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  1. My view overall, especially as it relates to this off season, is that the performance of the Jets in 2022 will be more driven by the moves that we have already made in previous years. The upside of having a very young team is that you should see growth come organically - so many players that were part of the 4 win season last year should be the cause of a better season this year. We don't start this season looking at 4 wins max unless we add better players in FA / draft. If that were the case then we are already lost. But we have more reasons than a lot of teams to expect our younger contingent of players to contribute significantly more next year. This is not a team of returning vets hoping for one last hurrah before their window closes and they hang it up; it's a team that needs to put in the hard work to see that window start to open. Not to look at others to do it for them, but to do it themselves, and if others join in and become part of it then so much the better. Take the OL for example - we have a mix of guys here (vets and youngsters) that have all shown ability at different times; it now needs to be put together and raised up a level. But we can have a very good OL without having to upgrade all that much - RG maybe, but even LDT for a full season would be a plus vs. 2021. AVT year 2 should be even better than AVT year 1. Fant is on the up, if he can keep that level of play we'll do well. Becton has to stay on the damned field, but if he can be at least as good as Becton 2020 it'll elevate the unit. Same applies at RB, WR, QB ... we need the current guys to continue to develop, maybe with some support via FA / draft, but it shouldn't be that we bring in a new WR and he becomes the focal point while Moore chips in 600 yards and 5 TDs. The exact same with Carter. Both these guys have to be looking at that magical 1,000 yard mark and becoming a big part of the reason we win more games. Zach - goes without saying, he has to show development in Year 2 and become a real plus point at his position, a guy we win because of, not in spite of. TE is the only genuine "black hole" on offense where we pretty much need to start over. So if FA doesn't see a whole bunch of new players walk in the door I'm not going to panic - in fact, if we went crazy and brought in a load of guys it would make me wonder what they see (or don't see) in many of the current players that showed promise last year. Yes, we have holes to fill - but we also have a lot of guys that have a lot of room to improve and make their mark in 2022.
  2. I see too often on here where players are judged based on how they played last year. Moore was hurt last year ... Davis suffered from drops and was hurt last year ... therefore they're not going to be better in Year 2. Yet the same logic goes out the window with FAs - the issues from last year will just vanish the moment we spend a ton of money on them. It's almost as if money makes a player better all by itself. We spent 20m on that guy so he must be amazing.
  3. It's OK, I read here that he's a JAG and that we can easily replace him with a late draft pick. I guess Miami are too dumb to know this.
  4. You can screw up in FA and you can screw up in the draft. Neither is "right" or "wrong" - it all depends on who you get. Trumaine Johnson, LeVeon Bell are good examples of bad FA signings. Mims is a good example of a bad draft pick (to date, anyway). Anyone saying that you shouldn't bother with draft picks because some turn out bad, or shouldn't bother with FA for the same reason, is being far too black and white about it. The only "right way" is getting good players. We need JD to do this, via the draft and / or FA. If he fails at this, it was his player decisions that were poor, not the method of acquisition.
  5. Or maybe not ... https://www.nfl.com/news/buccaneers-qb-tom-brady-announces-i-m-coming-back-for-23rd-season-in-tampa
  6. Gallup just re-signed with Dallas : https://www.nfl.com/news/michael-gallup-re-signs-with-cowboys-for-five-years-62-5m 5 years, $62.5m
  7. Great to see that we should model our team building on offense on how Cleveland have done it with Mayfield. Trade for a big name receiver whose previous team couldn't wait to get rid of him; also bring in his BFF buddy to form a dynamic duo; find out the headache is a headache and cut him; trade for a big name receiver whose previous team couldn't wait to get rid of him ... And now they're open to trading the other half of the dynamic duo. Because, you know, consistency and chemistry are not important to a young QB. How I wish we could build an offense the Cleveland way ... Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  8. Free agency seems to be over earlier every year ... is that what getting old feels like? Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for this - I'm not that up to speed on the nuances of the US legal system. Useful to know.
  10. In situations like this there doesn't tend to be a lot of physical evidence - if any. It tends largely to be one person's word against another (or several people's words). Which makes a court case very difficult. Unless you have video or audio recordings, how do you prove what someone said to you, or whether they acted improperly / indecently in front of you? And if you do have recordings it will potentially look like a set up, or at worst the recordings won't be admissible if they were made without consent / awareness. As for the comments above about this proving Watson's innocence ... was OJ Simpson proven innocent?
  11. Moore was far more impactful for us playing on the outside rather than the slot. I doubt the jets want to pigeonhole anyone as a "slot guy"or "outside guy". The knock on Mims was that he didn't know all the positions and they wanted that flexibility. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  12. Careful, or you may lose your "Reacting Well" badge!
  13. One day, the Braxton Berrios type of player will no longer be on your Madden franchise.
  14. Obviously fake. I read here many times that there was no Jet player that worried an opposing defense in any way.
  15. I can't imagine that Cooper will be looking to stay on his current deal if he gets traded elsewhere. Seems very team friendly but rather lacking in security for the player. Cooper is probably looking to be released rather than traded.
  16. #42 - they are swapping 2nd round picks with Washington as part of the trade. Not a big difference, admittedly.
  17. "One day, the Joe Flacco type of player will no longer be on this team" [emoji23] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  18. You're probably going to redo his deal anyway if you trade for him ... he's not got much security year on year and I'm sure JD could improve the cap hit aspect of it without too much trouble if he wanted to.
  19. Depends how much that pressure was due to poor OL play or due to QB / WR issues ... pressure comes in many forms. Rookie QBs generally get more pressure because they hold onto the ball longer, and if our receivers aren't getting open quick enough that can also contribute. On the flip side, we could feel that our OL was a strength only in relative terms ... perhaps "not as much of a problem as other units" is a more accurate way to put it?
  20. Wes Welker? Seriously? [emoji12] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  21. They will if it turns out you passed on a TJ / JJ Watt or a Darelle Revis (etc) to draft him. Not saying that there are sure fire guys at those positions, but IMHO the whole "weak draft" narrative is a bit overblown. As with every year there will be guys drafted in the bottom half of Round 1 - and beyond - who have better years than the guys drafted top 10. We drafted Adams at #6 ... TJ Watt went 30th that same year. (There were also a few decent QBs taken after Adams too ). JD's mission this year is to work out who those underrated guys are and make sure we get them - whether or not it's seen as "over drafting" initially. If we'd taken Watt at #6 and he worked out as he did in Pitt, would he have been over drafted?
  22. I'd highly doubt it, especially as we were the "road team" last year too. Jets next trip will be as the home team I'd expect.
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