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  1. jamesr

    Mo out for the season

    I wouldn't be surprised if he hangs it up. He's only on a one year deal with GB if I remember correctly, so he'll be a FA coming off a second major injury ... no-one's going to pay him big bucks, will he go through another TC for a vet min (or close to it) salary? I doubt it.
  2. Thing is, will this make QBs less likely to get hurt? If the pass rusher has to avoid landing on the QB, he's more likely to spin / turn as he tackles the QB, so they fall side by side. That to me would be much more likely to cause ACL / ankle damage due to the QB being turned as he goes down.
  3. SF know who they need to call. Just do it.
  4. jamesr

    Khalil Mack

    Kirk Cousins?
  5. Lol Playing tight means you avoid the super-bad blowout that generates real headlines & bad press. Being close gives the impression that you're nearly there ... Tony Dungy and Marvin Lewis survived for many years on this basis.
  6. jamesr

    Dare I say that the pig is........

    This Patsie loss is certainly helping me put a four point road loss on a short week against an improving team into perspective.
  7. All we need to do is establish the run, get Sam in a rhythm early with safe, short passes, and take shots downfield to get the D to back off. Then punt on 4th down. Whatever the OC does, the brain trust sitting in their armchairs will say they should do the opposite. I can just imagine the outrage if we went deep early and Sam got picked - "Why are you not establishing the run game and go deep off play action?".
  8. jamesr

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    The question was do you LIKE them, not do you watch them. And one thing I've learned across many years, is that Vegas usually knows football better than the fans do. It;s why they make the money and the fans, overall, lose it.
  9. And I wrote this BEFORE the Patsies played the Lions ... Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  10. jamesr

    KC — Prime example

    My worry is that Bowles will see that Tennessee beat Jax 9-6 and think that's the sort of game we should play. We have the defense to stop the Jax offense, but if we're playing a tight game / playing from behind that will eventually break. We need to get up early and have Jax be the ones needing to press.
  11. What this week shows is what most of us already know, but seem to forget - the NFL is a week to week league. There are no locks, no "can't lose / can't win" games. Just because Buffalo beat Minny today doesn't mean that their coaches know what they're doing any more than ours - two weeks ago we kicked the snot out of Detroit, now we all want the coach and GM fired, co-ordinators replaced, players cut. I'll wait till I see Buffalo - or Cleveland for that matter - string a few wins together in a row before I'll crown them as a good team / good coaching job. And as I'm writing this, the woeful Cardinals are beating the Bears 14-0. Lots of topsy-turvy games and results, and we'll see more as the weeks roll by. Any Given Sunday. (Except for the Raiders. They genuinely suck. )
  12. Macc doesn't get to fire Bowles. Bowles reports to J&J.
  13. jamesr

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    If Fournette plays against us, will he be healthy and run all over us, or still injured / rusty and be ineffective? If we can stop their run game we'll have a chance, I think we could make BB struggle. Of course, the biggest challenge will be scoring points of our own.
  14. jamesr

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    You have just entered ... the Twilight Zone. What is going on there???
  15. jamesr

    It's time...

    But how many banners?

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