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  1. Has any game ever ended 0-0 before? Could be a first!
  2. And we all know how useless and inaccurate those stormtroopers are ...
  3. Stephen Hill First game - 5 catches, 89 yards, 17.8 average, 2 TDs Average for next 22 games - 1.8 catches, 23 yards, 12.6 average, 0.09 TDs
  4. You'd better be careful, posting the word "cracker" after the whole AB thread.
  5. The wine looks great on the website, when it turns up at your door, and while sat on your wine rack / in your cupboard. You get really excited about how great it's going to be. All the reviews rave about it. You can't wait. The excitement builds. Finally you open it and pour, it smells great, looks the part. You feel it's pretty good for the first few mouthfuls, and you're waiting for the big pay off. Then you realize it actually tastes like crap and you've got 15 more bottles of the stuff to get through.
  6. Typical that the Patsies find a way to trade ANOTHER TEAM'S draft picks for the players they want.
  7. Plus we have a plethora of RB and TE options that can line up in the slot. And the NE guy we picked up too.
  8. 10 against Miami's putrid O Line ... where are the other 2 coming from?
  9. Sad to see Burnett gone. Maybe a PS candidate??
  10. Based on this, we should re-hire Macc ... ... so we can fire him again - firing him once wasn't enough! 🤬
  11. It's the time of year, and it's all teams. On NFL.com today: How RG3 reckons the Ravens offense will surprise opponents How Will Hernandez is key to Giants improvement How the Bengals are all buying in to their new coach ... and so on. Ignore it if you don't like it; find another hobby till September because there'll be little else. Other than arrests and injuries, which no-one wants.
  12. Offset language is usually a sticking point ... so if the team cuts the player and he then signs elsewhere, the team that drafted him wants to be able offset the new deal against their original deal. The player, naturally, wants to be paid in full for both.

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