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  1. Will hit all the 1PM games. The Thursday night game against Buffalo I may have to pay someone to go.
  2. Guy with 4 seats in Club Section 243, Row 5 is asking $62 each. He will net only $48 after he pays his $200 SC to psl.source.com. Crazy!
  3. Coughed up my CC today for the first payment of the four payment plan (deadline for that was today). Final deadline to renew and pay in full is May 1. Curious to know who's in and who's out and why?
  4. My vote goes to Tom Shane, who on the day before the Colts vs Jets Thursday night game stated, " I would not attend this game if they played it in my living room".
  5. That's a good rule to live by this year. And if I finally get to see Hack, despite how he plays, I won't be disappointed.
  6. Breen, Clyde, Kay, LaGreca, Darling, Hernandez, Burkhardt, Simms, Bradshaw, Long, Strahan, Somers, Rothenberg - Yes Cohen, Francesa, Esiason, Benigno, Roberts, Nantz, Buck, Costas, Jones, Brown, Cowher, Cowherd, Smith, Bayless - No Carton and Rosenberg (Dave not Sid) - Beyond No.
  7. Hang on to them. It's always darkest before the dawn.
  8. "Mark my words".... The NYJ will be in first place at 12:59 PM on Opening Day.
  9. If I can't get on the field or sit in my new seats in 129, I may just stay home and clean out my sock drawer.
  10. Pretty cool last time I went. They let you walk on the field and you better much had your way with the whole place. Don't know if they plan to scale that back this year. Regardless, it's a fun night in April on Draft Night.
  11. Carmelo Anthony, Derek Jeter and Florida - yes. Pulled Pork - no.
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