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  1. Agree on all counts. Only other observations: Kicker couldn't get it in the end zone and too many penalties. Other than that, team looked very good.
  2. Thought the venue at RU was great. Commented to my son when we go to AH it's always 110 degrees and just four sets of bleachers available. Fireworks were cool. The play they ran for Gio was awesome. Although I didn't go for autographs at the end, the players made themselves available which was nice. Also saw Trumaine Johnson playing catch in the stands with some fans. Hope they have it there again next year.
  3. Flushing Roots

    Countdown to Kickoff

  4. Flushing Roots

    33 Years Ago Today

    And got more *ss than the rest of the HOFers put together. Should get special mention for that.
  5. Flushing Roots

    Josh McCown our 10 million dollar QB coach

    Who offered him 9 million? That is my only question.
  6. Flushing Roots

    OT. I had to put down my dog, Jetsie today.

    Sorry bud... Take comfort in the fact you gave her a good life. RIP
  7. Flushing Roots

    Decker to New England

    Will work out well for him. He and the quarterback can share PW stories.
  8. You can also use your Jets Rewards Card for entry.
  9. Flushing Roots

    Adams doing something very classy

    Great stuff! I just became a fan of his.
  10. Flushing Roots

    [OT] Welcome to Benignogate/WFANgate

    That's an understatement.
  11. Flushing Roots

    [OT] Welcome to Benignogate/WFANgate

    Why not? He pesters his audience every day whenever he opens his mouth.
  12. Flushing Roots

    Is there a sunny side and a shady side at MetLife?

    I'm in 129. Sun goes down directly behind me. Players pop. Use this section as a barometer. You will not be disappointed with the view.
  13. Flushing Roots

    Tom Brady admits he sees his retirement coming

    Depends on when G lets him.
  14. Flushing Roots

    NY Jets Announce 2018 Training Camp Schedule

    I would like to attend at least one. However under 110 degrees on the field will be my barometer.