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  1. Our luck we'll give Cousins 30 a year guaranteed and he'll go down like Vinnie in game 1 in '99.
  2. Not after that commercial does he.
  3. How Sweet It Is!

    Just realized with tonight's loss the Patriots now have the distinction of losing the most SBs along with the Broncos (5). Real bummer. I feel bad for Gisele.
  4. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    That's the plan, Duane! Hope you and Nancy are well! See you in the fall!
  5. I wouldn't sign Cutler if he worked for free.
  6. Alex Smith to Redskins [MERGED]

    This is good news all the way around. A FA option for us and if another team ahead of us in the draft picks him up, our chances to get a good QB in the draft improves.
  7. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    This is very true. While I don't need permission for anything as my wife does not require mine either, STs will always be the glue for my son and I to always be together for our 8-10 days a year which are always "events". When your kids get into their 20s and 30s as mine are, they are perpetually busy. But for my son and I, game day at MetLife for our NYJ will always get top billing.
  8. Going to Disney for the week

    Doesn't make you a bad person, Phil. You don't put bumper stickers on a Ferrari. Welcome back! Glad you got home safe.
  9. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Congrats bud! We've got nowhere to go but up!
  10. Going to Disney for the week

    Hey Phil! Last time I was in Disney World with the kids was in "98 on that Sunday when the Jets blew the AFC Championship game vs Denver. Hope you have better luck down there than I did...
  11. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    +1. Can't stand the guy. Needs to be shot with a dart gun.
  12. Congrats to Jamal Adams.

    Love the kid. Hope we have him for a long time.
  13. Good stuff! I have been LLSL at Giants Stadium and UD at MetLife for years until I moved to LLEZ in 129, Row 13 last year. Really like the seats. I have the sun behind me so the players pop and if you look at an overhead the 4 corner EZ sections are the closest to the field. I am in the game when they are in my end. Absolutley no obstructions and I can see the whole field. I don't mind when the plays go to the other end of the field because I get a great view when they are on my end so I consider it a wash. And the jumbotron is fine for me to watch those plays at the other end. The other payoff is I am right behind the Verizon gate so ingress and egress is quick. And I consider these seats a great value since I paid $250 per seat for the PSL and just got a price reduction down to $115 per seat. Hope Brady gets his *ss kicked on Sunday.
  14. Just did the math on my ST invoice. Saving $17.50 per ticket per game in 129 for a total of $350 in savings. Renewed online with the no interest 10 payment plan which won't sting to lock in my 2019 pricing. Called my rep and he thinks he can move me down even lower than row 13 after the SB. This is my second year in 129 after forking over $250 per seat last year for a secondary market PSL. All is right in the world. Phil: I am RSVP-ing for the tailgate next year!
  15. Sell The Team Woody!!

    This is it in a nutshell. He sells the Jets, his life is over. He ain't selling.