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  1. What will be key is - if and when the back end does get torched, is it something that was a correctable mistake (blown coverage) or were the players not up to the job (e.g. having a slow guy try to run stride for stride with a burner WR). If you can see what is happening early enough you can try to correct it so that the unit improves as the year goes on. This is a developmental year, not a playoffs-or-bust situation. If we're still seeing the same issues end of season then either (a) the coaching isn't working or (b) the players aren't up to the job physically / mentally. Then you can p
  2. One of the Jets specialities for a long time has been making #2 QBs look far better than they actually are ... get ready for the Jordan Love love!! Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  3. "Is that a ghost over there? Oh, sorry, wrong quarterback ..."
  4. And if Saleh / LaFleur are smart they'll make it easier on their rookie QB and give him easy / quick reads that get the ball into the playmakers' hands quickly. Plus a stronger / more effective running game won't go amiss.
  5. Plus not running Gore the Dinosaur up the middle for 2-3 yards every play will help a lot.
  6. Like for like probably not. Context / situation wise, its a better signing for the Jets ... we're looking longer term, whereas Titans are looking at win now. Plus - and this can't be said often enough it seems - Jones had ZERO INTEREST in playing for a rebuilding team. He wants a shot at a ring, and won't get that with the Jets.
  7. ... and then be gone in 2 years just when our QB is coming into his prime. Also - no way on God's green Earth was Jones EVER coming here, so the argument is irrelevant anyway.
  8. He could have a role as more of a thumper / short yardage back potentially, ,as all our other backs fit more the fast / shifty mold. But at some point you need that guy who'll get you the 1 or 2 yards when the defense is stacking up to stop you.
  9. Gase also used Gore, Johnson and Adams very poorly ... bit of a trend going on there. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  10. One thing that I like about our current situation is that HC, OC and QB are all in sync time wise. It's year one for everyone - not the usual mess of firing the OC after 1 year and then HC gets fired a year later, OC goes too, and after 3 years we've had no continuity whatsoever. However it goes early on, we have to stick by the guys we have hired / drafted and let them grow and develop together. The endless cycle of hirings and firings has to stop. It'll be interesting to see how Herbert does with the Chargers this year ... phenomenal rookie year, now a new coaching staff / system t
  11. Memes, you say? Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Piggy the Ripe?
  12. Top 5 things @T0mShane should be embarrassed about: His penis His dating history His irrational fear of Steelers fans His horrendous takes on Sam Darnold This thread So your insight on #1 comes from your involvement in #2? How sweet.
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