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  1. Thanks Max. I am leaning towards this as the most important variable for me is the shortest walk and getting to my car quickly so I can bolt out of there fast. Just ticks me off I have to walk through that VIP lot to get to E. Last night I eyeballed E & F from the Verizon escalator and tried to assess whether F down by the 50/50 entrance would be faster as it looks pretty close. But I think the egress would be more congested. I like the idea I can make a left out of E and just go straight to the Turnpike South.
  2. My seats are in Section 129 so I use the Verizon gate to get in and out of the stadium. I have Green Parking passes which entitle me to park in Lot E or F. Anyone have any suggestions which is better for faster entry and egress? The Coaches Club lot in Lot E would be the best option for me as it is butt-up to the Verizon gate but unless I can work out a deal with my rep, I don't think I will be parking there as it is reserved for Coaches Club, Commissioner's Club and Suites. Any insight from anyone would be helpful.
  3. They have Rolling Rock on tap out there. Also, be sure to genuflect for Arnie.
  4. More invested each year. Slowly losing all interest in baseball as the games take way too long and I get more and more bored with it. July was torture. Really looking forward to this year. Like everyone else, I will be watching Hack closely to see if he is the real deal. And I am fine if it's Petty. Will be p*ssed if it is McCown.
  5. Maybe Bowles has gone Geno on us and forgot to set his clock right.
  6. As long as Hack doesn't throw those "once a quarter Geno Smith pick sixes" I am okay with whatever he does.
  7. Saw this... I think it's an elitist move by the Heat. I know it's 2017 but not everyone is walking around with an $800 smart phone. Especially the fans that buy cheap on the secondary market. We'll see how it pans out. Heat will probably set a single season ticket sales record with my luck predicting things.
  8. Guy drinks more coffee than anyone I've ever seen.
  9. Only way that occurs is if McCown blows the other two out of water. Which is not going to happen.
  10. You stole my thunder with this one.
  11. Great time yesterday! Max is quite the host and AFJF is legit. All the way from Great Britain to catch up on our NYJ!
  12. My better half and I are confirmed for 5 PM. See you later Max!
  13. Max: Let me know what time you are going to be at your RV. At the very least I will see you there. Wife is a possibility. I won't be at the scrimmage that long and won't be able to hang. Am basically going to check out my new seats in 129. I look forward to meeting you.
  14. Yes. I'm afraid the burper and farter congregation will extend to every part of the stadium. SAR is going to be surrounded again.
  15. The ticket cards come separately. I called my guy who called me back right away to tell me this. I received the package yesterday and the ticket cards today. Go Jets!
  16. Spot on. If John Mara could be cloned twice, I would trade him for Woody, Dolan and Wilpon in a second. He and his family run a respectable, classy organization. Not to mention his family has 4 Lombardi trophies in 5 trips over the last 31 years. And they won without cheating.
  17. The Jets are not going to be sh*t forever. Now is actually a great time to buy a PSL on the secondary market. Heck, there are still 4 seats in the Club, Section 243, Row 5 on pslsource.com for $62 each - face was $7500 Bad for the seller, great for the buyer. I bought 2 in 129 this year for $250 each (face was $4K) and I am 11 rows off the field. Came from 339 Row 8 and my ticket cost is only $17.50 more a ticket. The Jet STs are like the 2009 stock market right now. No where to go but up. Gotta keep the faith. SOJFs need to cease and desist.
  18. I'll be interested to see how he handles that primma donna, drama queen wide receiver he has who just stated he wants to be the highest paid player in the league.
  19. Max: Will be a game time decision for me. Don't include me in the headcount and please do not prepare ahead for me. If I can make it I surely will not show up empty handed. Hoping my son can join me. I will confirm once we get closer. Thank you for the invite.
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