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  1. Thoughts

    Only thoughts I have for today is "The First Place New York Jets".
  2. The Jets will start 4 and 1: MERGED

    I"ll take a 4-2 start.
  3. Road Trip Cleveland

    That's real fandom.
  4. WTF Happened to Nick Folk?

    I don't know but Maccagnan is looking like a genius right now. Everyone he cut either can't get a job or has regressed.
  5. Mike Francesa Going-Away Thread

  6. Mike Francesa Going-Away Thread

    If you like turpentine.
  7. Met Life Seating Question: 1st row 300 level

    It interferes. There is a gap in the bars where if you are sitting you can see through them and view a good portion of the field. But those bars in the first 4 rows in the UD are definitely an obstruction.
  8. Eff him and his strap-on wearing wife.
  9. I would say there is definitely alot of Giant fans who don't like the guy. Will be interesting to see how John Mara handles this.
  10. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    +1 Kid is going to be an All Pro soon.
  11. We had a great day today. The Giants took a p*ss. We did not take a sh*t.
  12. If the Jets were a dynasty, the place would be like the Taj Mahal.
  13. We need a big turnover in the second half to make up for that one.
  14. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    I hope he gets it. I'd like to get a second chance to see what he can do.
  15. I wonder if there are any cat fights at his house on Mother's Day.