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  1. We need a big turnover in the second half to make up for that one.
  2. I hope he gets it. I'd like to get a second chance to see what he can do.
  3. +1 College football especially. I go to a couple of Rutgers games each year. Sometimes I don't make it to halftime. Way too may commercial breaks.
  4. Jets will over deliver on the expectations from the PS prognosticators. Bryce Petty once healthy will play well and become our franchise QB. Our receiving core will turn some heads and our defense will surprise a lot of people. Remember this date and you heard it here first.
  5. So is he in the can right now or is he out on bail?
  6. Terrible he did this to his family not to mention his investors. Always thought he was a certified a-hole. This proves it.
  7. Good news! If McCown is much, much better then Petty, McCown should start OD. If Petty can do 85% to 90% of what McCown can do, risk the long-term solution with Petty rather than the short-term fix with McCown.
  8. Now that we know Hackenberg is not the guy, does Petty have a chance (barring the knee injury is not serious)?
  9. What's the Over/Under on Geno's pick six's tonight?
  10. Gonna be a good night tonight. Told the wife we can't go to dinner tonight and she can go out with her girlfriend. It will be me and my two dogs and food and drinks on the couch. Doesn't get much better than that.
  11. I hope I feel this much love when it's my birthday.
  12. Happy Birthday Phil! It was great to meet you a few weeks ago. You are proof being a crazy Jet fan and a gentleman is not mutually exclusive. Looking forward to seeing you during the season!
  13. This is an option as well as I can take Route 3 home as well as the Turnpike. Most of the time 3 West is less congested than the Turnpike which is a plus. As far as you having to make a right out of the lot in hopes you get to Route 3, I am sure you can get there. It's just a matter of how quickly. I know at the far south end of Lot E they direct you left to get to 3 which if my geography is correct should work for you if they make you make that right out of the lot on the east side. Next PS game would be a good time to scout that out before you get the regular season crow
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