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  1. Thank God it's almost here. July has been brutal as I have given up on watching baseball with it's snail paced, 4 hour games. The NBA gets me through June but then I am bored out of my mind until TC in August. Don't care about the sh*tty PS predictions. Looking forward to seeing some youngsters fight for jobs and keep their mouths shut. For me that is a team I can root for. Team is pretty much primma donna free with nowhere to go but up.
  2. Thanks bro. Just watched it on demand on Verizon. They sure both had great energy and chemistry. Something no one has duplicated today.
  3. When is this on ESPN again? Couldn't find it anywhere.
  4. I heard a guy on the Kay Show yesterday swear up and down that Petty will be the starter and will turn out to be a great QB. He went on to say Penn State messed up Hackenberg and McCown is not the answer. Of course this is only one guy's opinion and I only post this because this guy seemed cock-sure this was going to happen. I have no idea... Does anyone strongly share this opinion or vehemently disagree with it? I'd be curious to know what JN thinks...
  5. Actually have a great evening planned with Mrs. FR. With the state parks being closed including Liberty State Park, the fireworks tomorrow will now be shot off near Exchange Place. Kool and The Gang are also scheduled to perform down there around 8:15. They are expecting around 100,000 people so there is no f*cking way I am driving there. Going to drive to the Harrison PATH station (I live in the Somerset Hills area) and take the $2.75 train right to Exchange Place. Should be a home run! If any of you degenerates are going to be there, wear your Jet's jerseys and
  6. Well thought out protocol. I especially like the culinary prep which you shake up depending on the start times. Also, if it's just you and Mrs. C, I totally agree with the pre-prepared meals instead of firing up a grill for two. Way too much work. I think it's time for you to graduate to the Green lot for your two planned tailgates this year. There is a higher class of seagulls that gather there.
  7. I can tell you the worst NFL Stadium for a tailgate was Veterans Stadium in Philly. Went to a Giants/Eagles game there years ago and was ticketed for an open flame in the parking lot. Cop wouldn't even give me a warning, gave me a ticket - $25 fine. I was so pissed I went right to the courtroom under the stadium they had there at the time. Cop outside the courtroom told me to not waste my time. I'd get busted because it was written on an entry sign into the parking lot "No open flames". Technically you are supposed to have the grill top over the grill at all times but
  8. Thanks SAR! I know you know this but one of the key features of where I am at is that the sun will be at my back - no glare and no straining to watch the game. I did buy the Green Passes so I will be in and out of there in a heartbeat. Something else I considered when I moved.... If you look at the aerial of MLS, you will see the closest field level sections to the field are the LLEZ corners. I wanted to be as close to "in the game" as I could. One other perk in 129: First row is Row 3 so even though on paper I am Row 13, I am actually in Row 11. Can't complain a
  9. Finalized my upgrade today. 129 Row 13 Seats 7&8. Rep told me usually everyone Row 1 - 10 in the LL keeps their seats so I trusted him and went with it.
  10. My guy seems to think there is still time. I could have snatched up seats 4 rows lower than mine ( I am in Row 17) but he convinced me to wait. Felt the ones in Row 13 would still be there by Friday. I'm going with what he tells me. If I stay in Row 17 I will be fine.
  11. Spoke to my rep today. He said there will alot of movement this week with inventory. Told me to call back on Friday when there should be more open seats. Trying to score a big upgrade.
  12. That is a very, very tough one. My condolences. May he RIP.
  13. Hope he has enough room in the house for all the gifts.
  14. Did you get the sense there will be more inventory opening up early next week? I called my rep yesterday about moving closer to the field (from Row 17 in 129) and all he had was a pair in Row 13. He said there might be a slim chance more would open up next early next week so I held off and will call again on Monday. I have to figure with STHs moving around a lot right now I may get lucky. If nothing else is available on Monday I may pull the trigger on the two in Row 13. Maybe I am delusional but I am targeting Row 5 and below. Do you think that is being overly aggressive
  15. Totally agree here. And also, some imply that money is a barometer that measures your fandom. That is total bullish*t. I have been blessed to be able to afford and go to many Jet games in my life but it doesn't make me a better fan than the "down and out" guy who roots and reads about the Jets every day, the 15 year old kid with Jet banners and posters plastered on his bedroom wall watching on TV or disabled vet who roots and watches every game from the hospital. I will agree that going to games is a luxury. But half of those privileged pricks in the stands possess no where near t
  16. Had a guy wearing a Jet's cap walk by me on the beach today in Long Branch. I saw him and said, "Go Jets!" He said, "0 and 16" and kept walking. Ouch.
  17. I have STs with the Jets, Knicks and Rutgers Football. Been a long sh*t show for all three. One of them's got to hit pay dirt sometime soon.
  18. You know what happens when you drop your STs... - Jets or otherwise. The team will bounce back, go on a run and become a dynasty.
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