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  1. Topmost on my list would be edge rusher. Not easy to find however.
  2. Ealy leads the league in balls batted at the line of scrimmage (9) so that should be mentioned alongside the rest of his numbers.
  3. I think this shows the folly of trying to write the book on a guy - good or bad - before he's spent a good amount of time in the league. Winston and Mariota looked good early on, and both are having some tougher times this year. Doesn't mean they're not good anymore, but also means that their early success is no indicator they'll get over the hump. A couple of years back Blake Bortles looked like he was going to be "the guy" in Jax ... now he's on the verge of being replaced. It's also why I still take a pinch of salt as people rave about Goff and Wentz - yes they're doing really well this year, Wentz was good last year too, but it's no guarantee that their teams are "set" at QB.
  4. Rather too energetic for our O, but I like it!
  5. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    At least he's moved up from "couldn't hit the ocean".
  6. I remembered on Sunday being aghast at how lethargic and ineffective the Jets looked when they went to their "hurry up" offense. The broadcasters called out at the time how there was little hussle, but beyond that there just seemed to be an overall ineptitude (even more so than the rest of the game) in the last 6 minutes. I looked back at the play by play and it is so bad it's almost funny. TB kick off - Jet returner hesitates, then decides to run it out of the end zone having given the coverage team more time to get downfield. Jets start at the 10 instead of the 25. We then take 2m 15s, execute 7 plays in that time, and gain a whopping 16 yards total, with our vet QB using all his experience to hold on to the ball too long for two sacks instead of just throwing it away. Finally we have two decent plays back to back and get all the way to the TB 29. ASJ managed to get out of bounds on one to save some time (having to run round his own player to do so). Our next 4 plays use up another 47 seconds, gain 4 yards and turn the ball over on downs. Most head-scratching is a complete pass in bounds for no gain on first down. An incomplete pass would have been better. After the turnover on downs the D holds TB to 5 yards, and using our last time outs plus the 2 minute warning it only runs about 40 seconds off the clock. A sack on first down, an incompletion on 2nd and an 8 yard pass in bounds on 3rd gain us 1 yard in half a minute; luckily TB bail us out with a bonehead penalty. We follow that up with ... a pass in bounds for no gain. Finally (again) we have two decent plays back to back and somehow get Robby free for a TD with 36 seconds left. Even if we had executed a half-decent onside kick, I have zero faith we'd have achieved anything more than a few yards. But hey, at least we finally outscored an opponent (7-6) in the 4th quarter (and only because TB went for two on their TD).
  7. When can we Fire the Offensive Line?

    After Sunday, I'm sure there's a backup LT they'll be trying to move on from.
  8. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Colts in 15th place are still "in the hunt" - they're only 1 game behind us.
  9. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Here's a question. Let's say we give one of the younger guys the last 6 games. Is there any scenario that comes out of those last 6 games that answers the QB question such that we DON'T sign / draft a QB next year? I honestly don't think any 6 game span can be considered enough to say "we've got our guy". All it can do is prove that we don't ... which is no different from where we stand right now.
  10. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Worth noting (if not mentioned already) that however close we still are to the 6th seed spot, we're even closer to the 15th seed spot. Colts are there now at 3-7, we're only one game up at 4-6.
  11. Jets, draft, D line ... the perfect combination.
  12. IMHO, Sean McVay has to be the lead candidate for Coach of the Year.
  13. Here's the thing I don't get about the argument "we have to play Hack this year so we know what we have". Let's say he plays the last 4 games - that's realistically the most he'll see. Two extremes exist: He plays like crap He plays lights out Obviously in (1) you go into the off season knowing you need to do something (vet / high draft pick / both). Is it really all that different with (2)? Are you going to say "well, he played great for 4 games, so we're good for next year"? In my mind 4 games should make no difference - we take the same steps to upgrade the position (vet / high draft pick / both) and enter camp with that mix; best player wins the job, and if we have a talented guy n the bench that's great news. Injury cover, second option to push the starter, trade bait ... very little can be bad about having a talented QB duo. So I don't care if Hack plays this year or not. It should have no bearing on what we do in the off season at that position.
  14. Question For The Tank Crowd

    Regardless of where he was picked ... he was the third QB taken that year, and it could be argued he was the best of the three. Very seldom do you see the top QB being the most successful ... possibly because the top QB usually ends up on the crappiest team.