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  1. Thing is, does it make any difference to TB if he's fired now or at year end? He gets paid either way. If he wants a new job next year, maybe getting fired now would actually be better? (See Jackson, Hue).
  2. At the very least he should be sitting players if they are not giving the required effort / playing to the game plan, or he should be saying "screw the game plan, let's adjust and at least win the second half". He did neither. He essentially chose to punt.
  3. I wondered about this the other day - what young untested players are there that we would truly want to see more of? Nickerson was about the only one I could think of. This isn't really a vet-heavy team with a lot of unproven depth just waiting for its chance, we're already playing guys like McGuire, Cannon, Copeland, Shepherd.
  4. If you check out the saying "Any Given Sunday" there's actually a tiny, tiny foot note next to it. It says "Except that one".
  5. I had to check the time stamp to make sure this wasn't a bump already!
  6. Too animated. Is there a bobble-head that doesn't bobble?
  7. jamesr

    This is what we wanted, no?

    In typical Jets fashion we'll probably fall just short and keep the moron coach till (at least) year end.
  8. I was quoting / parodying from Macc's mid term address where he claimed next year is where things all come together for a playoff run. I'd love to hear from him what he thinks are the last few pieces that will achieve that.
  9. But I thought the grand plan was to push for the playoffs next year? And you want to throw all that away??? 🤣
  10. jamesr

    This is what we wanted, no?

    Was there anyone left to chant?
  11. jamesr


    The pig is ripe for getting put down
  12. I'm not sure it'll magnify everything. If we do lose because the run game gets stuffed, the WRs don't get open, etc, it'll be easy to say "no coach could win with this lack of talent". Anything that makes it look like the talent is the main issue will deflect from Bowles and his staff's inability to put what talent they have in a position to succeed.
  13. Christian Hackenberg was available, why didn't they sign him??
  14. It would probably lead to Jets fans complaining about Bowles NOT playing the over-the-hill veteran instead of the prized rookie. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I would also think that it would then bring up the question that if the talent level at WR / TE / RB is not as bad as we thought, why can't our coaching staff put Darnold in more favorable situations via better play calling / play design? Are they trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by making Darnold play to the system rather than fitting the system to Darnold? It'd also depend I guess if the run game shows up at all ... if McCown throws 40-50 times and wins with no run game, that's a very different situation than if he throws 20-25 times and we have 100+ ground yards.

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