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    Meeting so may great ex jets while attending autograph shows. Namath, Pennington, Klecko, Lyons, Maynard etc.
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    Too many to list
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    All of them
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    Yes watched it on TV

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  1. TomsRiverJet

    The Height Of Francesa Arrogance

    Retire again please.... can't stand him
  2. TomsRiverJet

    Would The Apologists Please Stop

    Thanks KRL for venting as I have been also since yesterday. Here are some of mine. Bilal Powell - use him. Forte isn't doing anything. On 3rd and one in the red zone how about some Bilal Powell and stop with the passes. In the 1st qtr we blew the pass and settled for the FG. We need 7, not 3. Can we down a punt inside the 10? Two chances, blew it both times. We actually have a tight end!. Amazing! Todd Bowles grow some balls. You blew it yesterday. The post game " I thought our defense could hold them to a 3 and out" talking about the 4th and 1 decision to punt the ball and not go for the 1st down,. Lost all confidence in you as a coach right there. News flash... our defense can't stop anybody. Can we fire the defensive coordinator? Send a signal , do something! Sad to say but did we even miss. Harris, Revis or Mangold who were out or went out with injuries? Defense? What Defense?
  3. TomsRiverJet

    Thoughts On Todd Bowles: MERGED

    He needs to get in someones face namely Pryor. Complete stupidity on display week after week. Our backfield sucks.
  4. TomsRiverJet

    Last day of chemo for Lauren today!!!!

    Ring that Bell Lauren. A tradition at our hospital is to ring the large bell hanging in radiation oncology when you've had your last treatment. My wife has been cancer free for 5 years after battling Hodgkin's. Six months of chemo and than 6 weeks of radiation to clean up the leftovers. She still has some of the side effects today but it beats the alternative. Great news and all the best.
  5. TomsRiverJet

    Game Predictions- Bengals/Jets

    Home opener, stadium rocking I say Jets 27 Kittens - 17 Little worried about the secondary and how they always give that big cushion to the WR's. Also think we see a whole new feel from out Special Teams.. GO JETS .. can't wait till Sunday! Go Baby!
  6. TomsRiverJet

    Official Pats' Elimination Thread

    Congratulations to Wade Phillips and the entire Denver D. Pussy Brady was pounded and beaten up what has to be a record amount of times today. And I l LOVED IT! Bleed you bastard. Also loved the Gronk Crying on the pass defended by Denver. Now you know why WE need fast linebackers. If you ever wanted to know how to frustrate these assholes tape and watch this game... Enjoy the winter Pat fans.
  7. T minus 12 and counting. Maybe thats why he never tackles anybody, he's afraid of hurting the baby maker.
  8. And Geno. We are "10 times" as anxious to have you be an ex jet as soon as possible. You should have been in the taxi with Bobby April...
  9. TomsRiverJet

    Bobby April Fired as Special Teams Coach

    If this was the Rex this guy would have hung around here for years because of Rex's "Loyalty" to his staff. Not so now. You suck = you gone! Very good news all around.
  10. TomsRiverJet

    How are you feeling?

    I'm pissed right now, very pissed. Even with all the ineptitude we saw today I felt totally confident we'd somehow pull it out. Yes 10-6 is a huge improvement over the past few seasons but I actually thought we'd get a few games into the playoffs B4 we were eliminated .
  11. Sloppy. Bowles better kick some ass in that locker room. Kicker sucks, OL sucks, Pretty Sad as we're much better than this. Defense should be licking their chops to kill this kid at QB... More picks please.
  12. TomsRiverJet

    Win An Autographed Leonard Williams Helmet

    Lets hear it for the playoffs! Go Jets
  13. TomsRiverJet

    Jets vs. Bills predictions

    Set the edge and keep the running game manageable on D and we win. On the other side WE have to make some holes and get CI going. Loved the dump off passes to CI yesterday. Jets 24 Bills 20 Get through this and they have 1o days to heal up.

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