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  1. CVS, Walgreens, yes. As far as the child support obligations I read somewhere that he's got that covered believe it or not. Plans to educate all of them. Just better hope they pay attention in Sex Ed class.
  2. Great buy. Now all we need is for the Jets to start winning.
  3. Once. 2002 Jets vs Colts and Peyton Manning. 41 - 0. Biggest playoff win in Jet's history. I was able to score 16 tickets to that game after half the STHs didn't send in their playoff money halfway through the season when the Jet's seemed out of it. All changed at the Green Bay game which I was in attendance. We basically had a family reunion in the parking lot for the Jets Colts playoff game. Great, great day! We put a Curtis Martin jersey on my mom and she had a blast. Epic day.
  4. Calling that "graffiti" is being kind. Is that a worm farm look he's going for on his back? I wonder if anyone is buying his jersey for their 5 year old?
  5. Wait a minute... You really just said "upper class aren't superior?" Little too early for Happy Hour, no?
  6. That's messed up. I would report that pr*ck to management. You are right, they should be kissing your *ss right now, not to mention every STH's *ss. I am looking to upgrade as well. My rep is Roberto who is very courteous and professional. When he is not in I just call the ticket office and ask whoever picks up the phone to check inventory for me. Never had an issue.
  7. I think if you display those placards near the beemer in the parking lot before the games, your tailgate worries will go away.
  8. If you can get banned for talking politics, you should be banned for posting this.
  9. If the Jets did this to their STHs there would be none left.
  10. That will actually fit into my plans too. I'll be 97 and hope to be taken out quickly and painlessly by a bus at 103.
  11. I'm actually many rows ahead of the drip line. If he accidentally drops any caviar or champagne, I won't get hit.
  12. Hey congrats on the birth and the timing! I don't think you're going to need a ticket to get him in there on Opening Day.
  13. If you're in the UD I agree with you. Fortunately I graduated this year and moved down to 129, 17 rows off the field. Feel like I got a decent value - only paying $17 more per seat than I did in the UD. I feel like my screwing this year will not be as painful as it would be if I was still in the UD.
  14. I'm actually pretty excited for this season because the expectations are either very low or non-existent. Last year my expectations were rather high after we went 10 and 6 and should have went 11 and 5. This year's different. Should be a fun team to root for. I hope SAR is right and Hackenberg is the second coming of Joe Willie.
  15. I remember back almost 20 years ago when Vinny did the quarterback sneak against Seattle when only his helmet went over the goal line. Refs gave the Jets the TD. Parcells in the post-game said to the press, "God was with us today fellas". Next day on the back page of the New York Post it said "God is a Jet fan".
  16. I like this. You gotta believe! Time for all of us to become anti SOJ fans.
  17. No way you're not forking over the money and not showing up.
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