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  1. Never pretended to be. I think the truth lies in the middle. Yeah, Idzik sucks and if Woody agrees he should be fired. But when Woody sees a plane flying over the practice field and towels being handed out at a game, I don't think he's saying, "f*ck them, they all don't know sh*t". That has to influence him just a little bit, no?
  2. I think anyone whose customers went to that extent and expense would be influenced by it. If my customers did that to me, I sure as sh*t would be influenced.
  3. The media will pick him apart whether what he says is in print or in a press conference. I think what may happen is on Black Monday there will be a very factual press release on who is gone and that the search is on for replacements. When they make a decision on who is coming in on the vacated jobs, that is when Woody will speak to the disappointment of 2014 and the future. But as was stated in another thread, Woody is going to have to really make a big splash to energize this fan base who are showing up at games with bags on their heads, "Fire Idzik" towels and lighters held to their PSLs.
  4. Only good thing I see right now from the recent decent to this year's disaster is the secondary market on PSLs is rapidly declining. If one wants to get in with the hope that we have hit rock bottom and better times are ahead, now is the time to make the commitment. Same concept as the stock market. We can't possibly suck this bad for much longer.
  5. I am guessing he won't say boo until Black Monday or after. Will he come out right away and express his disappointment or will he wait until he has his replacements to speak to that and the future? Will it be across the board changes or specific positions? Will he lower ticket prices next year? Curious to know what Jet Nation has to say...
  6. And across North America for that matter. Game may be unwatchable.
  7. Supports the notion mental illness is a widespread issue.
  8. I'm talking recent memory. Can't argue he has regressed.
  9. You know in a close game against a good team he sh*ts the bed. He hasn't had a close game to date.
  10. Lucky you! Built in excuse not to watch. Go up to Saratoga and get a schvitz.
  11. I think everyone knows Woody is where the problem lies. But what are you going to do with him? He's not selling the team!
  12. Row 2 is good anywhere in any stadium. Congrats and nice work!
  13. Was Woody Johnson ever subjected to an IQ test? If so, what were the results?
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