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  1. Plus there was never a bigger sports "rock star" than Joe Willie.
  2. SAR: You should have removed the evidence... You don't need any of this proletariat bullish*t to ruin your day. Especially after all the aggravation the Jets have caused this season. Relax and enjoy the steak and eggs this morning.
  3. I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up when the Jets are relevant again.
  4. If that happens, do me a favor and call Dr. Jack for me. Wait a minute... he is already dead.
  5. Hey, you may be on to something and I just had an epiphany! It's not that Rex is a bad coach or the players don't have enough talent... It's because we are too dumb! You might want to add Woody to that list... Just because you are a member of the "Lucky Sperm Club" doesn't mean you are smart.
  6. They are entertaining. The "no huddle" is great. I wish everyone would do that. And it keeps the defense off guard and does not give them ability to sub unless they are lightning quick. Don't get too jealous though... Given the history, Sanchez will have those games where he'll double their turnovers over the last 3.
  7. Wow! I'm glad I'm on JN now! I missed this entertainment! This is a whole lot better than watching the Jets.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, Max! Happy to be aboard and I am already enjoying the colorful collection of characters you have as posters. NO fan base is more passionate than the Jet's fan base.
  9. So Idzik sabotaged the season to insure Rex was done after this year? I don't know what to believe anymore. If that is true Idzik needs to be fired NOW.
  10. I'll be cleaning out my sock drawer on Monday night but for those of you looking to get out of the house and see some cost effective entertainment, the tickets on SH for the Jets/Dolphins game may be about $5 a head.
  11. At this point, how can I express how little I give a sh*t?
  12. The candyass attitude starts with the owner who doesn't know what hard work is because he never had to. I liked Rex for a long time but after last night, I am done. And the fact that even after changes are made, it will STILL take a few more years of rebuilding before we are relevant again. I can't imagine our fan base being more p*ssed off than now, in light of PSLs and high ticket prices. If Woody wants to match the price with the product, he should lower ticket prices by 50% next year.
  13. As long as Harvin doesn't pull a Mike Goodson and fall asleep in the car in the left hand lane on Rt. 80 in Denville at 3 AM with drugs and guns in the trunk.
  14. Coughlin will step down and/or retire after the Giants tell him they plan to can him. They will give him that option and he will take it as he will want to go out on his own terms.
  15. "We" as in the Jets. I think you already had a drink.
  16. Miami taking it to the Broncos. Our division gets better as we get worse. I need a drink.
  17. And touchdown Titans! Could this be another classic Sanchez meltdown?
  18. I honestly have no clue what Woody is going to do and who is going to replace Rex and or Idzik if they get canned. I would not take any bets on anyone or anything at this point. I have no idea.
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