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  1. Thoughts

    Only thoughts I have for today is "The First Place New York Jets".
  2. The Jets will start 4 and 1: MERGED

    I"ll take a 4-2 start.
  3. Road Trip Cleveland

    That's real fandom.
  4. WTF Happened to Nick Folk?

    I don't know but Maccagnan is looking like a genius right now. Everyone he cut either can't get a job or has regressed.
  5. Mike Francesa Going-Away Thread

  6. Mike Francesa Going-Away Thread

    If you like turpentine.
  7. Met Life Seating Question: 1st row 300 level

    It interferes. There is a gap in the bars where if you are sitting you can see through them and view a good portion of the field. But those bars in the first 4 rows in the UD are definitely an obstruction.
  8. Eff him and his strap-on wearing wife.
  9. I would say there is definitely alot of Giant fans who don't like the guy. Will be interesting to see how John Mara handles this.
  10. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    +1 Kid is going to be an All Pro soon.
  11. We had a great day today. The Giants took a p*ss. We did not take a sh*t.
  12. If the Jets were a dynasty, the place would be like the Taj Mahal.
  13. We need a big turnover in the second half to make up for that one.
  14. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    I hope he gets it. I'd like to get a second chance to see what he can do.
  15. I wonder if there are any cat fights at his house on Mother's Day.
  16. 4 hour games?

    +1 College football especially. I go to a couple of Rutgers games each year. Sometimes I don't make it to halftime. Way too may commercial breaks.
  17. Chiefs vs Cheats

    Great way to kick off the 2017 season!
  18. How Bad?

    Jets will over deliver on the expectations from the PS prognosticators. Bryce Petty once healthy will play well and become our franchise QB. Our receiving core will turn some heads and our defense will surprise a lot of people. Remember this date and you heard it here first.
  19. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Just read he is out on a $500,000 bond.
  20. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    So is he in the can right now or is he out on bail?
  21. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Terrible he did this to his family not to mention his investors. Always thought he was a certified a-hole. This proves it.
  22. Nice Petty article

    I am on board with this.
  23. Josh McCown named starter by Bowles.

    McCown Week 1. Petty Week 2.
  24. Join me in supporting Bryce Petty

    I'm in!
  25. Grade 1 MCL sprain for petty

    Good news! If McCown is much, much better then Petty, McCown should start OD. If Petty can do 85% to 90% of what McCown can do, risk the long-term solution with Petty rather than the short-term fix with McCown.