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    I think it's more that Morton wasn't Bowles' first choice, but when Philly turned down our approaches to DeFillipo he had to hire someone and Morton was the best available candidate. Now they see one, maybe more, candidate hit the market and they want to move on and do it fast. Wouldn't be surprised to hear Haley gets an interview in the next day or so. And if Philly lose this weekend then we can approach about DeFillipo again. New guy gets announced early / mid next week.
  2. Revis was drafted outside the first 10 picks
  3. Illegal Touching Penalty

    especially in the end zone.
  4. If there’s a God

    Brady needs to bet the opposing defenses more than the other QBs ... and Jax / Philly / Minny can all bring their own "special sauce" to that party.
  5. The one thing consoling me right now about the remaining field is - Brady is going to have to face the Jax D next week and, if he wins that one, either the Eagles or Vikings D in the Superbowl. That's three defenses that can all hit a QB hard, and often.
  6. It's not just Bowles. Last weekend, Buffalo trailed Jax by 7 points, in the play offs, with just over 3 minutes to play ... and punted on 4th down from their 34 yd line. Jax ran about 1m 15 off the clock (having narrowly failed to get a 1st down that would have ended the game), punted back to Buffalo who ended up pretty much back where they started (37 yd line).
  7. London games feelings?

    When you're a Jets fan, this is usually a blessing!
  8. London games feelings?

    I was at both those games you just mentioned!
  9. London games feelings?

    Do you think there would be enough support for them if they did? I'm UK based, convenient for London, but I wouldn't become a Jags fan if they moved to London, I'd still follow the Jets. And as most of the fans that attend the London games already mostly follow a team of their own, I imagine it'd take a LONG time till you would get true "London Jags" fans. I'm still not sure what the league's long term strategy is here.
  10. KC got beat at home in Round 1 Buf got beat on the road in Round 1 (scoring a whole 3 points in the process) Jax beat Buf at home in Round 1 (scoring a whole 10 points in the process) What this says to me is that we'd still have a good chance (injuries aside) to beating these same teams now, but like them we are still an incomplete team that is far away from being a legit SB contender. It says to me that the gap between playoff and non-playoff teams (esp. in the AFC) is not that big. But the jump to the top two seeds is much bigger. So there are few good teams and a lot of not-bad teams. Plus a couple of BAD teams .
  11. Wow ... Bills fans waited 17 years for this???
  12. Thoughts

    What do you think of Haslam's remark tonight that he TOLD Dorsey that Jackson would return as Head Coach. If that was the Jets there'd be posters on here screaming blue murder and jumping off bridges.
  13. I'm still (vaguely) hopeful that Bowles will get rid of Rogers ... he achieved less with more, and the discipline issues all stemmed from the D too.
  14. So Bowles is the GM? It was Macc who was singing Adams' praise before and after the draft. Does this mean we can blame Bowles for drafting Hack?