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  1. Great stuff! I just became a fan of his.
  2. Why not? He pesters his audience every day whenever he opens his mouth.
  3. I'm in 129. Sun goes down directly behind me. Players pop. Use this section as a barometer. You will not be disappointed with the view.
  4. I would like to attend at least one. However under 110 degrees on the field will be my barometer.
  5. I was at the game that night. Cold as s***. Can't blame Joe Willie for having a couple of pops before he trotted out on the field. Suzy made a lot of fans that night by giving him a pass. Joe was obviously bombed out of his skull.
  6. Happy Birthday Joe Willie! You are only entering the 4th quarter!
  7. Great news Joe! You have a lot of BBQs ahead of you!
  8. I'd go with the sweater and piss proof boots.
  9. I wish we did't get rid of ASJ. Best tight end we've had in years.
  10. If that's true he has no credibility.
  11. Just don't give him #6. Bad karma. We all know what happened to Fireman Ed in the men's room.
  12. Factoring into the equation that his wife probably didn't work, let's say he grossed half a mill total per year. Uncle Sam takes a 50% bite out of his *ss. He's paying 1/5 of his take home in property taxes? If I can figure this out, you know sure as sh*t the prosecutors will.
  13. The prosecutors will use this against him. How much money was he making to afford this? I'm sure the bank owns most of the house but as far as the taxes - as they said in The Sopranos, "You got to pay them".
  14. Carton is an insult to douchebaggery.
  15. Had to be the purple and pink b ball court. It's amazing a talentless douche like him could own a home like that. God Bless America.
  16. He's not my choice. I can see him being a distractive, clubhouse lawyer in the locker room given his demeanor. Parcells said the guys that think they are smarter than you never work out. I want Mayfield. It is realistic he will be there at 3. He will energize this fanbase.
  17. We don't need a diva for QB. He constantly challenges coaches with too many questions. Parcells once said the guys that think they are smarter than you never work out. Pass.
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