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  1. First time in history that a team has tanked in the Championship game!
  2. You do know who the QB was, don't you? It goes with the territory.
  3. Even then ... you throw 3 INTs in the Championship game, you don't expect to win. Especially with a talent like Rodgers on the other team. Bucs D did its job and massively limited the impact of those INTs. Without that - very different story.
  4. Depends on what you see as "same roster". This article, though primarily about GB, contracts the off season approaches of GB and TB. TB added a lot more players than GB, to surround their QB with the best they could get. they went all in, and is got them to the dance. GB stayed pat, and are staying home. https://www.nfl.com/news/aaron-rodgers-postgame-comments-a-message-to-packers-brass-that-organizational-m
  5. Explain Rodgers to me then. Great QB, multiple MVP awards, one of, if not the, best in the game. One Superbowl, sure ... but a whole load of "not quite" seasons too. Is Rodgers the problem??
  6. His D really bailed him out on those three consecutive interceptions in the 3rd / 4th quarter.
  7. Packers normally DO have a dominant line - but injuries meant they faced the Bucs front with backups in key spots. Worrying that now KC are in the same place - starting backups / alternatives at both tackle spots in the Superbowl. I'd also echo what was mentioned above about defense still mattering ... KC score loads of points yes, but their D was what held Buffalo from doing the same, and preventing it from even being close to a shootout. Similarly the Bucs D got to Rodgers far more than the Packers D got to Brady. Both GB and Buffalo had to settle for FGs far too often - that to me was the difference in both games.
  8. They put that structure in place after they realised Idzik had been in over his head, but his was the only voice the Johnson's were hearing. I'd be interested to read more about the reasoning behind this change ...it definitely suggests they are 100% convinced JD is "the one". Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  9. I'm sure it would be great for us, but it has to also work for the other team too. The cap numbers are no issue for Cleveland and he's a valuable, productive player, so why would they trade him??
  10. And they want to trade for "Quentin" apparently ...
  11. I just want to know if he's coaching where football is going.
  12. Why would Cleveland want to trade him for a mid round draft pick?
  13. With the way the board is right now, might as well put Watson's name on there.

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