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  1. Is that 5 years cumulative with the 5 years that Macc, Idzik, Rex, Geno, Sanchez (etc ...) also set us back? If so I think we're somewhere in the 1930's right now.
  2. Or not, as witnessed on this very board! Too often people think a rookie should come out of college and be perfect in the NFL day 1, otherwise he's a bust. If that were the case we'd not need any coaches or off season at all. But for some reason, every year, 32 teams still turn up to training camp ... why don't they just draft better?
  3. ... and we'd be killing Joe D when Etienne went out for the year injured!
  4. I get where you're coming from, but playing someone in order to negate someone else's struggles is a bad idea longer term. Zach needs to develop his abilities to correct the issues he's having, not have the coaches find a way to let him keep doing the same thing wrong and get away with it.
  5. Oh, I quite agree - I just don't think anything would have materially altered how we sit as a team right now. And there would still be all sorts of hindsight about what we should have done. Let's say we somehow managed such a great trade that we ended up with Pitts and Sewell (unlikely, but these were names that were thrown around that we should try to get). Rest of the draft goes the same way (AVT etc). I don't see how that would have made us a much better team than we are today. The road to being a serious contender is longer than this year for the Jets, and we were about to hit a
  6. Sam on the 2021 Jets = 0-2 start, looking at 0-3. IMHO. Cue the wailing "we should have dumped Sam and drafted Wilson" threads on JN.
  7. We gave up 381 yards against Carolina and only had 252 ourselves, and lost the ToP battle. Only notched up one sack and generally hardly bothered the opposing QB all day. Against NE we gave up 260 yards and had 336 ourselves, more than tripling our rushing yardage in the process. Won the ToP battle. Despite 4 gift turnovers we only surrendered 2 TDs, often turning short fields into FGs. Had a lot better success on getting to the QB (3 sacks). Protected our own QB better. Those are the some of the improvements I saw. I'm not saying there weren't negatives too - turnovers is the obviou
  8. So you want to see improvement ... but when we see it, it doesn't count if we don't win as a result? That's a rather binary way to look at things.
  9. Our O line looked far better Wk 2 vs. Wk 1. Our running game looked night and day Wk 2 vs. Wk 1. Our D played better Wk 2 vs. Wk 1. Our QB played far, far worse Wk 2 vs. Wk 1. Our WRs probably played worse Wk 2 vs. Wk 1. Some of this may have been due to the opponent and how they were defending us / attacking us etc, some may have been due to the home venue (both good and bad aspects of that). But some may have been due to watching Wk 1 tape and working on things ahead of Wk 2. If we can have Wk 2 OL / RB / D and Wk 1 QB / WR, we could give Denver a tough game. If we get Wk 2 Q
  10. Wikipedia refers to both of them using the term "former" in relation to their employment.
  11. BJ didn't last as long as I'd hoped ...
  12. This is why you can't overreact too much to one game if you're the coaching staff ... you want that attitude of trying to win, the willingness to take shots, just need to temper it a little bit with some context / situational awareness etc. If I think back to what they did with Sanchez and the red / amber / green wristbands, the timers during practice ... ugh. Let the guy play, and when he messes up, help him see what happened and help him learn from it. And have a "whole team" mentality that the D will get the ball back / bail you out when they can. Rex & co seemed to go the opposite
  13. For years we complained about having an OC / QB that took too many checkdowns and didn't challenge deep. Now we challenge deep and everyone is screaming for checkdowns again.
  14. Jet Nation logic ... got to love it I sell someone a bag of burst footballs for $1000. I then spend that $1000 on lottery tickets. I don't win anything. Therefore the guy who paid me $1000 for a bug of burst footballs didn't get fleeced.
  15. First few games with a new QB don't tell you anything about what the future holds. Sanchez started 3-0 Geno started 2-1 Fitz started 2-1 McCown started 1-2 Darnold started 1-2 ... and I'm seeing a trend here. Point is, nothing we see now is going to tell us what the future holds. But despite that, if Wilson had started 3-0 we would be shouting down anyone who says play offs is still ambitious, and if he starts 0-3 we'll be shouting down anyone who says we need to be patient, or anyone who says we need to trade him / fire JD / clear house etc. One game
  16. Dysfunction between GM and HC is terminal - that is what we had between Gase and Macc (and also Macc and Bowles - spot a common element here). And Idzik / Rex, which is another sorry part of the story. As long as JD and Saleh are working together and "getting on", we should then start to see some progress over time. If dysfunction starts to creep in, you need to make corrections ASAP or make a change. This requires an owner who knows what they're doing ... not something that we have sadly. If there is continued cooperation and no progress on-field, then you have to question what is g
  17. He sat out last year so his contract rolled over for another year.
  18. He probably forgot after telling him not to run into his own linemen's butts over and over. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  19. I think there was a bit of an ego thing maybe ... "I'm going to show I'm smarter than BB", that kind of thing. Win the game, then you'll look smart. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  20. Its Top 10 after two weeks, I'd hardly call that a great defense. But only two weeks ago we had threads here proclaiming that we'd be historically bad on defense; the early returns don't support that. Like you say, time will tell, but I think that more than a few skeptics have been pleasantly surprised to date. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
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