Bell, not so much this season.
  14. Nothing to do with his ankle, Fouts. Ball went through his hands.
  15. Peters had run his race in Los Angeles. Looks like a player given a second chance in Baltimore.
  16. A lot riding on Henry. Can't win if Tannehill has to chuck it everywhere.
  17. I have interviewed for jobs I later declined because I didn't feel good about my prospective employer. McDaniels jilted the Colts at the altar and that hasn't stopped him from being considered for head coach roles. I don't think the fact he interviewed with the Browns means he's locked in to taking the role if offered to him.
  18. If I were Saleh, I would decline it and see what opens up next season. Browns job is a poisoned chalice. People who fail there tend not to get jobs elsewhere.
  19. Jets offensive line has problems opening any type of hole, let alone a wide one.

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