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  1. It's the time of year, and it's all teams. On NFL.com today: How RG3 reckons the Ravens offense will surprise opponents How Will Hernandez is key to Giants improvement How the Bengals are all buying in to their new coach ... and so on. Ignore it if you don't like it; find another hobby till September because there'll be little else. Other than arrests and injuries, which no-one wants.
  2. Offset language is usually a sticking point ... so if the team cuts the player and he then signs elsewhere, the team that drafted him wants to be able offset the new deal against their original deal. The player, naturally, wants to be paid in full for both.
  3. I'm perfectly happy for the Browns to be getting the media attention and all the plaudits from the writers. The talking up of a team in the off season as contenders does add a bit of expectation / pressure when the pads go on, if that goes elsewhere and leaves our team alone to quietly go about their business, so much the better. I reckon the Ravens may also suffer a bit of this too, and if they start off slow there'll be a lot of chatter about the league having "figured them out", which can create some negativity around the team.
  4. The coaching last year did likely set back the stats for both the RBs; once Crowell went down they just tried to use McGuire / Cannon in the same way as Crowell it seemed, despite them being different types of back. The resigning of Powell does lead me to believe that it's not a simple either / or between McGuire and Cannon; if he's healthy he gives the option to cut both.
  5. Fans react a lot to first impressions. They stick in the memory and are brought up ad nauseum. Cannon has a fumbling problem ... based on first impressions. Joe McKnight threw up in one of his first practices and it was still being mentioned years later that he was unfit, not prepared to work etc. No logic for it, these things just stick in the memory. (So glad it didn't happen on Darnold when his first career pass was a pick-6). I guess my concern on Cannon then is, if he's mainly a ST player but can't return kicks / punts ... can we afford a roster spot for a guy who is only a gunner on punt returns? Isn't there a guy out there who can be a gunner AND offer something more, either at RB, WR, KR, PR etc. Peake is also a good gunner, but doesn't offer much beyond that. As one trick ponies go, it's not the most compelling trick to have.
  6. 3 fumbles in preseason (1 lost, Game 3 vs NYG) None in regular season, but that may be because they stopped having him return punts? He averaged 3 yards per carry and 8.5 yards per catch in the regular season, with 1 TD.
  7. Wesco strikes me as the sort of guy who you'll occasionally throw to out of a goal-line offense set ... everyone expects him to be an extra blocker and suddenly he's spiking the ball and the PAT Team are heading onto the field.
  8. When did he even get hurt? There's no mention of this in the article, only that he was held out of mini camp due to injury.
  9. You reckon there's a difference? [emoji1] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  10. I was wondering if he was going so fast, it just looked like his arm wasn't moving.
  11. If he's a step back from December Sam, but plays like that for the full year, that would still be pretty strong. If he's step back from Full Year Sam, that'll be much more of an issue.
  12. Not sure why the animated GIF isn't animating ...
  13. I think this has got legs. TDs passes can be met with cries of "THE DUCK IS FAPPING!!!" in the game day thread. Darnold is balling out ... "hey, is that duck fapping today or what?". MAKE IT SO!!! 🤣
  14. Not as catchy as "The Pig is Ripe", but you never know ... Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk

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