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  1. Heck of an ending. Was thinking to myself that it would have been smarter for the Packers to let the 49ers score, and they left just enough time on the clock for Rodgers to get them in field goal range. At least one LaFleur brother has a good night.
  2. Not sure that helps much. His brother gets to work with one of the best QBs of all time, a fantastic wide receiver and a pretty good running back. The Jets have none of those right now.
  3. Huh, I thought Darnold's forward progress was stopped short of the line. What did I miss?
  4. Would have helped if you tried blocking the defender, Sam.
  5. I'm not sure that his coaches appreciated his drop under zero pressure.
  6. I mean, the Jets still have Seattle's pick this year, so yeah, I also care about Russell Wilson.
  7. When does Smith start double teaming Moore? 125 yards out of Darnold's 180 or so.
  8. Soft flag. Oops, just saw the helmet to helmet.
  9. Haven't seen Ingram at all for quite some time. I wonder if he is injured.
  10. This is the time the Panther's defence decides to play soft. Wow.
  11. Got a day off work for a public holiday and I'm watching this with my oldest, who is a Panthers fan. Hopefully the second half wakes us up a bit.
  12. That's more like what Darnold remembers from his days with the Jets. Absolutely no time to get rid of the football.
  13. Carolina's offence consisted of hand offs to CMC and throws over the middle to Moore. Anderson has one catch so far? Mitchell has one catch. Arnold has two drops. Houston has a chance but if Mills continues to struggle, looks as though Carolina will grind out an ugly win.
  14. Looks like nobody can hold onto the ball. What happened the to crazy glue on the gloves?
  15. Oh Sam. That was very lucky your teammates got the ball back.
  16. Also thought the Carolina defender got tripped up as he got through the blocks. But the NFL clearly wants quarterbacks looked after when they're in the pocket.
  17. I don't think it makes much difference to the outcome of the game. Panthers defence stifling Houston.
  18. Thought so, thanks. Carolina weren't flash last season with Teddy as their QB, but Brady seems to be coaxing the best out of Darnold right now.
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