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  1. It's 2008 and the stock market has capitulated. Now is the time to get in.
  2. Was told this AM that the defaults were confirmed but the inventory won't be made known until next Wednesday. Anyone else hear this?
  3. Did you learn that today? I called yesterday and they said this Thursday was the deadline and Friday was the day to call about upgrades.
  4. I don't know either. I bought my PSLs in 129 in January on the secondary market for $0.0625 on the dollar. I do know the drop dead date on unpaid ST invoices is this Thursday. Friday is the day to call about upgrades. This is like getting into the stock market in 2008. Let's hope we see the same returns.
  5. Don't care who's on the team. They play hard, have good attitudes, I'm rooting for them. They won't win 16 games but I foresee a likable team.
  6. No one has a bigger sh*t eatin' grin than Rex Ryan.
  7. Father Time just took another large sh*t on your head. Happy Birthday!
  8. Control of what you want to do with your tickets. If you want to go and make a memory, you win. You want to give the tickets away to your niece or nephew in college, you win. You want to sell on SH and make a profit on a game where you can, you win. You want to donate them to charity (unless your wife is named "Charity"), you win. I actually get this. Owning the car and driving it whenever you want is a lot easier than calling up Enterprise and renting. Will cost a little more but you are paying for the perks of ownership.
  9. Should also help secondary market resales. You won't get screwed as bad in the past selling your preseason tickets and you may just make a little bit more coin for the elite games.
  10. Unless you're hell bent to sit in the club, Row 1 in 207A is a much better value. Face on the Clubs are all way over priced. And if you have to fork over more than $100 for the PSL, forget it. You may want to reevaluate your choice of sections. All seats on that end of the stadium are in the sun field. You will be looking into the sun with the glare all game during day games. Check out pslsource.com There is a guy selling 4 PSLs in 243 Row 5 for $62 each. $0.008 on the dollar.
  11. I am in 129 Row 17 still looking to move down lower. My rep shared with me if you're in LLEZ you should try to get up higher so you can see the other side of the field. IMO, I would rather get down as low as I can as it gets you more "In the game". And I would think the resale value is better. I did the math and it looks like LLEZ in the corners puts you closest to the field than any other sections. I will be reaching out to my rep second week in June after all the defaults are exposed and the inventory is updated. If I can get down to the first few rows I am going for it
  12. Beats my find. Mine's more than double at 6/7 of a cent.
  13. Good thing Rex isn't around anymore. Half his vocabulary was the F bomb.
  14. 4 PSLs for sale in Club Section 243, Row 5 for $62 each. Less than a penny on the dollar.
  15. It's about making memories. And there's nothing better than a good sh*t.
  16. I'm afraid with that rather low threshold you are in the Jet fan minority.
  17. As far as the finances go, he may have enough dependents to break even on his tax return. Maybe he's got us all duped.
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