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  1. Completely agree with this. Pretty much everyone who goes to these games already follows a team - probably has for 10+ years at least - so why would they give up on them to support a new team with no history, no roots, that could quickly vanish if fortunes changed (see: London Monarchs V1 and V2). I could just imagine if there were a London based team there would be more away fans than home fans ... kind of like being at some Jets games I guess.
  2. For the trade value perhaps; but if he turns out to be a solid re-signable guard, but not Top 10, it'll still have been a good pick, even if it still gets considered an overpay on the trade up.
  3. Don't care about west coast teams, only the Jets.
  4. Improving quite a lot ... by 21st June we should be out of current restrictions, but it's not clear yet what the situation will be regarding sports venues and capacity etc. At a guess they'll only pre-sell a smaller amount of tickets now, then open up more later in the year depending on how things go.
  5. After 2021 the league is moving to a rota basis rather than now which is more a "voluntary" basis. I'd guess that the 2021 teams will be "excused" till later in that rota, so maybe 2024 / 2025 (so after we win the Superbowl )
  6. 2.9k miles NY to SF 3.46k miles NY to London So it's a bit further, but not by all that much.
  7. The drafting ability of the GM really becomes evident when you look at how the mid / low end draft picks work out - and that can take a while as these guys need work to get them to their potential (otherwise they'd have been 1st and 2nd round picks). What I want to see is which of these mid round guys develop into contributors. Whether from last year (Davis, Zuniga, Clark) or this year (Carter, the plethora of LB / S / DB tweeners). Sure, we'll highlight how well Becton is turning out and hopefully AVT, Mims, Moore. And obviously Zach. But all GMs should be able to get quality players wit
  8. Any RB not named Gore ... they might actually get >5 carries each.
  9. But you'll still insist on calling the Super Bowl winners "world champions", amirite? [emoji12] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  10. He certainly leaves himself open to criticism / doubt with comments like that one. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  11. Myers was only here a year, hence the comment about stability not including him.
  12. But ... but ... they have Sam???
  13. Is that guy at #30 the same guy we picked in like Round 6?
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