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  1. Hope everyone on this site is well and I sure hope this all ends by OD. It will end, it's just a matter of when. I'm speculating some social distancing STHs may give up their tix creating opportunities for those that want to upgrade. I am always looking for one and I am All In with my team for the long haul. Have to believe anyone looking to get in now for the long term will get some PSL bargains on the secondary market. Looking forward to when this mess is over and wish all of Jet Nation the best getting through this.
  2. He's going where the wife with the leash tells him to go.
  3. Worked like a charm only I have an Android and had to take two screen shots of the "ticket details". Couldn't take one "screen cap" to capture the entire page. I am told the only thing consistent today is change. I'll get used to this too.
  4. i can't make it to the game on Monday night and plan to give my tickets to customers. I know I can transfer the mobile tickets on the Jets website but how do I get a receipt for the tickets so I can expense them? I looked all over the website in the FAQs and could not find the answer. Anyone know how I can do this? Any insight would be much appreciated.
  5. I have an Android and transferred my tickets to my son who has an Apple. He transferred them to his Apple Wallet and we had no problem. I did not want to risk using the Jets app at the gate since with the 2 PS games I was at the gate with my barcodes from the Jets app and yet the attendant couldn't scan them with her scanner. On the Jets FAQ on Mobile Ticketing it said they are working on the Android Wallet option for Android users. Once that takes effect I think we will all be good to go. BTW, another thing... I have Verizon as my provider on my phone. Verizon is a major sponsor of MetLife Stadium. How is it that the signal is atrocious there? That really astonishes me.
  6. And SH gets 15% from the buyers too. What a racket. 30% margin for software.

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