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  1. 18 Here they are since Weeb: Charley Winner, Ken Shipp, Lou Holtz, Mike Holovak, Walt Michaels, Joe Walton, Bruce Coslet, Pete Carroll, Rich Kotite, Bill Belechick, Bill Parcells, Bill Belechick, Al Groh, Herman Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles, Adam Gase. Guess how many the Steelers have had since 69? 3 Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin. I heard Buck say last Thursday night the Jets are in a perpetual state of rebuilding. Yes. Then I heard Aikman say the Jets have not had consistent coaching. Yes. 18 coaches since 1969 proves it. The Steelers have won 6 SB's since '69. We have won none. What's the reason for the big disparity? You know it boils down to ownership. The Steelers have competent ownership. We do not. Haven't been this disgusted since well... LAST EFFIN' YEAR!!! If we don't have an ownership change, we are going to endure this torturous sh*t for a long time. End of story. I rest my case.
  2. The alternative of no noise will give you the same vibe as watching paint peel. Watching and following sports is a big part of my life and the last 5 months have been brutal with this pseudo sports environment we have now. But I gotta say when I did tune in to some Mets games, I was grateful they did have the piped in crowd noise because otherwise I would have had to check my blood pressure every 5 minutes to see if I had a pulse. I am for the crowd noise for the NFL and hope they do pipe in the Jet's chant for our games. Anything to make it look and sound like normal.
  3. Correction. A lot of those drunks partcipating in the spelling bee are under 65 years old.
  4. Only good news I see out of this whole mess is that as people give up their STs for whatever team, there will be upgrade opportunities for those that are in it for the long haul hopefully starting in 2021.
  5. Deferred my 2020 STs yesterday. Means I won't be going to a Jet game until Sept. 2021. Hoping by then the stadium will be full and back to the way it should be. I am not interested in anything else. The Knicks offer for STHs is you make your first payment by August 17 to hold your seats and then payments deferred until November when they will have a clearer idea of when/if they will have a 2020/2021 season at MSG. I'm betting they will not. My mindset right now is preparing on going to no MLB, NFL or NBA games in NY/NJ until 2021. Strapping myself in mentally. Painful but I am prepared.
  6. Very nice. My man cave is the whole house.
  7. I hope you are right about the restaurant industry. I have a lot of friends in the business and what has happened to them is just heartbreaking. The margins are tight and operators need 100% capacity to stay afloat. And not to get political but what the governor of NJ did last week was so short sighted. Pulled the plug on indoor dining after setting a firm date. Operators went out and purchased food and supplies in anticipation of the indoor dining re-opening only for him to postpone that date indefinitely at the last minute. Double freakin' whammy. I am rooting for the restaurant industry in a big way.
  8. i wish I could take a nap and wake up 6 months from now and everything will be back to normal. The shift in attendance in the short term will be interesting to watch. And then again what will the new attendance normal be in the sports and entertainment industry? This segment I have read will be the last to come back. Hope you are right about ticket demand and the Jets in the AFC Championship. I for one will not be "All In" as far as renewing my STs until we are back to the way it was and should be.
  9. Even if we do play a season, I can't see STHs hell bent to get into the stadium until there is a rock solid vaccine that has already been administered to the masses. And fans are going to wait a couple months to make sure the vaccine is legit. It's like the predicament the restaurants are in. When the respective govs open up indoor dining, do you think the masses are going to flock to restaurants to eat indoors? I don't think so. Tickets on the secondary market are going to be very cost effective. There will be no problem to get a ticket to a Jet's game on the cheap if you want to go. To me it's a no brainer to take a year off. And another thing, part of the game day experience is to be in a packed house rooting for our team. Don't know if I want to be in the stands during a game that resembles a socially distant gallery that looks like one you'd see at an unpopular tennis match.
  10. I'm going with the deferment/refund of 2020 to be put towards 2021. If we do play this year it will be in a half empty stadium with social distancing and the tickets on SH will be dirt cheap. I just don't see the same vibe/feel as we usually have at a Jet's game. I'll have no problem getting good seats at a discount so I'm taking a year off. I am usually an eternal optimist with most things but this pandemic has left me clueless as far as when it will end. Looking forward to when everything is back to normal. Hope all of you in JetNation are safe and well.
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