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  1. Does @BornJetsFan1983 get a call at some point?
  2. I too want a TE draft pick ... like with so many other positions we have to draft and develop our own so as not to become reliant on short term FA fixes every year. Drafting has to lay the foundation for many years to come, not just the 2022 season. As things stand, WR is an essential, TE and RB should definitely be in the mix but don't need to be forced, OL depth (a future OT especially) is a must.
  3. There's also the longer term view to consider. I keep reading people saying here that rookie WRs can take a year or two to develop - but if we never draft and develop them we'll be saying the same thing every year and never improving. 2022 is not our "make or break" year; we need to be looking at it as a year of progress towards the longer term goal. If we neglect WR in the draft then we're banking on Moore being fantastic AND making some sort of big trade / FA signing next offseason. IMHO we need to draft a real prospect this year - even if we sign a FA on a 1-2 year sort of deal. If we don't develop our own we'll be constantly looking for other teams cast offs ... and we've seen how sparse those are this year.
  4. 6 man OL ... plus two TEs to block. It's the new NFL approach. Worked for NE last year ... (once ).
  5. I imagine Cole and Crowder could be the sort of guys who get signed on one year deals after the point where FA signings no longer affect comp picks.
  6. It's commonly known as "Week 1".
  7. Given the number of departures vs. number of arrivals so far, I'd guess that we won't feature in next year's comp picks.
  8. He had Sauce all over him on that play ... Sauce Island??? So long as no-one burns the Sauce!!
  9. He was injured in Q1 of the AFCCG, ruled out of the game and was doubtful to even play in the Superbowl. CJ Uzomah in the 2021 regular season - 49 catches, 493 yards, 5 TDs. CJ Uzomah in the 2021 playoffs - 15 catches, 146 yards and a TD. (Most of this was in 2 games). For comparison ... Ryan Griffin in the 2021 regular season - 27 catches, 261 yards and a 2 TDs.
  10. It may not be "hell" but some teams do have to part with players for salary reasons. Take Dallas for example ... traded Cooper for a 5th just to offload his contract. At one point their big day 1 move in FA was they extended their long snapper on a one-year vet minimum deal.
  11. If Gardner is there at 4 - and definitely if he's there at 10 - do you think there's a potential for a trade down with someone that wants him badly enough?
  12. Woo hoo! Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  13. But ... But ... He wanted eleventy kabillion dollars and he's a JAG and we can easily replace him in the draft and he'd rather sign anywhere but here ... Welcome back BB! Thank you Joe Douglas, thank you! [emoji2] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  14. Depends if you think that the problem was with Davis developing dropsy vs. Zach's throwing being the main issue here ... given Zach's well documented issues I'm of the opinion that it was more on him than the WRs.
  15. Shhh! It doesn't help the narrative if you bring facts and other such nonsense into the story!
  16. The reason the compensation was so low was the contract rather than the player.
  17. By that same logic, Becton should have played most of the year last year and been a strong LT, like in his first year. And Mims should have looked promising, like in his first year. I guess Joe Burrow shouldn't have lasted the season in Cincy either? Players can improve and players can regress. Some get hurt and some stay healthy. But assuming the same will happen next year is just looking for misery IMHO.
  18. Because that's all guaranteed to happen again in 2022?
  19. If Jarvis Landry is the answer, I'd love to know what the question was.
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