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  1. 2 hours ago, rangerous said:

    a lot of these te catches were basically uncovered.  someone allowed the player to get out without putting a body on him.  also the eagles were running a lot of picks or scraping off the defender and screens.  the screens should have been read.

    but at the end of the day it was the offense for letting the eagles stay on the field so long in the second half.  the defense started to play somewhat better but the offense stagnated.

    The first Eagles drive was 17 plays and took nearly 9 minutes ... that had nothing to do with the offense.

    Yes, the three and out that followed was bad. But at the same time let's not paint that the D suddenly showed up after half time. 

    I did find it odd that this week we had a strong offense in the first half and crap in the second half ... usually it's been the other way around. One of these weeks we might get a full 60 minutes out of them. Maybe.

  2. 1 minute ago, nyjunc said:

    He's done a good job this year with a rookie QB but they also spent wildly which generally less to a 1 year bump.  They have also taken advantage of a ridiculously easy schedule with the only decent teams they gave played ravaged by injury.  That's a long way to go this year and I don't think they are set up long term.

    So ... the pig is ripe for the slaughter??? :D 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, morny said:

    It depends what kind of 8-9 doesn't it? 

    Like if we start the year 1-7, and then win a load of games in "garbage time" of the season it's a much different look to if we're still in the hunt for playoffs in December, and we tail off a little bit. 

    Basically, for next season I wouldn't think there should be a "playoff mandate" (mainly because I can't imagine that works well as an incentive i.e. "achieve this thing we are a million miles from achieving or yuo're sacked"). 

    But there absolutely should be an expectation (call it a mandate if you want) that we are competing for Playoffs, and we aren't completely out of the picture by the time December comes around. 

    I'd guess that will be the thing he's judged upon - are we competitive or are we still just utter fodder. 




    Playoff mandates usually concern me - it basically says "screw the plan that you were hired for, just sign a load of short term FAs for a one year run". What we want / need is a perennial contender, not a one-shot wonder. 

    We certainly can't go through next year getting torched the way we are on defense right now. We know the personnel will change, but will we also move on at DC after the year we've had? Or does Ulbrich get the "can't make chicken salad" pass and see how he does with improved personnel? On offense I actually feel like LaFleur is on the right track and although we can definitely add some extra pieces (TE, OL, another WR) we're pretty much going to succeed or fail based on Year 2 Zach. Better protection and better weapons can help cover up some deficiencies, but you want to see the QB developing to move beyond those, not just mask them.

  4. 1 minute ago, Irish Jet said:

    It wont happen this season. Not a chance.

    Next year he's done. Even his most loyal cultists will break with a 4th season of losing. And this team isn't going to be competitive anytime soon. It's no closer to competing than it was the year he took over, probably further away tbh. 

    4th season, or 3rd? :D   (joking)

    I'm kind of weighing up what it might take to fire vs. retain ... let's say we go 5-12 this year (which may be "best case"). If we repeat / regress in 2022 then it'll be a very hot seat, but what if we go 8-9, for example, with decent (but not great) QB play - would that be enough to "stay the course"? Is it "playoffs or GTFO"?

  5. 15 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    I think there were options to improve the team significantly that were missed.

    The irony of people defending what has been objectively bad work insulting the intelligence of others shouldn't be lost on you. Douglas has made a lot of moves since joining - He's had huge opportunities to bring in real talent - The moves he have made have been pretty terrible. 

    Douglas is out the door at the end of next season. You don't want to get too attached although it seems a bit late for that. 

    I absolutely get the criticism, but my question is - do we jettison this guy and bring in the next guy just on the off chance he might better (while also accepting he could actually be worse?)

    We just did that with our kicker position this week and it lasted all of one quarter of football! :D 

  6. 21 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    Nah I've been reliably informed by the Cult of Douglas that the first year doesn't count.

    So his record is actually 5-23.

    17% winning percentage. Jets football! 

    Do you think even for a moment that there's a GM / potential GM out there who would come in here and be able to achieve even a .500 record?

    I get it, no one likes losing, but is there honestly a "quick fix" out there? Or even a better slow fix?

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  7. 10 hours ago, peekskill68 said:

    My recollection is the Eagle starters pretty much owned the Jets DL during both the joint practices and their 2's were better in the last pre-season game.  I also seem to recall we couldn't cover a screen pass or a TE then either...

    I can't recall when the last time was that we could cover TEs or screen passes ... it was pre Rex anyway, his defenses always got killed by those. And RB passes out of the backfield on 3rd and long.

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  8. 22 minutes ago, kmnj said:

    His record is awful, his roster is awful, his coach is awful- guy can’t even find a kicker - what about all of the terrible misses he has had by the way ? His first draft was historically bad and his free agents have been terrible 

    The only good thing about Joe is he got some really stupid people to buy into this year being his first  year 



    Sounds like you're ready to start Year 1 of the next 5 year rebuild! Fire the GM, fire the coaches, turn over the player base once again (because we KNOW the next GM will be the right one).

    Who are you bringing in as GM / HC that will turn this thing around in 1.5 - 2 years??

  9. The way I see it going is we have Becton under contract for next year, Fant under contract for next year (at starter type money), and Moses is a FA. We'll likely not resign Moses unless he comes cheap; that leaves us with two starters - one of which has had injury concerns this year - and little to no depth. (Edoga is OK at best but has also been injured and doesn't look like much of a "ceiling" guy - at this stage he most likely is what he is).

    As Fant is only signed one more year you also have to look at what you do with him longer term - will he resign to play RT? Only LT? Will he want bigger money, either here or elsewhere, now he has played a significant amount at LT?

    Likely outcome - purely IMHO - is that we'll pick up a mid tier vet as depth and look to draft another tackle with upside. If injuries hit you hope that the rookie can play at RT at a good enough level and have your best guy at LT; if not the FA gets the playing time at RT. If the rookie looks good enough to start in Year 2 it gives you flexibility around Fant / Becton, as you only really need one of them so can determine what to do based on injury / contracts etc. If Becton busts you pretty much have to pay Fant; if he stays healthy and plays well you can play hard ball with Fant and let him walk if need be.

    Whether that rookie needs to be a Day 1 pick or not is anyone's guess - I'd assume they'd want to go Day 2 if they could, but depending on where they pick Round 1 and what the value is at those spots I'd be fine with an OT pick if he truly is the best guy available. "Worst" case you have two top OTs that you drafted both playing and a very reliable (if rather expensive) backup who can fill in at both spots for one year before he walks (hopefully leading to a comp pick in future).

  10. 10 hours ago, Alka said:

    I get getting injured this time was not his fault.  Him getting injured multiple times may not even be his fault, although some players seem to have a propensity for getting injured, and Becton seems to fit into that narrative.

    The other problem with Becton has to do with his ability to heal and get back on the field.  He was supposed to miss 4-8 weeks I believe, and this Sunday will be week #9.  

    Where the hell is Becton?  I assumed he would use the full 8 weeks to heal, but we are over that number, and it seems to be the way it is with Becton.

    I now wish we would have taken another tackle in the draft.  

    Jets fans are eternal in their hope that this will be the last injury that Becton has, and that he will become the dominant tackle we hoped he would be.  I want to believe this as well, but I'm losing my confidence.

    Did Becton say 4-8 weeks? Did the medical staff? Coaching staff? Random non-qualified guy on Twitter?

    I work in IT. When someone makes an estimate based on assumptions and incomplete information, people remember it. When the actual work turns out to take twice as long because none of the assumptions hold true, people blame the guy doing the work, not the guy who gave the estimate.

    IMHO teams should shut the hell up about recovery times. "He'll be back when he's healthy, meanwhile we roll with the next man up".  People heal at different rates. Hell, even a cold in my house takes me about 1 day to get over, and 2 weeks for my wife. :D  

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