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  1. Miami traded away a top LT. will have few first round picks left. they should have been better if managed correctly
  2. On the plus side ... what will Miami have left draft pick wise to build any sort of team around Watson? They're not just a QB away from contending, whatever they may think. Watson on a depleted Texans team was 4-12, same will happen in Miami IMHO.
  3. BRIAN: We mustn't fight each other! Surely we should be united against the common enemy! EVERYONE: The Judean People's Front?! BRIAN: No, no! The Romans!
  4. I'd be amazed (and delighted) if it wasn't. And to be honest, their season will probably be more of a disappointment to them than ours will be to us. We knew that we were going to struggle, I don't think NE expected to be where they are presently.
  5. BB and the Patsies have not ever been, are not currently, and never will be respectable.
  6. We did well last game running it, so I'm sure BB will have taken note and will adjust accordingly. Have to be prepared to adjust early on if things aren't working out. Also need to get the short passing game going early ... easier said than done, whoever the opponent is. It'll be interesting to see how we start out this week, given the bye week. Looking to see some changes - whether that is personnel, game plan, execution, we can't just look like the same team from Weeks 1-5. Get an early score, and / or an early stop, see if we can actually play with a lead at some point. Sent from my SM-A5
  7. Seems he has no input? Based on what? Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  8. Statistically Geno's best two seasons (regardless of team) are this year and last year. Does that mean he is "in his prime" ... now?
  9. This. Watch the run play that was posted here (the Baldy commentary) where everyone was wowing at AVT. Fant is pushed back so far that instead of the RB going behind him he has to run in front, and Beasley just disengages from Fant and tackles the RB as he goes past. AVT made a great block but it counted for nothing as the RB was stopped before he even got that far.
  10. I get your point, and it's all down to opinion at the end of the day. But in my view if you're coaching and making decisions based on what might go wrong (fail to convert, turnover etc) then that will lose you more games than it will win in the long run. How many times did we see our own conservative coaches (I'm thinking of Todd Blowes here mainly) punt the ball away, hoping to get a defensive stop that never came? I want a coach who's going to be aggressive (though not reckless) rather than one who'll play it safe.
  11. At the same time, if you don't go for it, it says that you don't have confidence in your offense to gain one yard. Given that the offense had put up 31 points and the defense had given up 34, I know where I'd be putting my money at that point. Defense hadn't stopped the Titans once since the first quarter.
  12. The thinking is that OT is a coin toss ... 4th and 1 is a better % chance of winning than taking it to OT.
  13. His pass blocking is fine, but from what I've seen he's more of a liability than an asset in the run game. I guess it depends on what you want at that position ... last year our run game was strong off the left side, it would be good to return to that IF the pass blocking doesn't suffer as a result.
  14. This is a complete misquote / misread of what was said. Zach said he's thinking too much about each play instead of just throwing the ball instinctively like he did in college. He said he needs to stop overthinking and just "let it rip". It was positioned here as if it was some green light from the coaching staff to start launching bombs on every play with wild abandon. The quote came only from Zach and doesn't mean what people think it means.
  15. Bill Belichick South = can't win games without Tom Brady either Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  16. FA and draft have to work hand in hand ... you probably can't build a consistent winning team without both, but getting the balance right is a tricky job. Too many draft picks and you likely end up with a team that can't quite go from good to great. Too many FAs and you likely end up with a very short window of opportunity.
  17. No sarcasm intended. It was meant to say - if your QB can only succeed because he has one of the top dual threats (who is also injury prone) ... is that a guy you roll with? To me you want a QB that gives you a chance to win every game - whatever the injury status around him, whatever the opponent is doing, he will lead your team and give you a good chance to win. So many QBs can keep you in it but can't be the guy to win it. Most teams have those. The few elite teams have guys who make the win happen, not ones who just don't lose the game for you.
  18. Hubbard is a good RB but not that much of a receiver (13 for 82 this year, CMC had 9 for 89 in the one game against us). But as you say, if a QB can't succeed without a top notch dual-threat RB every game ... is he really a guy you want to roll with?
  19. It's interesting seeing the difference - if you look at the 3 games with CMC, Sam had 1 INT. 3 games without he's had 6. But he had 4 fumbles with CMC (lost 1) and 1 without (lost 1). He was also sacked 6 times with CMC and 12 times without. Granted, small sample size, different opposition etc (Jets / Saints / Texans vs. Cowboys / Eagles / Vikings). But if you are relying on Sam to win you games against above average teams ... you're going to be disappointed. As we have known for a while now.
  20. Sam in 2020 with the Jets : 12 games, 11 INTs, 4 fumbles (2 lost) Sam in 2021 with the Panthers : 6 games, 7 INTs, 5 fumbles (2 lost) Zach in 2021 with the Jets : 5 games, 9 INTs, 2 fumbles (0 lost) Granted he's played 1 more game, but he's turning the ball over at a rate very like our own rookie QB ... and Sam is in Year 4. At least we can hope that Zach will improve ... it looks far more likely that Darnold will not, given his career to date.
  21. Giants, Falcons and Patriots the next three weeks ... looks like Carolina caught a bit of a break there.
  22. Only one game played and we already have the ST player of the week!
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