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  1. Geno is lucky McAdoo is the HC. If it was Coughlin, he wouldn't give him the address.
  2. Start Hackenberg. Don't look back. No expectations this year. Perfect time to do it.
  3. Our luck he'll be on the platform after winning the SB as a backup.
  4. And your point was proven when all of those assets were taken away and Sanchez regressed. You can't debate that because that is fact.
  5. On my next Jet's questionnaire, I am writing you in for statistician.
  6. From the looks of things, seems like he's highly invested in Budweiser.
  7. Hack hasn't had a chance to prove he needs to usher himself out.
  8. It would go dark and Bellevue would have to turn many away.
  9. I hope it's not tomorrow he's visiting. Someone please remind him to turn his clock ahead tonight.
  10. Difference between last year and this year. Last year expectations were high after coming off a 10-6 season that should have been 11-5 and a playoff berth. This year expectations are low. Hopefully the Jets will over-deliver. Much more fun rooting for an underdog team than one that underperforms.
  11. I hear you there. Club seats IMO are a total ripoff. Cheapest seat is $205? Those seats get killed on the secondary market every week. If you want a good value then look to seats in the Verizon Corner. LLEZ, LL Corner and Goal line. You can also look at the Mezz seats in that corner. Prices are not quite at the extortion level like the Clubs and LLSL seats. Verizon Corner is good because the sun is always at your back and not in your eyes and the players will pop. You also have a good view of the Jets bench. Any cheaper and PSLs will be free. Never seen the
  12. He might have been off the meds. 1 in 3 people suffer from some form of mental illness. Although on this board that average is higher.
  13. I like Marshall too. Cutler strikes me as the kind of guy that will get run out of this town pretty quickly.
  14. Face on LLSLs are $10K - only sections in the stadium at that price point. You're best bet would be to look at Mezz Club sections 209,210,217,218,234,235,242,243. Face on those are $7500. Buy a PSL in one of those sections then you could move down to Lower Goal Lines in 108,117,134,143 which are also $7500. Look for 134 or 143 if you go that route. Sun will be at your back and not in your face. Plus you are on the TV side of the field which is better for the jumbotron live shots and replays. The plays are moving in the same direction. Your best deal right now is 2 in 23
  15. Face value on a 50 Yard Mezz Club PSL is 25K. Only section on the LL you could move to would be the 50 yard line as well as the PSL face value there is 25K. You can't for example move from a 25K PSL section down to a 20K section. You should still be able to move your seats by mid May. I am guessing that is around when the seats from STHs who default or move will be available in inventory. So you have a little time. Takes about 2-3 weeks for the PSL paperwork to be completed. You may have longer than that as we never get the tickets before early August. Just call the Jet's
  16. If you saw it on the sidewalk, you'd pick it up.
  17. I bought 2 in 104 Row 17 for 6.25 cents on the dollar about a month ago and then moved to 129 Row 17 (sun at my back and not in my face). Jets told me you can move anywhere in any section where the PSL face value is the same. If I wanted to move 2 rows back in 129 to Row 19, it would have been fine. You're good! Pull the trigger and once all the paperwork is signed, call the Jets and ask them to check the inventory for you.
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