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  1. I honestly think we can't 'eff this up. Raw math proves it. We need a QB. There are 4 available and we pick 3rd. At worst there will be 2 to choose from when its our turn. If it's Allen or Mayfield, I just hope we go Mayfield.
  2. If it's between Allen and Mayfield, I'd take Mayfield. Inaccuracy IMO is a larger problem than height. Mayfield could be the QB version of Wayne Chrebet. Kid has that kind of grit.
  3. This is true. I have a lot of friends in Minnesota. They call it "The Land of 10,000 Taxes"... not "Lakes".
  4. Agree on all points. I just thought that comment when he chose not to meet with anyone was rather hypocritical. Say you don't like the leadership of the organization after you actually meet with the leadership of the organization. And the "Minnesota Nice" crap? This is football, not women's figure skating. You do your job and win games like you're supposed to do and everyone will be nice to you. If he's that thin skinned I'm glad we didn't get him. I hope we rearrange his molars in the fall.
  5. Eff Cousins. I just read he turned down the Jets because of "the leadership of the organization". That putz didn't even meet with "the leadership of the organization". Said the people in Minneapolis were "Minnesota Nice". What a pussy. I hope we kick his *ss when he comes in here in the fall.
  6. 2009 - Jets made it mandatory for Mezz fans to buy PSLs in order to purchase season tickets. 2017 - Jets did not make it mandatory for Mezz fans to buy PSLs in order to purchase season tickets. Again, unless I am missing something, there had to be some protection for those 2009 fans in the Mezz. I'm sure one of you clubhouse lawyers can extrapolate that clause out the the lawsuit.
  7. Unless I am missing something, I think they have a good case.
  8. QB insurance was not an unwise move. So far I give Mac a B+. He lands a franchise quarterback in the draft, I give him an A+.
  9. I know a good shrink if you need a recommendation.
  10. Got to be a QB. Either Mayfield or Rosen. If we don't draft a QB in that first round, I will be putting my foot through the TV as well and will make the appointment for Maccagnan to get his head examined.
  11. McCown is insurance. He did not put up horrible stats last year. Forget Bridgewater. The play now is to either move up in the draft to get the QB they want unless they feel the QB they want will be available at 6. Not time to go out on the ledge yet.
  12. Not upset. Actually very happy. Sign McCown and draft a QB at number 6. Hopefully Baker Mayfield. Then fill in all the blanks with the cap money.
  13. I want fire and I want passion. Mayfield.
  14. There is a chance by doing nothing and keeping our 6th pick we could get the 3rd best QB in the draft. Cleveland will pick one with their two picks. The Giants will pick one. The Colts may not. If Cousin's goes to Denver we would get the 3rd best QB which could turn out to be the franchise. We have to hope the Browns and the Colts don't trade down their picks to the Dolphins and the Bills. Not sure we need to trade up. We have so many other holes to fill.
  15. I hope Macc puts the coffee on early today.
  16. Here's what's going to happen: Cousins is either going to the Vikings or the Broncos. He said he wants to go to a team where he can win now. The Vikings and the Broncos fit that bill. Not the Browns and unfortunately not the Jets. Darnold, Rosen and Allen will be picked before our pick. Baker Mayfield will be the next QB of the New York Jets. You heard it here first.
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