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  1. Only QB to throw for over 4,000 yards in a 14 game season in history - In windy Shea Stadium no less. I saw Joe Willie play in the late 60's at Shea. Met Joe Willie in the mid 80's. Joe Willie is in a class by himself.
  2. Saw that about watching from the stands. If it was on the field I would make a night of it. I may still go but it will be a "hit and run".
  3. Whatever game you pick Phil, I am in! I may bring the posse too.
  4. If you travel well this is a great schedule for away games. You could actually drive to all the away games except two (if you don't mind 9 hours to Cincinnati). I just booked a night at the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor (.8 of a mile walk to M&T) for $110 on Dec. 12. Will make a game day decision to drive down to Philly and DC.
  5. Hey they start winning in them, they'll look great.
  6. Don't know that I care for the white stripes around the shoulder on the green tops. Reminds me too much of the bolts on the Chargers uniforms which I never liked.
  7. Most gangsta look out of all of them. The white and white say, "Just kick my ass".
  8. Believe it or not, Jets win today, Miami loses vs Bears and Pats go down against the Chiefs tonight, we are talking "Tied for First Place in AFC East New York Jets" tomorrow morning. See you later Phil!
  9. Joe Willie is still a rock star and looks fantastic. Great photo! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I am "ALL IN" on Fireman Ed's return and hope he is there tomorrow to lead a raucous crowd at what could be a very historic game for us. I have met Ed and he has only good intentions and you cannot question his passion. The end of the Sanchez era was a sh*t storm for all of us and I know all of us were p*ssed at one time or another during that mess. Fireman Ed is only human like the rest of us. Many of us have taken a breather one time or another over some of the long years. He comes back tomorrow, I will be there in full support and the veins will be popping out of my nec
  11. I knew about the original guy and I also heard from a very reliable source about his "undoing". One day he decided to paint a green "J - E" on one cheek and a "T - S" on the other. Then he decided to moon the crowd and that was the end of him. Kinda makes sense and fits nicely in the annals of New York Jet's Fans folklore.
  12. Don't know if we can match the intellect of this group. Count me in.
  13. Agree on all counts. Only other observations: Kicker couldn't get it in the end zone and too many penalties. Other than that, team looked very good.
  14. Thought the venue at RU was great. Commented to my son when we go to AH it's always 110 degrees and just four sets of bleachers available. Fireworks were cool. The play they ran for Gio was awesome. Although I didn't go for autographs at the end, the players made themselves available which was nice. Also saw Trumaine Johnson playing catch in the stands with some fans. Hope they have it there again next year.
  15. And got more *ss than the rest of the HOFers put together. Should get special mention for that.
  16. Who offered him 9 million? That is my only question.
  17. Sorry bud... Take comfort in the fact you gave her a good life. RIP
  18. Will work out well for him. He and the quarterback can share PW stories.
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