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  1. Game... set... match. "It was bad luck" Mark.
  2. This is when Sanchez usually throws a pick 6 to end the game.
  3. Been there many times, yes... don't really hang out.
  4. I am familiar with the type of women you are talking about... see them all the time in the Somerset Hills area. Most of them are self absorbed, pretentious, prima donna divas that are interested only in guys that are the same. You can have them.
  5. Nope, not a hater... just breaking your b*lls. Frankly, I have never had a desire to attend. Nice thing you are doing for the Cancer Center, though. You must be one of those rare, civilized Jet fans that don't play rap music and p*ss on other people's cars in the Yellow lot.
  6. I live 5 minutes away from where they hold that. Do you bring your candelabra and lift your pinkie while you sip your champagne?
  7. Incorporate your PSL logic to paying an insignificant upcharge prorated over 30 years for a Green parking pass. Problem solved.
  8. Using the 70% rule and the fact that there has to be what? - 5-10,000 spaces in the Yellow lot? Then there's at least a couple of thousand spaces occupied by fans that will NOT p*ss on your sneakers and spit on your car. Find another area in the Yellow to park. Not brain surgery. Better yet, get the Green passes and all of your problems are solved.
  9. This would solve everyone's problems. You want to sit in the UD on the 50 but want Green Parking passes. Problem is the Jets only sell the Green passes to the club holders and won't change the caste system they have in place with the parking. If the Jets don't do what you recommend, you have no choice but to resolve the situation yourself. Buy the UD ST and no Orange or Yellow PP. Go on SH or CL and buy all your Green Passes before the season starts before the prices go up. Problem solved. Green lot = no issues. To date I haven't ever seen anyone take a p*ss on a Beemer in the Green lot
  10. Green Parking Passes solves that problem. Worth the few extra bucks on the secondary market. I do it all the time. In and out, no BS, no half mile walk, always half empty an hour before kickoff.
  11. +1 In and out, no bullish*t. Worth the extra coin on secondary market.
  12. If it does don't stand anywhere near the stadium for awhile.
  13. I hope so... I have ST with the Knicks and was planning on getting back in with the Jets. I'm thinking around 2018... maybe.
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