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  1. Well, it looks like Dan Quinn will be available pretty soon if we want him: I'd love to see a stat that shows how many times Gase has led by more than 14 in the final six minutes. Or at any time in the game TBH.
  2. Yes - you can blame a player for not making the most of his talents, but draft spot is out of his control and very much attributable to our (ex-) GM. Sadly you can only fire him once, regardless of how many mistakes he made. Best outcome is that Q lives up to his hype ... and proves Macc right (for once).
  3. It's not up to Q to justify his draft spot. He didn't have a say on where he was drafted. If they drafted you or me 3rd overall, should we have to achieve a certain level of play / stardom as a result? What is up to him is to push himself continuously to be the best player he can be, and ignore his draft spot completely.
  4. If the Jets had had cardboard cut-out fans in the stands, even they would have walked out on them.
  5. Think of the picks we could trade that #1 spot for.
  6. Only TWO players of our entire offense remain from the Macc days ... Staggering. And not in a good way.
  7. If you start on PUP you're out for 6 weeks IIRC. Flacco will be on the 53.
  8. "Can't nobody block me" - D Slob aka Bowling Ball w. Butcher's Knives
  9. "Wishes Jamal well ..." "Looking forward to working with McDougald ..." "Front office decision / it's a business ..." "Coaching the players that are in the building ..." ... did I miss any cliches?
  10. Well, since we do so poorly in "conventional" drafts ... maybe the two factors would align and we'd knock it out the park for once!

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